Next week on Casualty, Teddy's nightmare continues, while Dylan and Stevie try to prove that Patrick is a danger to the patients, and Jacob questions himself as a grandfather.

Here's a full collection of the biggest moments coming up:

1. Stevie and Dylan team up

Stevie and Dylan are still determined to catch Patrick out but are left frustrated when their investigations appear to have been futile.

They remain positive that by working together they can find something on Patrick, and are adamant that he shouldn't be going near any patients in the meantime.

Unfortunately, their plan soon backfires.

2. Teddy is left devastated

Teddy is horrified when he realises that a video of Hayley assaulting him has been uploaded online.

After a very difficult shift, Iain sees the video and pushes Teddy for answers.

When Teddy checks his phone again, he is relieved that the video has been deleted but is left traumatised that his ordeal has been made public.

3. Jacob faces a new challenge

Jacob panics when he thinks baby Carter might have swallowed his keyring.

He brings him to the ED where Siobhan runs multiple tests, which confirm nothing was swallowed after all.

Siobhan does become concerned by a rash on Carter's face but further investigations come back clear as well.

Feeling emotional after the events of the day, Jacob attempts to reach out to his son Blake.

4. Patrick's true colours are revealed

While Stevie is distracted, Patrick jeopardises her patient Omari's care by clamping his drain.

As Omari's condition worsens as a result, Stevie remains confused about how his stability has decreased so quickly.

Sure enough, Patrick comes in to 'save the day' and removes the hidden clamp to a hero's applause ? unaware that Rash has spotted him.

When Rash later catches Patrick in the lift, he questions the pocketed clamp, but Patrick dismisses him.

5. Dylan and Stevie get a sinister warning

After basking in praise from the junior doctors, Patrick asks Stevie and Dylan to join him in his office.

Patrick makes them aware of their conspiracy to 'damage his reputation' and warns they won't get away with it.

6. Jan supports Teddy

Teddy's day takes a further turn when Ngozi alerts him to the fact Jan is looking for him.

In the ambulance station, Jan gently approaches Teddy about the video ? explaining that she has seen it, and that he was sexually assaulted.

Despite Jan's good intentions, Teddy struggles to control his emotions and lashes out at her, before breaking down once alone.

7. Ngozi feels pushed out

Nicole is anxious ahead of her first scan and is disappointed when Rosie ? the woman she is a surrogate for ? is unable to make it in time.

Ngozi offers to come for moral support instead, which Nicole gratefully accepts.

However, when Rosie turns up at the last minute, Ngozi decides to leave them to it after all, but can't help but feel put out by the palpable bond between the two women.