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Thread: Eastenders Spoilers 8th - 12th April

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    Eastenders Spoilers 8th - 12th April

    One distraught woman leaves Walford to be with their family

    Two women band together and reveal a new course of action...

    ....and another two clash! Who's teaming up and who's fighting?
    Love many, trust few, always paddle your own canoe

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    bernie leaving to be with karen over keanu body?

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    Kathy Cotton and Suki Panesar hatch a new cunning plan

    The Six - aka Linda Carter, Sharon Watts, Denise Branning, Stacey Slater, Kathy and Suki have desperately been trying to cover their tracks since Linda killed Keanu Taylor in the Vic on Christmas Day.

    But the ladies' worst fears were realised last week when Keanu's rotting corpse was found buried underneath the floor of the caf?.

    As the residents reeled in horror from the grisly discovery, Keanu's former fianc?e Sharon found herself under arrest!

    It's the morning after the night before and Sharon is relieved when Johnny Carter arrives at the station to offer her legal representation.

    Holding her nerve, Sharon continues to stick to her version of events of what happened at Christmas.

    But she and Johnny are rattled when the detective presents new evidence.

    Will she crumble under the pressure?

    Johnny the heads back in Walford and holds a meeting with the women so they can get their stories straight before they're all questioned by the cops.

    But when Johnny later arrives home without Sharon, he's stunned when steely Suki and Kathy reveal they've come up with a new plan of action.

    With Sharon being held at the station, Phil Mitchell asks Zack Hudson if he can look after young Albie, but is met with a firm no.

    While the locals rally round grieving Bernie Taylor, the gossip mill goes into overdrive over Sharon's possible involvement in Keanu's death.

    Phil jumps to Sharon's defence, which gets Felix Baker's back up. He furiously accuses the Mitchell of killing Keanu - just as Phil's estranged wife Kat Mitchell intervenes.

    After talking things through with Kat, Phil then overhears a conversation between Denise and Stacey, prompting him to make the former an intriguing offer.

    Elsewhere, George Knight is shocked when he receives a call from the CPS to say his mum Gloria has given them information about Eddie.

    The Vic landlord's world was turned upside down after learning Eddie had murdered his biological father, Henry Kofi Asare.

    Moments after getting off the phone, George is visited by Gloria, who encourages him to testify against Eddie.

    But just as George starts to believe Gloria is on his side, he overhears a call between her and Eddie and it becomes clear she can't turn her back on her evil husband.

    With the red mist descending, George orders Gloria out of his pub - and life - once and for all.

    Also, Linda comes to blows with Cindy Beale when she makes a snide comment about Sharon - forcing Jack Branning to intervene to diffuse the situation.

    Heartbroken Bernie departs Walford to visit mum Karen in Spain and break the news of Keanu?s death.

    And Jack begs Denise to forgive his fling with Stacey and give their marriage another go.

    But it's not his lucky day when furious Dee tells him it's no use grovelling - they're finished, for good!


    Linda Carter makes a huge decision about her future

    As the investigation into Keanu Taylor's death continues, the Walford Six - aka Linda, Sharon Watts, Denise Branning, Suki Panesar, Kathy Cotton and Stacey Branning - are working overtime to ensure their killer secret remains safe.

    But Linda is horrified when son Johnny Carter reveals Suki Panesar and Kathy Cotton have come up with a plan of what to do with the meat thermometer she used to stab Keanu.

    Hearing about Suki and Kathy's plot sends Linda into panic mode, but Johnny vows to sort things out and ensure Sharon Watts gets released from the police station.

    In despair, Linda heads to the Vic barrel store and starts downing the drink until she's found by George Knight who offers her comfort.

    His support prompts Linda to realise what she's got to do and she summons her co-conspirators to The Vic...

    Meanwhile, the rest of The Six inform a horrified Denise Branning what they're going to do with the murder weapon.

    But their private conversation is interrupted by Phil Mitchell. Has he heard too much?

    Elsewhere, Harvey Monroe is determined to get justice for Jean Slater after Dean Wicks accused her of tampering with Jade Masood's medication.

    Knowing his partner is innocent, Harvey goes to visit Jade and swipes her pill box.

    He confronts Dean, who cleverly twists the narrative and continues to blame Harvey and Jean for his daughter's health woes.

    But as the men face off in the Square, their heated row is witnessed by Stacey and Linda.

