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Thread: Eastenders Spoilers 15th - 19th April

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    Eastenders Spoilers 15th - 19th April

    Jay is left shocked when he receives unexpected news.... will he deal with it? And who does the matter involve?

    One Walford man arrives home after a break from the Square
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    George Knight is knocked out cold after engaging in an underground boxing match

    Recent tragic events have turned the Vic landlord's world upside down, and now George is faced with the difficult task of breaking the news to estranged son, Junior.

    He makes the call, but gets through to Junior's voicemail.

    Next, George rings Eddie Knight and asks if they can talk about Gloria.

    But as old wounds are reopened the conversation descends into a vicious showdown which leaves George teetering on the edge.

    Unable to contain his rage against the man who murdered his birth father, George is gunning for a fight.

    The former boxing champ heads to an illegal underground club - but is stopped by Phil Mitchell, who urges him against stepping into the ring.

    George won't listen though, and carries on with the bare-knuckle brawl regardless.

    But the night ends in tragedy when George is knocked unconscious by his opponent.

    Will he be okay?

    In the aftermath of last week's shock events, Johnny and Linda Carter meet with Sharon Watts, Denise Branning and Stacey Slater to make sure they've got their stories straight.

    The Walford Six were forced to come up with a new plan of action in order cover up Keanu Taylor's murder.

    But just how watertight are their alibis?

    While the ladies, and Johnny, continue to plot, Jean Slater offers comfort to Jade Masood, who is struggling to process recent revelations surrounding her father Dean Wicks.

    Elsewhere, Patrick Trueman is back in Walford - much to the annoyance of Pastor Clayton.

    Yolande Trueman is overjoyed to have her man home and excitedly fills him about the church fundraiser she's been working on.

    However, jealous Gideon - who inappropriately touched Yolande then placed the blame on her - is annoyed that her focus has been diverted from him.

    Will he make Yolande pay for her 'rejection'?

    Meanwhile, Patrick is shocked to hear that Denise Branning is living at Phil's after her marriage split.

    Feeling protective over Dee, the trilby-wearing Trinidadian confronts Jack Branning to let him know what he thinks about his cheating ways.

    Away from Patrick, Denise asks Yolande to keep schtum about her recent stay at the psychiatric hospital.

    But secrets have a habit of being exposed in Walford and it's not long before Patrick realises his family are keeping something from him.

    And after months of hard training nervous Honey Mitchell and Jay Brown collect their race numbers for the London Marathon.

    In a first for the soap, EastEnders will air real-life footage of actor Jamie Borthwick completing the course in character.

    Jay is running the 26.2 miles in honour of brain tumour victims, including his late wife Lola Pearce-Brown.

    But as Jay prepares for what will be one of his biggest challenges, his phone pings with a voice message from escort Nadine Keller, asking to see him urgently.

    Jay and Lola-lookalike Nadine struck up a brief connection last autumn as she helped him come to terms with losing his beloved wife.

    And it seems she's back on the scene.

    But what does Nadine want to tell Jay?


    Jay Brown discovers he's going to be a daddy when Nadine Keller announces she's pregnant

    Having gone months with zero contact, Jay was surprised to receive a voice note from the escort asking if they could speak urgently.

    Jay formed an attachment to Nadine after the tragic death of his wife Lola Pearce-Brown to cancer, and ended up paying for her services in bed.

    Jay confides in close friend Gina Knight about the message from Nadine and admits he hasn't replied to her yet.

    Gina advises Jay to meet with Nadine and find out what she wants.

    But as the former lovers come face to face, Jay is floored when Nadine drops a bombshell - she's expecting a baby and it's his.

    Too overwhelmed to comprehend what Nadine has just told him, Jay turns and flees.

    Across the Square, George Knight wakes up on Phil Mitchell's sofa, battered and bruised from his bare-knuckle fight at the underground boxing club.

    As he returns to the Vic, fianc?e Elaine Peacock and daughters Gina and Anna clock his injuries - but George makes out he was jumped by a gang of yobs.

    Later, George attempts to make some headway with his father Eddie Knight after their furious confrontation the previous day, but a setback sends him spiralling into despair.

    George storms off and Elaine decides it's best to give him some space, but concerned Cindy Beale confronts Phil and demands to know where her former husband is headed.

    After Phil comes clean about George's dangerous new pastime, he and Cindy arrive at the boxing club.

    They discover George in a scuffle with the bouncers, who are refusing him entry.

    Cindy intervenes and takes George back to the Boxing Den, hoping she can talk some sense into him.

    But will tensions between the exes lead to something more?

    Meanwhile, puzzled Patrick Trueman wants to know why Denise Branning doesn't seem bothered about Jack's affair with Stacey Slater.

    In an attempt to solve the mystery, he arranges a family meal for everyone, including the kids.

    Despite being frantically busy with the fundraiser, Yolande Trueman agrees to attend and when Pastor Clayton interrupts their meal she invites him to join them.

    To his horror, Patrick soon realises the Pastor knows more about Denise's recent troubles than he does. And his closeness to Yolande and the family doesn't sit well with Patrick either.

    But does the cleric have a sinister agenda?

    Also, Lauren Branning puts pressure on best mate Whitney Dean to take Britney back to Milton Keynes.

    The mum-to-be made the rash decision to foster the teen after realising she was being neglected by her alcoholic birth mum.

    But Whit failed to mention what she was doing to boyfriend Zack Hudson who was left stunned when she brought Britney back to Walford.

