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Thread: Home and Away (Aus) Spoilers 13th - 16th May 2024

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    Home and Away (Aus) Spoilers 13th - 16th May 2024

    Monday 13th May

    - Mali's overworked and under pressure.
    - Mackenzie and Levi are shunned.
    - Will Tane accept help?

    Tuesday 14th May

    - Nelson charms Bree.
    - Mackenzie and Levi face the fallout of affair.
    - Mali and Kirby establish ground rules.

    Wednesday 15th May

    - Remi and Bree navigate new loves.
    - John encounters stage fright before his TV debut.
    - Is Dana crowding Xander?

    Thursday 16th May

    - Remi calls time on his new fling.
    - Cash makes space for both women in his life.
    - Harper looks out for her sister.

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    Stage fright for John? What ? do they ask him to go in the water for once?? Can he even swim ?

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    Thursday spoilers have been added to the original post.

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    DS article with new H&A promo:

    Home and Away's Levi and Mac get shunned by Summer Bay in new trailer
    "Is the price of love too much?"

    Home and Away spoilers follow for Australian-paced episodes, which some UK viewers may prefer to avoid.

    Home and Away?s Levi Fowler and Mackenzie Booth are set to be shunned by Summer Bay, as seen in a new trailer for the show.

    In recent months, doctor Levi has been having an affair with his patient Mac, behind the back of his wife Imogen.

    While their affair is ongoing in the episodes currently airing in the UK, in Australia Levi has confessed all to Imogen and decided to leave her to pursue a proper relationship with Mac.

    In dramatic scenes, he told his wife that their marriage was over way before he moved to Summer Bay and he met Mac.

    There have understandably been consequences to their affair being exposed, and now a new trailer released on the show?s Instagram teases the negative response from the community, with the caption: "Will the Bay tear them apart?"

    In scenes that will air next week in Australia, Levi and Mac face the wrath of Summer Bay, and the voiceover for the trailer says: "It started with an affair. Now, they?re shunned by the Bay. Is the price of love too much?"

    Mac?s relationship with Levi has already caused friction between her and her business partner Felicity Newman, who has disapproved of the affair.

    Now, Mac is fighting back, and in the new clip she tells Felicity: "I am with Levi now, and my personal life should not come between our business partnership."

    Meanwhile, Levi mentions the "judgmental looks" and "snide comments" from the Summer Bay residents, to which Mac says: "Cutting us off and isolating us like this? We just fell in love."

    The trailer also shows that the Levi and Mac?s future could be in doubt, with Mac even suggesting they call things off following the backlash, a conversation that leaves Mac in tears.

    "I need you to be honest with me," he tells her. "Is all of this worth it? Because I would understand if you wanted to walk away."

    Can Levi and Mac?s relationship survive this?

    Home and Away airs weekdays at 1.45pm on Channel 5, with repeat screenings at 6pm on 5STAR and first look screenings at 6.30pm on 5STAR. Selected classic episodes are available via Prime Video in the UK.

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    TV WEEK articles:

    "Sunrise comes to the Bay
    Is film star Stevie ready for the big interview?

    Summer Bay is the spotlight this week as Channel 7 breakfast show Sunrise hits the beach to interview the cast about new film All Our Tomorrows.

    Sunrise co-star Matt Shirvington is scoping out the sands for the best talent to interview, and who better to talk to than the film's leading lady herself, Stevie (Catherine Van-Davies)!

    "It's really an affirming sign that Stevie's career and creative choices are all pointing firmly in the right direction," Catherine, 39, tells TV WEEK. "If she can successfully promote what is her biggest film to date, she'll be closer to the freedom and security she's dreamed of."

    However, still processing the aftermath of the horrific events last month, Catherine adds that "the stress and weight of her stalker has left her less than confident" and hints those negative thoughts could come in between her big moment.

