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Thread: Emmerdale Spoilers 8th - 12th April

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    Emmerdale Spoilers 8th - 12th April


    Emmerdale's Cain Dingle shows Ruby Milligan who's boss when he exacts his revenge on his scheming sister-in-law

    Cain's still furious with Ruby after she accidentally elbowed Chas Dingle in the chest during a heated row with her husband Caleb.

    Chas is recovering from major surgery having recently undergone a double mastectomy for breast cancer and Ruby was horrified to have hurt her.

    Now firmly on the outside of the Dingle circle of trust, Ruby tries to make it up to Caleb's clan by showering them with expensive gifts, including three air fryers.

    But Cain's no fool, and instantly sees through her 'kill them with kindness' ploy.

    Declaring they can't be bought, he angrily issues Ruby a threat - ordering she leaves them all alone, or else!

    Kind-hearted Lydia acts as the voice of reason tries to ease Ruby?s concerns about Cain?s ultimatum.

    However, it quickly becomes clear Cain wasn't messing around when he storms in and grabs Sam's new air fryer off the counter.

    Unable to contain his fury, Cain takes a sledge hammer and smashes the other air fryers to pieces while Sam, Lydia and Ruby all look on in horror as the carnage unfolds.

    Cain's not known for his forgiving nature - might Ruby have burnt her last bridge?

    Meanwhile, Claudette Anderson thinks it's time her vicar son Charles and his partner Manpreet Sharma stopped living in sin!

    Not backwards in coming forward, she unsubtly tells the couple they'd make a better impression on the new Bishop if they were married.

    Will Charles feel forced to pop the question just to please his mum?

    Also, new dad Billy Fletcher is wanting to create a stable future for his young family.

    Having come up with the idea of becoming a personal trainer, ambitious Billy commits to his venture.


    Emmerdale's Caleb Miligan chooses love over family when he sides with his wife Ruby in

    Ruby isn't giving up on her plan to win the Dingles over and get her marriage to Caleb back on track.

    In desperation, she ropes reluctant sister-in-law Chas in to help bring the family together for an impromptu gathering at the Woolpack

    Everyone, including a bewildered Caleb, arrives at the pub, but Ruby's sworn enemy Cain is utterly livid when he realises he's been duped into attending.

    There's still no love lost between Caleb and Cain after the revelation of the former's affair with Nate's wife Tracy. But after an initial exchange of strong words, relations suddenly appear to start thawing between the brothers.

    How will Nate feel about his dad forgiving the person who destroyed his marriage?

    Cain and Caleb are mid-chat when they're interrupted by a drunken Ruby taking to the mic for a karaoke performance.

    Moments later, the party descends into complete chaos as Ruby begs and pleads for Caleb's forgiveness.

    As the Dingles turn on Ruby once more, Caleb steps up to defend his wife and makes it crystal clear who's side he's chosen to take.

    Will it be a decision he lives to regret?

    Meanwhile, jealous Tom King isn't happy about the amount of time Belle is spending with Vinny Dingle and the dogs.

    When Belle gets called into help at work, Vinny happily offers to look after Piper, but disaster strikes when the pooch goes missing.

    As planned, Tom swoops in save the save the day and is secretly delighted when Belle lashes out at Vinny for not keeping a closer eye on Piper.

    The pair's friendship is soon pushed to breaking point over the dog's disappearance.

    But is there more to the situation than meets the eye?

    Elsewhere, village vicar Charles Anderson receives a visit from the Bishop.

    Clearly affected by Claudette's comments about him and Manpreet not being married, Charles ends up implying to the Bishop that he and the doctor have plans to get hitched.

    But is that what they both really want?


    Emmerdale's Caleb Miligan reaches out to Nate Robinson for help when he suffers a shock collapse

    The pair aren't currently on speaking terms since Nate discovered Caleb had been having an affair with his wife Tracy. The awful betrayal prompted Nate to dump Tracy and disown his uncle, and Caleb's own volatile relationship with Ruby Fox-Miligan has also come under strain.