    Whitney has her heart set on them building a new life together, but Lauren reckons she needs to put Zack and their unborn baby first and that Britney needs to go back to where she came from.

    Unsurprisingly, Whit won't hear of it and makes a statement by enrolling Britney at Walford High.


    Yolande Trueman suffers a horrific sexual assault at the hands of Pastor Gideon Clayton

    As the day of the fundraiser arrives, stressed Yolande finds herself on the receiving end of Stella Clayton's vicious tongue. The pastor's wife has got it into her head that Yolande has designs on her husband, when in fact it's the other way round.

    Yolande's partner Patrick also wrongly suspects foul play and isn't impressed when he finds her and the Pastor alone - even though they're only picking up supplies for the church event.

    As Patrick's jealousy gets the better of him, Yolande furiously snaps back and bans him from attending the fundraiser.

    But what happens next turns her world completely upside down...

    With the fundraiser about to start, Yolande is busying herself in the kitchen when Gideon finds her alone.

    Taking advantage of her vulnerability, the cleric makes unwanted advances on Yolande and subjects her to a horrific sexual assault.

    Afterwards, Yolande is in a state of terror and despair.

    Unable to return home and admit the truth to Patrick she heads to the Launderette where she encounters Elaine Peacock.

    At once Lainey clocks her friend's upset and is horrified when Yolande breaks down on her, revealing what's happened.

    Can Elaine persuade her to go to the police and report the Pastor's despicable crime?

    Meanwhile, Jay Brown is struggling to process the revelation that Nadine Keller is pregnant with his baby.

    His default response is to pretend it isn't happening, which angers Nadine as she explains why she didn't tell him she was expecting sooner.

    Needing advice, Jay goes to confidante Gina Knight who urges him to speak to the rest of his family as soon as possible.

    Later Jay gathers Callum Halfway, Honey and Billy Mitchell together and reveals he's about to become a dad.

    But how will he explain the situation to stepdaughter Lexi Pearce?

    The Beales are in a reflective mood on the eve of the tenth anniversary of Lucy's tragic death.

    Ian and Peter bring their family and friends together to reminisce, but as Cindy struggles to recall certain things she's reminded of just how much of her daughter's life she missed out on.

    Consumed with guilt and regret, Cindy excuses herself and makes her way to find George Knight at the Boxing Den.

    But is he offering her more than a shoulder to cry on?

    Also, Whitney Dean is feeling anxious about taking foster daughter Britney for her introduction at Walford High.

    Aware of the lies she's told the school, Whit gets Brit to cover for her.

    But when Lauren Branning discovers what she's done she lashes out at Whit - leading the best friends to fall out.

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    Exclamation EastEnders spoilers 15th - 17th April 2024

    Monday 15 April 2024 at 19:30 on BBC One

    George calls his estranged son Junior to discuss the Knight family's recent news, but only manages to get through to his voicemail. George reluctantly meets with Eddie to discuss Gloria, but their reunion leads to a heated showdown.

    Later, a struggling George heads to the underground boxing club. Phil urges George not to fight but when he goes ahead regardless, he gets knocked out.

    Meanwhile, Johnny, Linda, Sharon, Denise and Stacey all try to make their new plan watertight.

    Elsewhere, Jean tries to comfort Jade following revelations about Dean's actions.

    Also today, Pastor Clayton becomes jealous when Yolande's attention shifts once Patrick is back home. Patrick confronts Jack for cheating on Denise. However, with Denise and Yolande not telling Patrick about Denise's hospital stay, he becomes suspicious that they're keeping things from him.

    Finally, Nadine contacts Jay to tell him that she needs to see him urgently.

    Tuesday 16 April 2024 at 19:30 on BBC One

    George lies to his family about his injuries, making out that a group of thugs jumped him. He then storms off following more drama surrounding Eddie. While Elaine decides not to stand in his way, Cindy asks Phil for details on where George may be going.

    Phil and Cindy arrive at the underground boxing club just in time to see the bouncers refusing to admit George. Cindy then takes George to the Boxing Den for a chat.

    Meanwhile, Patrick realises that Pastor Clayton knows more than him about Denise's troubles and becomes jealous over his closeness to the family.

    Elsewhere, Jay heads off to meet Nadine, who reveals that she's pregnant with his baby. Jay is overwhelmed by the news and he rushes off.

    Also today, Lauren suggests that Whitney should take Britney back to Milton Keynes. Whitney does the opposite by trying to get Britney admitted to Walford High.

    Wednesday 17 April 2024 at 19:30 on BBC One

    Hour-long episode

    It's the day of the fundraiser and Patrick gets jealous when he finds Yolande and Pastor Clayton alone. Yolande is annoyed as she and the Pastor are merely picking up supplies, so she instructs Patrick not to come to the event.

    Later, Pastor Clayton comes to find Yolande in the kitchen at the community centre and he sexually assaults her. A traumatised Yolande heads to the launderette and confides in Elaine.

    Meanwhile, Nadine accuses Jay of sticking his head in the sand following the revelation that she's pregnant. Jay confides in Gina, who suggests that he should tell his family as soon as possible. Jay gathers Callum, Honey and Billy together to tell them the truth.

    Elsewhere, the Beales mark the tenth anniversary of Lucy's death. When Cindy misremembers certain details about her daughter, she struggles with the reminder of how much of Lucy's life she missed. Cindy slips off to see George at the Boxing Den.

    Also today, Lauren finds out that Whitney's lies over Britney are continuing and the friends fall out.

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