    As the big media interview nears, it becomes apparent that Stevie isn't the only one feeling last minute jitters with John (Shane Wittington) also suffering a serious bout of stage fright.

    Can Alf (Ray Meagher), who, despite lamenting the film crew's arrival in Summer Bay, swoop in to save the interview from de-railing? "


    "From love to locking Horns
    Remi and Bree clash over their new partners

    Weeks after calling time on their relationship and, at the time, unintentionally couple-swapping with exes Stevie and Nelson, Remi and Bree still can't seem to shake each other in Home and Away.

    And that's for two reasons: one, because they both might still have romantic feelings for one another, and two, Summer Bay is just too small for them to stop running into each other.

    The awkwardness really ramps up this week, when the foursome find themselves under one roof after enjoying separate date nights.

    Mortified by her proximity to her ex and his new girlfriend Stevie, Bree (Juliet Godwin) starts to question whether the Bay is big enough for the four of them. Remi (Adam Rowland) feels the same.

    "Processing an ex moving on is almost always wrapped in guilt and jealousy," Adam tells TV Week, adding that while Remi is "conflicted by Bree's jealousy", he's also starting to compare himself to her new squeeze.

    "Remi is trying to understand what it is that Nelson (Mahesh Jadu) has that he doesn't."

    To try to put their troubles aside for good, Remi and Bree hash things out in a passionate exchange on the beach. And while they somewhat manage to make amends, something is keeping Remi from moving on completely.

    "Bree is still everything that Remi wants," Adam explains. "But at this stage of their lives, it's not working and he needs to do a little bit of soul searching still." "

    And the article on Ch7 morning show, Sunrise hosts Matt Shirvington and Natalie Barr set to make their Home and Away debut:

    Sunrise's Matt Shirvington and Natalie Barr to make Home and Away debut
    And we know what the storyline is now going to be...

    Sunrise and Summer Bay are crossing over, with Sunrise hosts Matt Shirvington and Natalie Barr set to make their Home and Away debut this week, on Wednesday night's episode on Channel Seven.

    The crossover episode will follow the storyline of 'Hollywood' actress Stevie Marlow who has caused intrigue in the Bay ever since her arrival into town as she tried to escape from a stalker. Stevie hired ex-cop Cash to fill in as her personal bodyguard after fearing for her safety, and then selected Summer Bay as the perfect place for the new romcom she was filming, creating a media circus in the Bay.

    On the first day of the romcom's production, Stevie is gearing up for a live Sunrise crossover from the set, with Summer Bay icon Alf Stewart set to step up and escort Stevie to the set to be interviewed by Shirvo IRL, before crossing back 'live' to Nat in the studio.

    'A bit surreal': Shirvo on his Home and Away debut
    Last year, Yahoo Lifestyle reported the news that Shirvo was temporarily landing in the Bay, and while we speculated his role could be anything ? helping Alf save the surf club when it inevitably comes under threat again, Sunrise popping up with the cash cow on Palm Beach, the Bay holding their own version of the Olympics except the stakes involve trying to escape kidnapping from a cult, dodging the Summer Bay stalker, or getting through a day without getting involved in a car crash ? it sounds like the cameo will be a little less dramatic than what we hoped.

    Shirvo initially spoke to about his appearance, calling the experience 'surreal'.

    ?As a kid who grew up watching Home and Away, it was all a bit surreal to be in Summer Bay with Alf Stewart!" he said.

    ?What a fun experience. The entire cast and crew were so welcoming and generous with acting tips and advice for this novice."

    He also joked that he wasn't sure what his kids' reaction would be.?I think this will be one of those things my kids are never going to let me live down," he said.

    Other Sunrise stars have popped up in the Bay before, with Sam Mac playing himself in 2021, popping up as a VIP guest at a Summer Bay soiree, and David 'Kochie' Koch also making a cameo in 2007, spotted mingling at the Summer Bay surf club, holding onto a bev as he said the line, "Yeah sure".

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