Next week on Casualty, Dylan is haunted by his past mistakes and makes a big decision, while Tariq and Rash clash and Nicole is forced to come clean about her secret.

Here's a full collection of the biggest moments coming up:

1. Dylan is struggling

A struggling Dylan is discharged from mentoring Rash and has now found a new mentee in Nicole.

Dylan finds himself stumbling over his instructions in the busy Emergency Department, coming across as clumsy.

Stevie finds Dylan looking over Sam Williams' notes and questions him. She urges him to move on from the death and focus on being a mentor, but the weight of the situation continues to loom over him.

2. Jacob and Jan deal with a harrowing case

Jacob and Jan are called out to the seaside, where the tide is high thanks to adverse weather conditions.

There, they find a woman in distress, having fallen off a rock. She tells them that her young child is in the water.

Jacob springs to action and calls for help, until they realise that the woman is referring to her child who went missing 19 years ago.

3. Nicole's secret is revealed

Despite his best efforts, Dylan struggles to mentor Nicole and grows frustrated when she doesn't do things as fast as he would have.

As the day goes on, Nicole starts to suspect that all is not as it seems with Dylan, who is still haunted by memories of the Sam Williams case.

Nicole checks on Dylan and is forced to decline his many offers for a drink. Later, Nicole has to admit she cannot have caffeine because she is a surrogate and is currently pregnant. Dylan is surprised, but vows to keep supporting her.

4. Dylan is left devastated

When their patient begins to deteriorate, Dylan asks Nicole if she gave them the wrong medication.

After offending Nicole over this, Dylan suffers a crisis of confidence and heads off to a meeting about Sam Williams' death.

During the meeting, Dylan is further thrown when Patrick interjects and brings up today's patient Samantha and her sudden decline. Patrick also suggests that Dylan request an assessment for autism.

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Following the meeting, Dylan's confidence is at rock bottom.

5. Rash clashes with Tariq

Rash begins his therapy session but is reluctant to engage with the counsellor, Uma.

He talks negatively about Tariq and their living arrangements, but Uma counters that Rash could be making everything about him.

Things go from bad to worse when Tariq brings a pregnant woman who has fallen ill on a bus into the hospital.

When Tariq handles the situation badly, Rash eventually loses his cool and tells Tariq that he isn't a 'hero' and isn't even a particularly good doctor.

6. Faith and Iain make amends

Iain and Teddy are stuck in an ambulance with patient Cynthia, who gradually deteriorates.

At the hospital, Iain clashes with Faith about the wait time as he fears for Cynthia's health.

Later, Faith lets Iain know that Cynthia is stable, and they make amends.

Faith also takes the opportunity to apologise to Iain for how she reacted to the Natalia situation, and insists she wants them to be friends.

7. Dylan makes a shock decision

Another unfortunate turn of events leaves Dylan at rock bottom.

No longer able to cope, he storms into Patrick's office and announces he's leaving. Is this the end of the road for Dylan?

8. Teddy remains distant with Jodie

Teddy is still being cold with Jodie following the incident last week.

When Rida spots the awkwardness between the pair, she questions Jodie on what's going on, but Jodie explains she doesn't know.