Coronation Street will confirm an apparent character departure next week, when Eliza Woodrow admits that she wants to move abroad.

In scenes that will air on Friday, April 12, Yasmeen Metcalfe is delighted when Eliza returns home after spending the Easter break with her dad, Dom Everett, at his home in Germany.

However, events take a sad turn when Eliza's grandfather Stu Carpenter reveals to Yasmeen that Eliza has told him that she wants to move in with Dom and make Germany her new permanent home.

How will upset Stu and Yasmeen cope with saying goodbye to Eliza and waving her off overseas?

The move follows Dom's brief return to Weatherfield, after Stu previously bribed Dom to stay away from Eliza by paying him off with ?10,000.

After spending a couple of months back in Germany, Dom headed back to the cobbles to return Stu's money ? although his plan to avoid Eliza finding out about his return backfired when she discovered the envelope of money alongside a note from her dad.

Actress Savannah Kunyo, who plays Eliza, has already hinted at her character's departure from the soap. She recently posted a series of photos of herself on Instagram celebrating with her co-stars and wrote: "Such a special night ... my Corrie friends will always hold a place in my heart".

Eliza isn't the only Street resident who's planning a departure, as Tracy McDonald has also been contemplating a new life abroad following her split from husband Steve.

After discovering that Steve secretly burned a letter that was sent to her by Tommy Orpington, who she cheated on Steve with, Tracy declared that she was moving to Spain with Tommy and got into a black cab, ready to leave her family behind.