After a two-week break, Casualty will return to our screens on Saturday, July 13. In the next episode, Cam encounters a face from his past, while Jacob's house is robbed and Nicole has a big decision to make.

Here's a full collection of the biggest moments coming up:

1. Cam has a stressful shift

Cam arrives at work with Jamie after staying at his house the previous night. Jamie tries to reassure him about the events surrounding Chloe's death, but Cam is still struggling.

Siobhan tells Cam to stick to easy duties during his shift, but this proves impossible when Rash leaves him alone to treat a heroin addict.

Things soon go wrong when Cam briefly leaves to go to the pharmacy and returns to find his patient unconscious in the toilet.

2. Jacob is robbed

As Jacob and Jan head to a call out at a landslide, Jacob gets a phone call and is told that someone has tried to rob his house.

While he has to focus his attention on the serious incident, he sends Teddy to go and check on his house ? and he finds something that makes it clear who the culprit is.

3. Cam meets a familiar face

Siobhan comes across Jamie in a tense confrontation with a man called Bobby and is suspicious.

She takes him into his office and Jamie explains how he knows Bobby, with Siobhan accepting his story.

Cam later comes face to face with Bobby, and he recognises him too. But how do they know each other, and why is Bobby here?

4. Nicole has a dilemma

Siobhan has exciting news for Nicole, as she tells her that she has funding to send her on a major trauma course.

Nicole is excited about learning new skills and furthering her career ? but she later receives a letter that leaves her heartbroken and unsure what to do.

5. Stevie plays with fire

Stevie gets a text from Rich, and Siobhan tells her that she can clock off early to meet up with him ? unaware that Stevie's mystery man is in fact her husband.

Though she is reluctant to take things further with Rich, she is encouraged by Siobhan and goes to meet him. What will happen between the pair?

6. Teddy and Jodie babysit

Teddy and Jodie's day off together is spoiled when they have to look after Carter for Jacob, who is covering a shift.

After a day of babysitting, Teddy tells Jodie she is a natural with the baby, but Jodie is unsure. Is she getting cold feet?

Casualty airs on Saturday nights on BBC One and now lands first on streaming service BBC iPlayer, where episodes are released at 6am on the day of transmission.