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Thread: Eastenders Spoilers 15th - 19th July

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    Eastenders Spoilers 15th - 19th July

    Cindy forces her ex to help her after she makes a discovery!

    Gina probes Anna about her relationship with Bobby

    Lauren lashes out at a local man. But what's the issue?
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    Cindy Beale makes a desperate attempt to discover the truth

    Cindy Beale is concerned that Ian Beale is hiding something from her as he prepares to leave for his alleged leadership course in Manchester.

    His son Peter Beale knows that Ian is spinning a tale and when Cindy looks at what Ian's packed she is alarmed.

    Assuming that Ian's mum Kathy Beale is somehow covering for Ian, Cindy confronts her. Kathy gives Cindy short shrift and tells her to talk to Ian if she's worried.

    In Beale's Eels, Cindy finds Ian and demands to know if he's having an affair. A horrified Ian reassures her that he's been faithful.

    When Cindy makes another discovery, however, she thinks Ian's lying to her and she forces her ex George Knight to drive her to a mysterious address.

    Meanwhile, Peter finds out where Cindy has gone and he's determined to get to her. Borrowing Martin Fowler's van, Peter prepares to follow her.

    When Bobby Beale finds out what Peter's up to, he insists on knowing the truth but a protective Peter won't tell him.

    Wanting to get to the bottom of the mysterious goings on, Bobby hides in the back of the van before Peter sets off...

    Lauren Branning has bagged herself a job interview but she's bricking it, feeling very unsure of her skills.

    When the bailiffs turn up wanting payment for an old credit card debt, Lauren is rattled and wonders how she's going to get through the interview with so much on her mind.

    Lauren later finds her son Louie playing footie in the Square with Junior Knight, Alfie Moon, and Alfie's son Tommy Moon, she's pleasantly surprised.

    A comment by Junior about Louie's schooling leaves Lauren angry and Junior is taken aback when she storms off.

    Also, Felix Baker arranges a night out with Gina Knight, Anna Knight and Freddie Slater.


    Anna Knight's evening ends in terror when her drink is tampered with

    Anna Knight is looking forward to a night out at Peggy's with sister Gina Knight and best mates Felix Baker and Freddie Slater, who she once had a one-night-stand with.

    Although Anna's been with boyfriend Bobby Beale for a long time, Gina is sceptical that straight-laced Bobby is really the right man for her sister.

    When Anna drunkenly ended up bedding Freddie before she got together with Bobby, it was clear that Freddie had real feelings for her.

    Full of shame for betraying his friend Bobby when he knew how much he liked Anna, Freddie put his own feelings aside and walked away.

    As Anna and Gina get ready to go out, Gina wonders about her sister's long term plans with Bobby but Anna shuts her down, insisting that she loves him.

    At the club, the drinks are soon flowing and the group are having a brilliant time.
    Anna seems to be having trouble handling her booze, as she becomes more and more out of it.

    Although initially dismissing her antics as down to the drink, Anna's friends soon realise that she's behaving more erratically than she should be.

    Sharing their concerns that Anna may have been spiked by someone in the club, they agree to get her home but when they go looking for her Anna is nowhere to be seen.

    Is she in real danger?

    Lauren is feeling shaken after kicking off with Junior Knight when he suggested Louie is behind on his education. Her worried sister Penny Branning confronts Lauren for shouting at Junior and suggests that she's also wondered if Louie is struggling at school.

    Initially defensive, when Kathy Beale offers her some advice, Lauren reaiises that Junior was just trying to be helpful. She heads to the Queen Vic to find Junior and apologise for her attitude.

    An amenable Junior accepts her apology and suggests she stay for a drink, where he shares a few words of encouragement about parenting.

    Buoyed by her conversation with Junior, Lauren gets her mojo back and vows to find some work. She heads to her dad Max Branning's old business, the car lot, and asks manager Jay Brown for a trial shift.

    Also, Cindy Beale and George Knight confront Ian Beale at the mysterious address but what is really happening?


    Anna Knight is in turmoil over the terrifying incident

    Anna Knight has been taken to hospital after the spiking incident at Peggy's that left her in a deadly situation.

    Sister Gina Knight and her friends Freddie Slater and Felix Baker are beside themselves over what happened to Anna, as it occurred on their watch.

    A still terrified Gina keeps a close eye on Anna as she comes round and is relieved when Anna's allowed to go back home.

    At the Queen Vic, Gina suggests to Anna that she needs to report the spiking to the police. Still traumatised over what happened, Anna refuses.

    When Freddie speaks to Gina, he realises the whole situation is too much for her to handle and he turns up to support Anna and give Gina break.

    Can Freddie convince Anna to tell the police about what happened?

    Lauren Branning was initially defensive when Junior Knight suggested that her son Louie might be having trouble with his schooling.

    After taking a calmer of view of things, she looks into it and finds out that Louie is indeed struggling.

    When Lauren later bumps into Junior, she tells him what's going on and the pair exchange numbers. Lauren's grateful when Junior reveals that a friend of his son Xavier's might give her a few insights into what's going on.

    Louie's dad Peter Beale interrupts their chat and he's scathing about Junior's comments.

    Lauren and Peter have only been back together for a few months after reuniting following a split the previous year.

    Fed up that Peter's been gone for two days with no warning after running after his mum Cindy Beale, she storms out, taking their son with her.

