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Thread: EastEnders Spoilers Week 3 (16 - 20 January 2012)

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    Exclamation EastEnders Spoilers Week 3 (16 - 20 January 2012)

    Monday 16 January

    Ricky plans to show his love for Bianca by planning a romantic meal for the two of them, but will it be enough?
    Tanya and Max confront Lauren about her recent drunken behaviour and the truth about the extent of her antics becomes clear. However, they are forced to realise that they may be a part of Lauren’s problems when they visit a doctor.

    When Mandy interrupts bonding time between Lucy and Ian, Lucy gets up to her old tricks by formulating a plan to get rid of Mandy.

    Ricky is played by Sid Owen, Bianca by Patsy Palmer, Tanya by Jo Joyner, Max by Jake Wood, Lauren by Jacqueline Jossa, Mandy by Nicola Stapleton, Lucy by Hetti Bywater and Ian by Adam Woodyatt.

    Tuesday 17 January

    DCI Marsden opens up an old investigation and tries to manipulate Ben to get what she wants.
    Jane throws a fundraising event at The Vic which leads to an unexpected offer, which may take her away from Walford.

    The relationships between the Brannings is tense, but when Derek comes to apologise to Carol for his behaviour, it seems they could all be back on track.

    Lucy’s latest plan to get rid of her stepmother backfires. Has she gone too far?

    Thursday 19 January

    Ben is seething with jealousy as Phil and Jay bond over the Arches new venture. Fed up of always being the outcast, will this push him to do something he may regret?
    Masood reveals some new revelations about Yusef to the family, which put a stop to any healing and reconciling that’s been done.

    Bianca is more than surprised when an old acquaintance comes to Walford to find her. Will she come clean to Morgan about who this stranger is?

    Friday 20 January
    Bianca starts to feel the pressure of family life at the Butchers's and is furious to discover that Liam has been bunking school. However, she is pleasantly surprised to discover what he’s been up to.
    With relationships strained in the Masood household, Afia turns to an unlikely face on the Square for advice.

    Tanya takes matters into her own hands and tricks Jane into attending an interview. However, this backfires when Jane reveals some news that Tanya wasn’t expecting.

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    So Ian and Mandy got hitched after all

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    EastEnders, Jane Beale will soon receive an unexpected job opportunity which could take her away from Walford.

    Jane (Laurie Brett) throws a 'bangers and mash, give us your cash' fundraiser at The Vic later this month and does a live on-air interview with a local radio station to promote the event.

    When Jane's interview is heard by her old haute cuisine tutor, he pays a visit to the pub to see the fundraiser for himself.

    Later, the tutor reveals that he is so impressed by Jane's cooking that he wants to interview her for a job at his new restaurant. Will Jane put herself forward for the position?

    These scenes air on Tuesday, January 17 at 7.30pm on BBC One.

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    Bianca and Ricky's marriage is well and truly on the rocks, but Bianca tries to maintain a sense of normality in front of the children as they are confused about Ricky sleeping on the sofa and David being gone. Later, while sorting through Pat's belongings, Bianca tells Carol that she is willing to give Ricky another chance as she still loves him - but Carol advises that it's time for her to move on. Ricky tries to show his love for Bianca by planning a romantic meal for the two of them, but it's not enough. Is it over between Bianca and Ricky?

    Meanwhile, Lucy is annoyed when Mandy interrupts bonding time between her and Ian. Lucy soon puts a plan into action, resolving to spend time with Mandy so that she can formulate a plot to get rid of her. Later, Lucy manipulates Mandy into getting drunk at The Vic and encourages her to score some pills for the two of them. Keen to be accepted by the teenager, Mandy agrees - but Lucy later pockets the pills as part of her plot.

    Elsewhere, Tanya and Max remain concerned by Lauren's drinking so they force her to visit a doctor, hoping that it will work as a shock tactic and make her realise the damage she is doing to herself. However, when they accompany Lauren to the surgery, Max and Tanya are left feeling guilty when they hear that their daughter's issues could have been caused by stress at home.

    Also today, Tamwar finally returns home from hospital but it's clear that he still hasn't forgiven Afia.


    DCI Marsden doesn't have enough evidence to convict Phil, but she gets an idea after spotting the Albert Square hardman teasing Ben. Marsden asks Ben to come down to the station, accompanied by Ian as a chaperone. She then starts asking questions about Stella's death - keen to know whether Phil has ever revealed what he said to Stella before she jumped. However, Ben is too scared to provide any information.

    Later, Ben explains his anxiety to Ian, admitting that he doesn't want memories of Stella back inside his head. When Ben tells Phil that Marsden has re-opened the investigation into Stella's death, he is left stunned and isn't happy that Ben went down to the station.

    Meanwhile, Jane organises a 'bangers and mash, give us your cash' fundraiser at The Vic and gives a local radio interview to promote the event. Later, Jane's old haute cuisine tutor Gethin Williams turns up at the pub, having heard about the fundraiser on the radio. Gethin reveals that he wants to interview Jane for a job at his new restaurant - is she about to be tempted away from Walford?

    Elsewhere, Derek and Janine try to show off over how much money they're donating at the fundraiser, Lucy continues to scheme against Mandy by engineering it for Bobby to find the pills, Lauren is annoyed after being grounded by her parents, while Derek concedes that he went too far with David and apologises to Carol.


