Note: The following article contains discussion of themes including suicide.

Next week on Casualty, a storm hits Holby and Cam struggles with a difficult case, while Stevie meets a potential new love interest, and Rash returns to work.

Here's a full collection of the biggest moments coming up:

1. Cam and Siobhan act fast

There is a storm brewing in Holby, with a red weather warning issued.

Siobhan gives Cam a lift to work, and on their way, they come across an accident where a baby has been hit by a falling sign.

They are on the scene quickly and get to work, then Jacob and Jan also arrive to treat baby Chloe, while her worried mum looks on.

2. Stevie is in the eye of the storm

Stevie is working a shift with the helicopter emergency medical services, and she is called to a road traffic collision.

She is tasked with treating a driver who has been impaled by a pole, which is made more difficult when the storm intensifies.

3. Cam struggles

On the scene, Chloe's mother asks Cam to retrieve her toy, and he is hit by the full weight of the situation.

Cam struggles to hold it together while treating Chloe and is later supported by Siobhan.

4. Rich supports Stevie

Stevie works alongside fireman station commander Rich on the scene, and he supports her and calms her down while she provides treatment in the rough conditions.

There is chemistry between the pair, but will this connection develop into something more?

5. Rash returns to work

Two months after his suicide attempt, Rash has his first day back at work, and because of the storm, it is a busy shift.

While he is keen to help with a patient, Dylan turns him down, and Rash has to deal with this initial setback.

Tariq is concerned about how best to support his cousin as he returns to the ED.

6. Dylan meets his match

Dylan is worried about his dog Dervla during the storm, especially when the dog walker phones and cancels.

Psych liaison nurse Sophie overhears this conversation and isn't impressed by his attitude ? but Dylan has caught her attention.