    Meanwhile, Ruby has been busy rubbing nearly every member of the Dingle family up the wrong way as she battles to hold onto her man.

    So far, Ruby has been unsuccessful in winning over brother-in-law Cain Dingle, who was livid when Caleb apparently took her side over his during their latest run-in.

    Despite things with Cain being worse than ever, Ruby is hopeful that Caleb's defense of her means he's committed to making their marriage work.

    But will she end up learning that blood is thicker than water?

    Elsewhere, a poorly Caleb arrives at the surgery hoping for an emergency appointment.

    Unfortunately he's not able to get one because Manpreet Sharma is too busy to see him.

    On his way home the pain soon gets too much for Caleb and he collapses in the middle of the village.

    Moments later, Nate and Sam Dingle come across Caleb. Nate is shocked to find his sworn enemy doubled over in agony and pleading for help.

    Will Nate put the past to one side and help Caleb in his hour of need, or walk away and leave him to suffer on his own?

    Across the village, Charles Anderson decides the moment has come to make an honest woman out of girlfriend, Manpreet.

    The vicar has been feeling under pressure to propose since mum Claudette pointed out it would look better to the Bishop if he were married.

    During a meal together in The Woolpack, Charles stuns Manpreet by getting down on bended knee and asking her if she'll be his wife.

    With all eyes on her, the doctor feels pressured to accept, and an excited Gail Loman announces their happy news to the entire pub.

    But will Manpreet regret saying yes?

    Also, Marlon Dingle is trying his hardest to keep Rhona Goskirk's mind off her upcoming trial.

    The vet is due in court to face charges of kidnapping baby Ivy Malcolms.

    Rhona knows she's not a criminal and was only acting out of love to protect the little girl, who's biologically hers, but will the jury believe her?


    Emmerdale's Rhona Goskirk fears she could be sent to prison when her trial descends in total chaos

    It's the day Rhona's been dreading for weeks as she arrives at court to face charges over kidnapping baby Ivy Malcolms.

    Rhona snatched the tot - who's biologically hers - after she discovered her ex-husband Gus was intending to take Ivy to live hundreds of miles away in France.

    Proceedings commence and Gus is up to his usual tricks when he begins to twist the narrative over what really happened, while his former wife looks on totally horrified by his actions.

    The defence team fight back by bringing Gus's good character into doubt, and Rhona dares hope the tide is turning when best friend Vanessa Woodfield prepares to take the stand and give her side of the story.

    But will Vanessa be tripped up by the prosecution's cunning questions?

    In the Woolpack, Paddy Kirk is trying to his best to distract April Windsor as the teen frets over what might be happening to her step mum.

    Unfortunately he falls at the first hurdle when a number of the locals start a public debate over Rhona's case, which does nothing for April's stress levels.

    Back in the court room, it's Rhona's turn to take to the stand. But as the prosecution begin tearing her apart, the distressed mum loses her composure and verbally lashes out at Gus.

    Having heard enough, the judge adjourns for the day. Rhona's consumed with regret over her public outburst and Gus can't contain his smugness at her distress.

    Meanwhile, the debate in the Woolie is raging on.

    But the locals are put in their place when April points out if even Rhona's friends can't agree whether she's innocent of guilty, then the jury have no hope.

    Elsewhere, Kerry Wyatt is in over her head.

    Having vowed to foot the bill for daughter Amy's impending wedding to Matty Barton, Kez is struggling to find the money - despite having a secret stash of cash and jewels she stole from her stint on the cruise ship.

    Desperate times call for desperate measures, and Kerry knows there's only one thing for it - she's going to have to part ways with her beloved diamond necklace.

    Can she find a buyer in time?


    Emmerdale's Rhona Goskirk discovers her fate as the jury reaches its verdict

    The village vet has been on trial, standing accused of kidnapping baby Ivy Malcolms.