    Ben is pleased to have almost completed work on the old banger car, but he feels left out when Phil offers Jay a ticket to a boxing match but not him. Later, DCI Marsden approaches Ben once again, playing on his insecurities about the pressures of being a Mitchell and living up to the family name. Giving Ben her card, she urges him to get in contact if he remembers anything else about Stella's death.

    As the day continues, Ben and Jay present Phil with the finished car and it's a happy moment for everyone as he's pleased with their hard work. Phil lets Ben drive the vehicle, but he ends up stalling it - prompting an unimpressed Phil to recruit Jay to take over. Feeling rejected one time too often, Ben contacts Marsden and reveals that he wants to change his statement…

    Meanwhile, Bianca receives a shock when Ray turns up on the Square - and the surprises don't end there as she realises that Morgan knows who Ray is. An angry Bianca orders Ray to stay away from his son, but he makes it clear that he wants to get to know the youngster. Following some wise words from Whitney, Bianca finally backs down and agrees that Ray can see Morgan.

    Elsewhere, Afia is relieved when Fatboy, Lauren and Lucy try to cheer up Tamwar, Abi stumbles across an anonymous love letter at the charity shop and vows to figure out the identity of the writer, Jane is reluctant to accept Gethin's offer so Tanya takes matters into her own hands by answering his call and claiming that Jane is coming to the interview, Dot agrees that Cora can move back in with her and Rose, while Masood causes more problems for Tamwar and Afia by revealing that Yusef was violent towards Zainab.


    Tamwar is still behaving coldly towards Afia, so Zainab tries to step in to resolve the situation - asking Afia to make the first move in reconciling with her husband. However, it seems that Afia is still struggling with the fresh knowledge of what Yusef put Zainab through. Zainab also tries to get through to Tamwar, but he remains impassive and silent.

    Later, Afia chats to Lucy at the café and they strike up a bond as they discuss Yusef and Cindy. Lucy ends up inviting Afia on a night out that she has planned with Lauren and Whitney, but Amira disapproves when she goes looking for Afia later in the evening.

    Meanwhile, Whitney tells Liam that he's not a kid anymore and needs to start doing more to help the family. Later, Bianca is furious when the school phone her to report that Liam hasn't turned up for lessons. Bianca covers for her son, but when she confronts him later that day, Liam reveals some good news - he's found himself a job at the local fast food restaurant and will be working part time on evenings and weekends to help with the Butchers' finances.

    Elsewhere, Abi discovers that the love letter is for Rose after doing some detective work, while Tanya convinces Jane to attend the interview but is later devastated to learn that the job is in Cardiff.
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    Here's a first look at the moment that EastEnders returnee Lucy Beale hatches her first scheme against Mandy Salter - determined to get her in big trouble with Ian.

    Lucy, now played by Hetti Bywater, doesn't like the look of Mandy from the moment that they're introduced later this week - and things get worse when the ex-stripper interrupts valuable bonding time between her and Ian.

    When Lucy decides that she wants to be number one in her father's life again, she realises that her best plan of action will be to get close to Mandy (Nicola Stapleton) while secretly plotting against her.

    Mandy soon falls for the plan as she heads to the pub with Lucy, who manipulates her into thinking that she's a "cool older sister" rather than a wicked stepmother.

    © BBC

    © BBC

    Pictured: Mandy enjoys her 'bonding time' with Lucy.

    Lucy then tries her luck with her dad's girlfriend by asking her to get hold of some pills for the two of them, and Mandy is so keen to stay in her good books that she agrees.

    Mandy ends up thinking that everything has gone swimmingly with Lucy - but the mischievous teenager later pockets the pills with an idea in mind.

    The next day, Lucy engineers it for Bobby to find the pills - knowing that Ian (Adam Woodyatt) will be furious with Mandy when he finds out. Will Lucy succeed in her attempt to set up Mandy or will her scheme backfire?

    EastEnders airs these scenes on Monday, January 16 and Tuesday, January 17 on BBC One

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    EastEnders star Himesh Patel has revealed that he is eager for Tamwar and Afia to settle their differences in the coming weeks.

    The couple's marriage has recently hit the rocks as Tamwar is furious with Afia for keeping quiet about how his mother Zainab (Nina Wadia) was set on fire by evil Yusef (Ace Bhatti) several years ago.

    © BBC © BBC Pictures

    Tamwar is currently recovering in hospital following the injuries he suffered in the Christmas B&B blaze, but he has refused to see Afia - leaving her devastated.

    Patel told Inside Soap of the storyline: "They love each other very much. But I think it'll be very difficult and tense as they try to move forward. This problem has surfaced very early in their marriage, so it'll be interesting to see what happens next. Hopefully Tamwar and Afia can come out the other side stronger - but nothing is really guaranteed, is it?"

    "The consequences of what's taken place are worse than anyone could have imagined," he continued. "Tamwar ran into that fire thinking Afia was caught in it, and he feels so betrayed by her. In the past, he's been stuck in the middle of everything going on around him. This time, it's all come down on him - and through no fault of his own."

    Discussing where the story could go next, the actor added: "I never want Tamwar and Afia to get divorced. From the moment they married, Meryl and I have said we want them to be the couple who stays together."

    EastEnders further explores Tamwar's troubles with Afia in next week's episodes as he is finally released from hospital.
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