    George Knight is brooding about his broken relationship with fiancee Elaine Peacock.

    The pair had a falling out after Elaine discovered George kissed his ex Cindy Beale but they've been trying to repair things.

    Yolande Trueman has become close to Elaine in recent months and when she sees George in the laundrette, she encourages him to show Elaine how much he loves her.

    Realising that Yolande is right, George approaches Elaine and tells her they need to make a firm date for their wedding!

    Also, Cindy Beale struggles with the events of the last few days and is shell shocked when Ian Beale hits her with another massive bombshell...


    Peter Beale wants to take the next step with Lauren Branning

    Peter Beale feels bad after realising he'd left Lauren Branning in the lurch with their son Louie when he disappeared for a few days sorting out family business.

    She's made it quite clear that she's unimpressed that he's not looking out for them and he vows to make things up to her.

    An attempt to say the right thing goes completely wrong, however, when he ends up offending Lauren ahead of her trial shift at the car lot.

    Realising he also needs to apologise to Junior Knight for his harsh words the day before, Peter goes to the Vic to buy him a friendly pint before collecting Louie from school.

    Trying again with Lauren, Peter apologises sincerely for saying the wrong thing and he asks if he can move in with her.

    What will she say?

    Bobby Beale is concerned that things might be over between him and girlfriend Anna Knight after the events of the last few days.

    But he realises she's had much bigger things to worry about when she confesses that her drink was spiked on a night out at Peggy's.

    Horrified, Bobby promises to be there for her but he soon says the wrong thing and leaves her upset.

    Freddie Slater wants to try and bring his friends back together and he supports both of them, encouraging Anna to tell her dad George Knight about the incident.

    Tommy Moon has been tricky to handle while he's been growing up and it seems the teen's behaviour isn't showing any sign of improving.

    In the past, Tommy has lashed out at both his parents Kat Slater and Afie Moon when he felt cornered.

    When George Knight catches Tommy giving Yolande Trueman some lip, he's appalled. Tommy is humiliated when George reprimands him for being rude to Yolande in front of Kat and everyone in the Vic.

    Ashamed of her son, Kat furiously tells Tommy that he's grounded.
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    Exclamation EastEnders Spoilers 15th - 18th July 2024

    Monday 15 July 2024 at 19:30

    Ian continues to make out that he's heading off for a leadership course, but Peter disapproves of his lies. Cindy also gets suspicious and quizzes Kathy to see if she knows what Ian is hiding.

    Cindy takes the direct approach and asks Ian whether he's having an affair, which he denies. Later, Cindy makes another discovery which causes her to doubt Ian again. She asks George to drive her to a mysterious address.

    When Peter finds out about Cindy's mission to find out the truth, he borrows Martin's van to follow her. Bobby is also curious and sneaks into the back of the van to get some answers himself.

    Meanwhile, Lauren is confronted by bailiffs, who want payment for an old credit debt. Later, Lauren gets annoyed when Junior questions how well Louie is doing at school.

    Elsewhere, Felix invites Gina, Anna and Freddie for a night out at the club.

    Tuesday 16 July 2024 at 19:30

    The drama continues for the Beales as Cindy and George confront Ian.

    Later, what will happen as Peter and Bobby arrive?

    Meanwhile, as the sisters prepare for their night out, Gina encourages Anna to consider whether Bobby is really the right guy for her. Anna insists that he is.

    Later at the club, Anna's loved ones fear that she may have had her drink spiked. Before they can do anything, Anna is suddenly nowhere to be seen.

    Elsewhere, Penny rebukes Lauren for her response to Junior's concerns over Louie's progress at school. Penny admits that she feels the same way, so Lauren seeks advice from Kathy and apologises to Junior.

    Later, Jay agrees to give Lauren a trial shift at the car lot.

    Wednesday 17 July 2024 at 19:30

    At No.45, Cindy is exhausted by the events of the last two days. She heads over to speak to Ian, who throws another spanner in the works by sharing more shocking news.

    Cindy heads to The Vic for a drink, where Peter arrives to console her.

    Meanwhile, Lauren discovers that Louie has indeed been struggling at school. She reacts badly when she wrongly thinks Kathy is being insensitive over the young boy's diagnosis. Junior offers to help, but a new tension flares up when Peter tries to interrupt them.

    Elsewhere, Anna wakes up in hospital after having her drink spiked. Later, Gina struggles to convince Anna to report the incident to the police. Freddie turns up to support Anna.

    Also today, after taking some advice from Yolande, George tells Elaine that they should consider setting a date for their wedding.

    Thursday 18 July 2024 at 19:30

    Peter tries to prove that he can be there for Lauren and Louie, but he messes up again by accidentally offending Lauren before her trial shift.

    Peter makes amends with Junior over a pint, then apologises to Lauren and asks to move in with her. Lauren admits that she needs time to think.

    Meanwhile, George reprimands Tommy for being rude to Yolande. Kat is also unhappy with her son and grounds him.

    Elsewhere, Bobby is shocked when he finds out that Anna was spiked. He feels guilty for not being around over the past couple of days and he makes matters worse by accidentally putting his foot in it.

    Freddie tries to support both Bobby and Anna. Later, Anna takes Freddie's advice and tells George what happened.

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    peggys would have cctv to see the spiker

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