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Thread: Favourite Quotes

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    A very busy place?!
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    * spins bottle it lands on the sofa*

    well you gotta be joking if you think im snogging that



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    council flat :)
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    heres some of my famous bitchy remarks from my time as ananya (vain I know)

    Bex: they have been calling me all night long
    ananya:not even I would stoop as low as to call you a lionel richie song

    ananya:everyone has a photographic memory you just dont have film

    beryl:been speaking to the gnome again?
    Ananya:yes- and this time bex spoke back

    after bex came back from hospital
    ananya:you ungrateful cow! not only did I save your life but I stopped all those well-wishers from seeing you I mean thankfully I was there or they would of thrown you down the damn well

    ananya to stefan after I insulted him
    ananyah what you gonna do stefan? wait 20 minutes just to say
    ananya. go away. no one likes you
    ananya to bex: Im sure you innconetley just went under the water to suck his toe

    ananya to beryl:

    ananya:do you resent nature for doing that to you

    ananya: i would slap you in the face but it looks like god already beat me to it

    ananya stirring up trouble with stefan

    ananya:he said you was pathetic and he actually was laughing at you

    loads more to come but I got to remember them lol
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