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Thread: Eastenders Spoilers 22nd - 26th July

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    Eastenders Spoilers 22nd - 26th July

    Tommy makes a plea to a local figure, but what does he want?

    Its an important day for some, while Linda struggles to cope

    Reiss takes action after he receives very stressful news
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    Linda Carter makes a big mistake in front of a grieving Bernie Taylor

    Linda Carter is in a right two-and-eight on the day of Dean Wicks' plea hearing. Rapist Dean is facing a long jail term after being stitched up over Keanu Taylor's murder.

    Real culprit Linda is struggling with her conscience even though he never faced jail for raping her and it seems like some kind of justice for what she went through.

    Keanu's sister Bernie Taylor has no idea that the truth about her brother's killing is being hidden from her. She's hoping that copper Jack Branning will go to the plea hearing with her and left upset when he says he can't attend.

    After spotting Linda in the Square, she tries to talk to her and her suspicions are raised when Linda is oddly evasive.

    Will Bernie realise that the story she's being told doesn't quite add up?

    Tommy Moon has been giving mum Kat Slater and dad Alfie Moon the run around lately. The teenager shocked poor Yolande Trueman when he was rude and aggressive to her and he got called out by publican George Knight, who witnessed the incident.

    Realising that Tommy's behaviour needs reining in, Kat and Alfie do their best to discipline him, but they furious when the school later calls to say he's not turned up.

    Alfie finds Tommy hanging out with Phil Mitchell in the Boxing Den. Ever since mum Kat split up with Phil, he's been missing his stepdad's influence in his life.

    Although Phil is more than happy to spar with Tommy, Alfie's frustrated that Tommy has been skiving and sends him to the launderette where Kat's arranged for him to have a summer job to keep him out of trouble.

    At the launderette, Tommy makes a VERY interesting discovery... He spies Harvey Monroe secretly meeting up with Maya Houssain and handing her some money.

    Harvey has secretly been giving a struggling Maya cash after discovering that his jailbird son Aaron Monroe carried out a racist attack on her husband.

    When Tommy sees Harvey and Maya together, he assumes that they're having an affair.

    Will he cause trouble for Harvey?

    Reiss Colwell is increasingly under pressure for money trying to juggle paying for his and girlfriend Sonia Fowler's IVF as well as looking after his wife Debbie, who is in a coma in a care home.

    When the home calls to remind him that he's seriously behind with the fees, he's alarmed to hear that she'll have to be moved if he doesn't pay up soon.

    After planning to scam his client Sharon Watts out of cash, he has second thoughts. Paying Debbie a visit, Reiss tries to reason things through and he decides to tell Sonia the truth about the money situation but Sonia has some good news and he wonders if now's the right time to tell her he's seriously in debt...

    Going back to his original plan, the accountant heads over to see Sharon and he lies that she's got an outstanding VAT bill to pay on the club and he needs to get it sorted tomorrow.


    Kat Slater is stunned by events after a passionate confrontation with Phil Mitchell

    Kat Slater has been struggling to deal with son Tommy Moon in recent months, as the wayward teen has a dark side.

    Last year, Tommy attacked dad Alfie Moon and left him injured, and he's recently been caught shoplifting.

    After Kat got together with Walford hardman Phil Mitchell, Tommy took to his new stepdad but and he was gutted when Kat dumped Phil for cheating on her with Lola Pearce's mum Emma Harding.

    Since breaking up with Phil, Kat has become close to Alfie again on a strictly platonic level. Missing Phil, Tommy begins to scheme to get him and his mum back together.

    Skiving his summer job at the launderette, he goes to the Mitchell house to beg Phil to find a way to win back Kat. Realising that Tommy's gone missing, Kat works out that he's with Phil and she storms round there to give Phil a piece of her mind.

    The former couple launch into a furious argument and Kat makes sure that Phil knows there's no way she'd ever get back together with him.

    Devastated and angry as Kat drags him home, Tommy rails at his mum for ruining his life but how far will he go to get back at her?

    Reiss Colwell and Sonia Fowler put their heads together to bag themselves some extra work as they're in desperate need of the money!

    Reiss has got himself into terrible financial troubles trying to pay for Sonia's IVF as well as the upkeep of his comatose wife Debbie, who's in a care home and they're running out of options.

    Kim Fox is happy to give to Reiss a bit of promotional work although it does involve him dressing up in a fox costume! Pursuing his other plan to cheat Sharon Mitchell out of some cash, he confronts her at the Boxing Den, insisting she needs to pay her 'VAT bill'.

