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Thread: Home and Away casts Cameron Daddo as Ryder's father

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    Home and Away casts Cameron Daddo as Ryder's father

    Quote Originally Posted by Pantherboy View Post
    Following on from previous posts on this thread on 31 Oct & 4 Nov last year, has now posted this article. Cameron Daddo makes his debut on H&A this week in Aust., as Ryder's Dad (It is a subscriber only article, so I can't include the link):

    Cameron Daddo plays mystery dad arrives in Summer Bay
    A familiar face returns to our screens to surprise one of Home and Away’s most popular characters to say ‘I’m your dad!’

    CAMERON Daddo was a household name in the early ’90s in Australia, but since returning after more than 25 years in Hollywood, he’s had to introduce himself again to audiences in his beloved home country.

    Daddo, 55, who will this week be seen on long-running soap Home And Away, made a name for himself when he replaced Greg Evans as the host of popular dating game Perfect Match in the late 1980s.

    He went on to star in a range of local productions and picked up a Logie for his work on the miniseries Golden Fiddles in 1992.

    It was that same year that he and wife, model Alison Brahe, packed their bags and joined the growing list of Aussies trying to make their mark in Hollywood. While he never soared to the heights he dreamt of in the US, work was constant and he appeared on shows such as Models Inc, The West Wing and Monk over the decades.

    He and Brahe also started their family while living in LA, with daughters Lotus and Bodhi and son River all born while they were there.

    In 2016 they made the decision to bring their family back home to Australia (after embarking on a final tour of the States), settling back into Sydney’s northern beaches.

    But when Daddo returned, he found that much time had passed and, despite his successes both here and abroad, he virtually had to start from scratch.

    “It took a while to have people know that we were here and trust we weren’t going to zip off any second,” he tells Insider. “It took a while for that to happen and for things to build up, it was like starting over again really.”

    It was a difficult adjustment to make, but one that Daddo completely understood given the length of time he had been out of the Australian spotlight.

    “I’d rather not have to start again but I understand why I needed to because generations have passed since I left,” he says. “We were gone 25 years so there’s a whole lot of people who have no clue who I am.

    “And there’s a whole lot of people who remember me, but because I’m 25 years older, I look different. I am different. I’m a 50-year-old man now.”

    Despite the hurdles, there is no doubt the decision to put his family on that plane back to Sydney was the right one.

    “Without a doubt it was the best move we could have made,” he says. “Just seeing the joy on my parents’ faces, my in-laws, seeing them with the kids and with Ali, and getting to hang out with my brothers and my sister.”

    Family is now at the centre of everything for Daddo, who along with his acting has also hosted a nightly show on Smooth FM for more than six years. The demands of a jobbing actor in Hollywood meant he could be filming for long periods of time thousands of miles from his kids. It was something he wasn’t willing to continue doing when he realised what he was missing.

    “I spent so much time away from my kids in the early years due to travelling and doing my job,” he says. “It was a constant wrestle, a constant wrestle. I said no to lots of work because I was going to be away from the kids so that’s the constant battle of an actor.”

    Daddo is looking forward to heading to Summer Bay. His character plays the singer-songwriting father of one of the show’s popular regulars who wasn’t expecting to ever meet him. A huge bonus for the familiar face was that he got the opporunity to play his own songs on the show. Music is a massive part of Daddo’s life and career and he is planning to release an album shortly.

    He says he needed no more convincing than working with the likes of Georgie Parker, Ray Meagher and Emily Symonds. “They’re too good not to, they’re too good to do that and they don’t need to do it. I trust that part of it. If it’s good enough for them, it’s good enough for me.

    Home and Away casts Cameron Daddo as Ryder Jackson's father

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    Digital Spy article on Ryder's father, Evan Slater. We saw him for the first time right at the end of last night's (Thursday) episodes in Aust:

    Home and Away – who is Ryder Jackson's father Evan Slater?
    Here's the lowdown on Summer Bay's latest newcomer.

