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Thread: Eastenders Spoilers 24th - 28th June

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    Eastenders Spoilers 24th - 28th June

    The drama on Albert Square continues for the Mitchells....

    .....while Stevie's on a mission to right a wrong! But how come?

    Jean tries her best to get to know Harvey's mate, Maya
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    Wednesday 26th June

    Stevie Mitchell is in urgent need of care

    Will Mitchell has found himself in hot water after he knocked over his grandad Stevie and left him unconscious on the floor. Stevie discovered that Will had stolen the charity money and implored him to come clean. However, Stevie hit the roof when Will refused to confess and he pushed the pensioner.

    Phil Mitchell sees Will fleeing the flat after the ordeal and it's not long before Phil finds Stevie's motionless body and calls an ambulance. The family rush to the hospital and Phil confronts Will about what happened. The teen soon confesses everything and the Walford hardman goes to find Kyle, who has been blackmailing Will.

    Will Phil tell the family what's been going on?

    Back at the hospital, the Mitchells are relieved when the doctors inform them that Stevie has a concussion and will make a swift recovery.

    The shocks don't stop there as Stevie's secret family Teddy, Harry and Barney Mitchell unexpectedly arrive in Walford looking for him.

    Meanwhile, Nugget Gulati has been struggling with his body image and has secretly started abusing steroids with his friend Denzel Danes. The schoolboy is also feeling guilty about trying to kiss Denzel's girlfriend Amy Mitchell, which caused them to break up.

    The pair have been doing intense workouts at the gym in a bid to change their body shape and boost their confidence.

    Nugget is nervous about the boxing tournament and asks Denzel if they need to take more steroids. Denzel scoffs at his idea as Nugget struggles with dizziness. Later on, Ravi Gulati encourages his son Nugget to open up to him during a heart-to-heart and advises him not to take shortcuts when training.

    Will Nugget listen to his dad's words?

    Thursday 27th

    Sparks fly between Penny Branning and Harry Mitchell

    It's chaos in the Mitchell family. While Stevie Mitchell has been in hospital after being attacked by his grandson Will Mitchell, he's oblivious to the fact that his son Teddy and grandsons Harry and Barney Mitchell are looking for him back in the Square.

    As charming Harry investigates Walford, he flirts with Penny and their chemistry sizzles as they get to know each other. Feisty Penny has been flirting up a storm with the residents ever since she arrived, so has she finally found the man of her dreams?

    Meanwhile, Harry's younger brother Barney meets Avani Nandra-Hart, who gives him the gossip on life in Walford. Has newcomer Barney already made a new friend?

    In the hospital, Billy Mitchell tells his dad Stevie that he?s glad he?ll be OK after only suffering a concussion from the assault, but they are done as a family. Will lingers behind and apologises to Stevie, but as he comforts the teen, he's dumbfounded when he sees Teddy.

    Stevie sends Will away and lies to Teddy about where he's been and refuses to tell him who Will is. Determined to find out the truth, Teddy follows Will and Billy back to the Square.

    Billy gets a text from concerned landlady Elaine Peacock telling him that Will is in the Vic with a man she doesn't recognise. The family rush to the pub and just as things are about to kick off, Stevie announces that Teddy is Billy's brother.

    Phil Mitchell invites Callum Highway and Jay Brown to watch the football with him. However their quality family time is interrupted when Kyle's father Kevin arrives and accuses Phil of terrorising his child.

    Will Phil manage to get out of this sticky situation?

    Friday 28th June

    Billy Mitchell struggles to cope as the Mitchell family drama continues to spiral

    After learning that Will Mitchell was spotted with a stranger in the Vic, Billy rushed to his son's rescue. But just as all hell was about to break loose, Stevie dropped the bombshell that the mystery man, Teddy, is Billy's long-lost brother.

    Billy is reeling at Stevie's revelation as Teddy demands to know who put his dad in hospital. The family are furious as accusations fly, while Stevie has a lot of explaining to do about the chaos he's just unleashed.

    Unable to deal with the situation, a devastated Billy flees as Stevie goes after him, leaving Teddy and Phil at odds.

    Meanwhile, at the weigh-in for the boxing tournament, Nugget Gulati doesn't feel well and when Zack Hudson tells him he's not weighing in today, Nugget blows up at Denzel Danes.

    Zack tells Ravi Gulati the worrying news that he thinks the boys are using steroids, but Ravi refuses to believe his concerns. Later on, he talks to his son Nugget, reiterating that he can't take shortcuts when training.

    Ever since he arrived in the Square last month, ladies man Junior Knight has already bedded Bianca Jackson and his dad's ex-wife Cindy Beale. After admitting his infidelity to his wife Monique, she demanded a divorce and went back to Dubai with their son Xavier.

    Despite losing his family to his adultery, it's clear a leopard never changes when it comes to the womanising businessman as his mind is still fixated on his scandalous rendezvous with Cindy. Their night of passion has left Junior wanting more and Cindy has been rejecting his flirty advances, insisting that their romantic encounter was a mistake.

    However, it's clear the spark is still alive between them after Cindy gives a downhearted Junior some advice when Xavier doesn't call him as planned. Is Cindy about to give into temptation once again?
    Love many, trust few, always paddle your own canoe

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