    When Phil overhears he's worried that things are going pear-shaped and he confronts Sharon. Confessing that she's taken her eye off the accounts, Sharon tries to smooth things over with Phil, while a guilty Reiss makes a hasty escape...

    Linda Carter it in bits as Dean Wicks' trial looms large on the horizon. Killer Linda and her co-conspirators fitted up Dean for Keanu Taylor's murder after the body was found by planting the murder weapon in his flat.

    Linda also lied that she'd seen Dean dragging something large and heavy wrapped in a tarpaulin on the night of Keanu's demise and Dean's fate seems sealed.

    Although setting up rapist Dean to pay for her crime seems like some kind of justice for the hell he's put her through in the past, Linda's guilt has been eating away at her.

    She has a heart-to-heart with best friend Sharon Watts about her woes and the enormity of Dean's trial.

    When her mum Elaine Peacock finds an empty vodka miniature, she's worried that Linda's recent vow to get herself off the booze and attend her AA meetings has gone by the wayside.

    Has Linda fallen off the wagon yet again?

    Also, Penny Branning is fuming when teenager Avani Nandra-Hart steals a top from her stall and she has a run in with Avani's dad Ravi Gulati.


    Reiss Colwell's lies push Sonia Fowler into a dangerous decision

    Reiss Colwell has been making a right mess of his money situation, which is bad form considering he's an accountant!

    After Reiss decided to start IVF for a much wanted baby with partner Sonia Fowler, he secretly siphoned money out of his comatose wife Debbie's account to pay for the treatment.

    He was eventually forced to confess to Sonia but she decided to forgive him, agreeing that the money will eventually be his after Debbie finally passes away.

    After taking more than he can afford, Reiss was left in debt to the care home, putting Debbie's place there in jeopardy. Lying to Sonia that he's found a way to make up the cash, Sonia is only half convinced.

    It seems Reiss just can't stop telling porky pies and now he's potentially got himself in a whole heap of trouble by trying to con Sharon Mitchell out of money, claiming that she hasn't paid a vital VAT bill for her businesses.

    When Sharon calls and wants to look at the missing VAT receipt, Reiss fears the game is up.

    Meanwhile, Sonia is doing her own thinking about how to sort out their financial troubles and she talks things through with ex-hubby Martin Fowler.

    Visiting Debbie in the care home, Sonia promises her that she'll make sure she's looked after and it prompts her to make a massive decision...

    Back in the Square, Sonia talks to an estate agent about putting her beloved house - the home that was left to her by her late grandma Dot Branning - on the market.

    The decision leaves her emotional but after talking things through with Jack Branning and Lauren Branning, she feels in her heart of hearts that she wants to make this grand gesture to invest in her future with Reiss.

    Is Sonia about to destroy everything in her life?

    Kat Slater is still struggling with son Tommy Moon after their recent altercation. The teenager was desperate for his mum to reunite with stepdad Phil Mitchell but Kat was fuming when she got wind of his plan.

    Although Kat realises that Tommy has found things difficult since she dumped Phil for sleeping with another woman before their wedding, she's at her wits' end over how to deal with him.

    When she tries to talk things through reasonably, he kicks off rather than apologise and in frustration she tells him she's cancelling their family holiday.

    Trying to calm the situation, Tommy's dad Alfie Moon talks to Kat, worried that there's more going on than she's revealing.

    Determined to deal with Tommy's problems herself, Kat refuses to discuss it, leaving Alfie at a loss.

    Chelsea Fox puts her role at Peggy's on the line when boss Phil Mitchell finds her drinking on the job!


    Sonia Fowler is devastated by a confession from Martin Fowler and Lauren Branning i

    Sonia Fowler has resolutely stood by partner Reiss Colwell despite more than one MASSIVE red flag!

    They first got together after Sonia's grandma Dot Branning's funeral, when Reiss - a great nephew of Dot's - turned up to pay his respects.

    After ending up in bed, Reiss ghosted Sonia before finally getting back in touch with her. It turns out Reiss was hiding a huge secret, uncovered by Rocky Cotton, that he was married to a woman called Debbie, who was in a coma in a care home after having a stroke some years before.

    Despite almost splitting up with Reiss over his lies, Sonia found it in her heart to forgive him. She then had to prize another secret out of him when he revealed he was infertile but ever the fixer, Sonia suggested IVF.