    Home and Away spoilers follow.

    Home and Away has welcomed a new character to Summer Bay on Australian screens, with Ryder Jackson's father Evan Slater finally making an appearance.

    Evan, played by Cameron Daddo, turned up unannounced in the closing moments of Thursday's triple bill of episodes on Australia's Channel 7 (May 14).

    What do we know about this new arrival and how will he fit into Summer Bay? Here's our quick guide.

    Home and Away's Evan Slater – who is Ryder Jackson's father?

    While Ryder Jackson has been a Summer Bay regular since 2017, viewers haven't been introduced to his father Evan until now.

    Evan has never been part of Ryder's life, as the Summer Bay favourite was raised solely by his mum Quinn Jackson. This explains why Ryder failed to recognise Evan when he first turned up in the Bay in the show's latest Australian episode.

    Some of the backstory was mentioned in passing when Quinn last paid a visit to the Bay in 2017.

    Quinn explained that she met Evan when they were both musicians on a cruise ship. The pair had a brief fling and they made plans to settle down on the Gold Coast after Quinn got pregnant. Evan later reneged on his promises and left Quinn high and dry.

    In 2018, Lukas Radovich – who plays Ryder – told Digital Spy that he'd like the show to introduce his on-screen father.

    "I think it would be really interesting to see what happens with [Ryder], his dad and his mum and his own family dynamic, and whether they'll come back. That's something that interests me, his own personal family life," Lukas explained at the time.

    Looks like the writers were listening…

    Home and Away spoilers – what's to come for Evan Slater?

    At Australian pace, Thursday's Home and Away episodes saw Evan turn up out of the blue, armed with his guitar. When Ryder started asking questions about who he was, Evan introduced himself as the young barman's long-lost father.

    Evan now has a mountain to climb to get back on good terms with his son. The show has revealed that Evan put his career before his family commitments back in the day, touring the world as a singer and guitarist.

    Many years later, Evan has finally changed his ways, but the big question is whether Ryder is prepared to forgive him for his past mistakes. Early next week, Ryder will instantly reject Evan, asking him to leave.

    Evan then turns to Ryder's aunt Roo for help, hoping that she'll agree to play peacemaker so that he can make up for lost time with his son.

    Will Roo agree to work her magic? And is there more to Evan's sudden arrival than meets the eye?

    Home and Away fans in the UK can look forward to seeing Evan make his first appearance on Friday, June 19 on Channel 5.

    Who is Home and Away newcomer Cameron Daddo?

    Cameron Daddo, who plays the role of Evan, is an Australian musician, actor and TV presenter. His previous TV jobs include the part of photographer Brian Peterson in Melrose Place spin-off Models Inc, and Adam Goodman in Aussie drama Packed to the Rafters.

    Cameron is expected to appear in Home and Away for a two-month run of episodes – and he's sure to pack in plenty of drama during that time.

    Cameron recently told the Herald Sun: "Summer Bay is everything and more – it's a delightful place to be. I didn't think I'd be adding an early evening serial to my resume at this stage in life.

    "As an actor, you don't know what you're doing month to month so I'm really grateful, especially being an artist because a lot of my contemporaries are doing it tough."

    Home and Away airs weekdays at 1.15pm and 6pm on Channel 5 (UK) and Mondays to Thursdays at 7pm on Channel 7 (Australia).

    And the article:

    Home & Away newcomer Cameron Daddo spills on his character's explosive arrival in the Bay
    The Aussie actor finally bares all as he makes his big Bay debut.
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    "I'm your father": Home And Away's Evan confesses to Ryder - but what else is he hiding?
    Ryder is in for more than one shock this week.

    His arrival in Summer Bay has caused consternation among the Stewart family. And this week, Evan's stunning revelation will turn young Ryder's world upside-down.

    In recent episodes of Home And Away, Evan (Cameron Daddo) arrived at the caravan park looking for Ryder (Lukas Radovich). Upon meeting the teen, Evan delivered unexpected news, telling him he's his biological father.