    Rhona snatched the little girl - who's biologically hers - after finding out her ex-husband Gus was intending to bring Ivy up abroad.

    After a disastrous first day in court, which saw Rhona lash out at Gus after he cruelly painted her out to be the guilty party, Marlon's wife is terrified of what might happen next.

    Unfortunately, there's nothing more she can do to convince the jury she acted out of love to protect Ivy.

    As the jury heads off to deliberate, Rhona?s fate hangs perilously in the balance.

    Pacing up and down outside the courtroom, Rhona knows there's a chance she could be seeing the day out in a prison cell.

    Will her worst fears be confirmed? Or is she going to walk away a free woman?

    Meanwhile, Suzy Merton goes to see Kerry Wyatt to try and settle the bill for Amy Wyatt and Matty Barton's forthcoming nuptials.

    Unreliable Kerry has offered to pay for Amy's dream wedding, but has failed to mention that she hasn't actually got the money to do so.

    Following their meeting, Suzy is left frustrated when she walks away empty handed.

    Will Kerry be forced to admit she's in a financial mess and risk ruining her daughter's happy day?
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    Exclamation Emmerdale Spoilers 8th - 12th April 2024

    Monday 08 April 2024 at 19:00 on ITV1

    Hour-long episode

    Lydia tries to ease Ruby's concerns about Cain's ultimatum, but when he storms in and grabs Sam's air fryer from the counter, it's clear they weren't empty threats.

    Sam, Ruby and Lydia watch on in horror as Cain smashes all three air fryers with a sledge hammer.

    Working on her plan to win Cain over, Chas reluctantly agrees to help Ruby out. The Dingles start to arrive for Ruby's impromptu gathering, including a bewildered Caleb. Realising he has been tricked into attending, Cain is seething.

    Caleb and Cain get off to a rocky start but as they appear to be thawing, they're interrupted by a sudden karaoke performance from a drunken Ruby.

    Ruby's gathering at The Woolpack starts to descend into chaos as she fights for Caleb's forgiveness. Caleb steps up to defend Ruby and makes it clear to Cain which side he has chosen.

    Meanwhile, Claudette makes a suggestion.

    Elsewhere, Billy commits to his new plan of becoming a PT.

    Also today, Charles and Manpreet get caught in a lie.

    Finally, Tom is irritated to see Belle spending time with Vinny and the dogs. When Belle gets called into work, Vinny offers to look after Piper but later Belle is distraught when Vinny tells her that he's missing. Tom is quick to take on the role of the calm saviour. With Piper missing, Belle and Vinny's friendship is at breaking point.

    Wednesday 10 April 2024 at 19:30 on ITV1

    Marlon struggles to comfort Rhona ahead of her court appearance.

    Meanwhile, plucking up the courage, Charles proposes. A bewildered Manpreet feels pressured to say yes.

    Elsewhere, Nate is surprised to find Caleb doubled over with pain. When Caleb pleads for help, will Nate be defiant in the face of his enemy, or leave his uncle to suffer alone?

    Thursday 11 April 2024 at 19:30 on ITV1

    Hour-long episode

    Rhona's day in court begins. Gus begins to twist the narrative as a horrified Rhona watches on.

    Soon, Rhona's defence fights back when they begin to question Gus's 'good character'.

    When Vanessa prepares to take the stand, Rhona hopes the tide is beginning to turn but will Vanessa be caught out by the prosecution's questions?

    Meanwhile, Kerry knows the time has come to part ways with her beloved diamond necklace.

    Elsewhere, Cain needs to pick a side.

    Friday 12 April 2024 at 19:30 on ITV1

    Rhona's fate hangs in the balance.

    Meanwhile, Suzy makes another unsuccessful attempt to get payment for the wedding from Kerry.

    Elsewhere, Ruby is incensed.

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    wasn't amy and matty getting married at registry, what bill is kerry paying, pub reception where she works or hive where matty and amy works

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