    Reiss lied AGAIN when he told Sonia he had money in savings to pay for the treatment but was in fact Reiss was siphoning the money from Debbie's account.

    Sonia gave him the benefit of the doubt and promised they would find a way to make the money they needed.

    After making the huge decision to sell her house to fund her new life with Reiss, she confided in ex-husband Martin Fowler, along with uncle Jack Branning and cousin Lauren Branning.

    The three were shocked that she was thinking of selling the Branning family home, although they tried to see Sonia's point of view.

    Decision made, Sonia cooks a romantic meal for Reiss so she can tell him her big news but she's shocked when she has a surprise visit from Martin and Lauren.

    Sonia is devastated when the worried pair make it clear that they trust Reiss as far as they could throw him and Sonia shouldn't be throwing away everything she has to be with him.

    Furious, she throws them out of the house but now isolated from her family, are things going to end in more than tears?

    Penny Branning has not been getting the feels over running the departed Whitney Dean's clothing stall in the market.

    After a run-in with Ravi Gulati over his daughter Avani Nandra=Hart, who stole something, she's realised she's not cut out to be a market trader!

    Penny is used to a much more glamorous life after growing up in Paris and when she discovers that Chelsea Fox is about to lose her job as manager of local club, Peggy's, her mind was set whirring.

    She quickly made overtures to boss Phil Mitchell about taking Chelsea's place and he gave her the job!

    Poor Chelsea is devastated that Phil has fired her for downing a glass of wine while at work.

    Desperate not to lose her job she begs Phil to give her one last chance but has Penny now got the upper hand?
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    Exclamation EastEnders Spoilers 22nd - 25th July 2024

    Monday 22 July 2024 at 19:30

    The care home warns Reiss that he still owes money and Debbie will be moved if he doesn't pay soon. Reiss tries to scam Sharon by lying about an outstanding VAT receipt, but he changes his mind and backtracks when she becomes emotional over Keanu's death.

    Later, Reiss and Sonia are left delighted over some good news, although Reiss spoils the mood by coming clean over their debt. Changing his mind yet again, Reiss lies to Sharon that the VAT bill still stands and she has just 24 hours to pay.

    Meanwhile, it's the day of Dean's plea hearing and Linda risks arousing suspicion as she stubbornly avoids Bernie's questioning.

    Elsewhere, Tommy assumes that Harvey is cheating on Jean when he spots him giving money to Maya. Tommy also interferes in Kat's life by begging Phil to reunite with her.

    Tuesday 23 July 2024 at 19:30

    Phil is confused when he overhears Reiss talking to Sharon about the outstanding funds. Reiss is relieved when Sharon agrees to pay off the supposed debt.

    Phil questions Sharon on what's going on and she admits that she has taken her eye off the ball when it comes to the accounts. Fearing more questions, Reiss makes his escape.

    Meanwhile, Elaine gives Linda a pep talk but is concerned when she spots an empty vodka miniature.

    Elsewhere, Kat interrupts Tommy as he tries to convince Phil to get back with her. Kat insists that her relationship with Phil is ancient history, which sparks a row between the ex-couple.

    Also today, Chelsea asks Penny to help run a night at Peggy's.

    Wednesday 24 July 2024 at 19:30

    Reiss lies that he has found a solution to the problem of the care home debt. Sonia briefly feels relieved, but she knows that finances will be an ongoing problem.

    Later, there's a difficult moment for Reiss when Sharon asks for the missing VAT receipt.

    Sonia decides to spend time with Debbie at the care home, vowing to look after her. She decides to sell No.25 for the extra money and meets with an estate agent to get the plans going.

    Meanwhile, Kat cancels a planned holiday as a punishment when Tommy refuses to apologise for his most recent outburst. Alfie questions Kat about the latest argument, but she keeps quiet about exactly what happened.

    Elsewhere, Phil demotes Chelsea after catching her drinking on the job. Penny spies an opportunity and steals Chelsea's bar manager job.

    Thursday 25 July 2024 at 19:30

    Sonia is in high spirits as she cooks a meal for Reiss.

    Lauren and Martin spoil the mood when they arrive to share their true feelings on Reiss. Sonia is furious and kicks them out.

    Meanwhile, Chelsea is upset when she finds out what Penny has done. She begs Phil for her old job back.

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    has peggys a lift for penny, only seen stairs up and down

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    I think there was a goods entrance around the back that is somehow on the ground level. I remember it being there in one of the previous iterations of the club.

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