    Ryder doesn't take the news well and this week rejects Evan's claims. He slams the door in his face and phones his mum for answers. To his astonishment, she tells him Evan is telling the truth.

    "Ryder is incredibly doubtful about him," Cameron, 55, tells TV WEEK. "He wonders why Evan is there and wants him gone. But when his mother validates it, Ryder becomes angry that his father has abandoned him for so many years."

    Unfortunately, the truth doesn't bring forgiveness. Evan struggles to win over the son he left when he was a child. While Ryder's aunt Roo (Georgie Parker) supports his decision to push him away, she does feel he's wasting an opportunity.

    Ryder refuses to budge, forcing Evan to leave. But before he does, he hands Roo his business card and asks her to speak to her nephew. He wants to tell his side of the story.

    "Evan tries to convince Ryder he just wants to get to know him – but there's a reason for it and why he's there now," Cameron says. "He apologises, but it may not be enough. He also has something to tell him."

    Later, Ryder goes for a walk and comes across his father at the bus stop, readying to leave town. The tense moment is tempered by the offer of a free coffee, which Ryder reluctantly agrees to.

    At the Diner, father and son stumble their way through conversation. But all the while, Ryder can't bring himself to ask one question: why has he returned? And why now?

    The following day, Roo listens as Ryder reflects on his coffee with Evan. She's surprised, however, when the teen insists he doesn't want any further contact.

    He can't forgive Evan for leaving him and his mother, no matter how many apologies he makes.

    Yet, Evan can't seem to get the hint and sets himself up in a caravan. Over the next few days, he insinuates himself into Ryder's life any way he can.

    Fed up with his presence, Ryder finally asks the question he's been afraid to ask since his father left.

    "Why have you come back? Why now?" he demands.

    Taking a deep breath, Evan replies with the truth – a huge bombshell that will leave Ryder questioning everything he believes in.

    What does Evan say?

    And the Digital Spy article:

    Home and Away newcomer Cameron Daddo teases secret reason for Ryder's father arriving
    "He has definitely come to the Bay for a very specific reason."

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    Digital Spy article:


    Home and Away reveals a sad secret about Ryder Jackson's father Evan
    Roo gets a shock.

    Home and Away spoilers follow from Australian-pace episodes, which some UK readers may prefer to avoid.

    Home and Away newcomer Evan Slater has revealed the real reason behind his arrival in Summer Bay.

    Show bosses have cast Cameron Daddo in the role of Evan, who's the long-lost father of Ryder Jackson.

    Evan has already been settling into the Bay on Australian screens, desperate to make up for lost time with Ryder and build up a relationship with him. However, much to his dismay, Ryder has remained sceptical.

    Thursday's triple bill of episodes on Channel 7 in Australia (May 21) delved deeper into the storyline, as Evan was forced to come clean with Ryder's aunt Roo Stewart about his real intentions.

    This came as Ryder was starting to lose patience with Evan, convinced that he was holding something back.

    Ryder couldn't understand why Evan suddenly wanted to be part of his life after so many years of absence, believing that there must be more to it.

    With Roo trying to play peacemaker between father and son, it was left to her to raise this with Evan and urge him to be more honest.

    Recalling her own past, Roo told Evan: "I was an absentee parent and I know hard it is to come back into your child's life. That's why I think I want this to work out for you guys – I know how valuable it is to be given a second chance.

    "Why is it so important that you connect with Ryder? If it's a secret, I can keep it."

    Finally revealing all, Evan replied: "The reason I came here is because I'm dying."

    Having already promised to keep Evan's secret, what will Roo do now? Is it only a matter of time before Ryder finds out?

    Home and Away fans in the UK will see these scenes on Channel 5 in late June.

    Home and Away airs weekdays at 1.15pm and 6pm on Channel 5 (UK) and Mondays to Thursdays at 7pm on Channel 7 (Australia).

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