    As George prepares to testify at Eddie Knight's trial, Cindy Beale tries to convince him to speak to Gloria Knight.

    The angry landlord showed his birth mum the door after realising she was still being manipulated by Eddie, and refuses to have anything more to do with Gloria.

    Later on, George is summoned to the Boxing Den by Eddie who tries to convince him not to testify against him.

    But the mood shifts when George tells Eddie that Gloria encouraged him to speak up against him in court - and his dad issues a chilling threat.

    Also, Yolande Trueman turns to Honey and Billy Mitchell for comfort after feeling pushed out of her own charity plans.

    Denzel Danes encourages Yolande to attend prayer group, so he and best mate Nugget Gulati can entertain a group of girls at Number 20.

    Denzel and Nugget get their friendship back on track as Denzel lies to him about getting rid of his steroids.

    But the lads' plans for the evening are cut short when Yolande suddenly arrives home.


    Gloria Knight's life is left hanging in the balance after she suffers a heart attack during Eddie Knight's murder trial

    As Eddie's day in court dawns, George Knight continues to reject fianc?e Elaine Peacock's offers of support.

    But Lainey isn't one to take no for an answer, so joins forces with George's former wife Cindy Beale to get him to open up about the trauma he's experiencing.

    Working together, the ladies insist Eddie must face punishment for killing George's father Henry Kofi Asare.

    And at last, they get through to George, who agrees to testify against Eddie.

    The trial gets underway and a nervous George takes the stand and is cross-examined by Eddie's defence.

    But as they start firing questions at the former boxer, Gloria shouts in out in support of her son - much to Eddie's disgust.

    The evil killer glares at George and Gloria, who finds it hard to contain her emotions.

    The stress of the day soon proves too much for the frail mum, who flees the courtroom. Moments later, Gloria suffers a sudden heart attack and collapses to the ground unconscious.

    Will Gloria be okay?

    Back on the Square, Denzel Danes is miffed when Yolande Trueman scuppers his plans by refusing to go to her prayer group.

    The teen is still in the doghouse after Yolande discovered he'd been planning a house party without her permission.

    Denzel takes his frustration out on Pastor Clayton - but he and Yolande refuse to take the lad's lip and berate Denzel for his rudeness.

    By working together to discipline Denzel, the pair repair their friendship.

    Yolande apologises to the Pastor for accusing him of inappropriate behaviour and he places her back in charge of their charity plans.

    Love many, trust few, always paddle your own canoe

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    Exclamation EastEnders Spoilers 8th - 11th April 2024

    Monday 08 April 2024 at 19:30

    Johnny represents Sharon following her arrest. Sharon tries to stick to her original story, but she's wrong-footed when the police detective presents some new evidence.

    Later, the other women prepare to be re-questioned by the police. Kathy and Suki share a new plan.

    Meanwhile, Phil defends Sharon as gossip spreads around the Square over Keanu's death. Felix is unimpressed and points the finger at Phil. Phil's involvement grows further when he makes an offer to Denise.

    Elsewhere, Bernie decides to visit Spain to break the news to Karen about Keanu's death.

    Also today, George orders Gloria out of his life once and for all when it's clear that she'll never turn her back on Eddie.

    Finally, Jack is upset when Denise rejects his attempts to reconcile.

    Tuesday 09 April 2024 at 19:30

    Johnny warns Linda that the other women have a new plan regarding the murder weapon, but he promises to sort the situation himself by securing Sharon's release from custody.

    Denise is horrified when she hears about the new plan ? and it's not long before Linda summons the others to The Vic.

    Meanwhile, Harvey steals the pill box in an effort to expose Dean's wrongdoing, but Dean continues to blame Jean and Harvey. Later, Stacey and Linda witness Harvey and Dean arguing on the Square.

    Elsewhere, Eddie makes another attempt to convince George not to testify. The conversation ends with Eddie issuing a worrying threat.

    Also today, Denzel and Nugget's plans to entertain girls at Number 20 are interrupted when Yolande returns home.

    Wednesday 10 April 2024 at 19:30

    Elaine and Cindy encourage George to testify against Eddie. George is cross-examined by Eddie's defence during the trial, which leads to Gloria shouting out in court.

    Eddie is furious over Gloria's intervention. When Gloria rushes from the courtroom, she collapses outside.

    Meanwhile, Denzel confronts Pastor Clayton over recent events, but Yolande and the Pastor both rebuke him for being rude.

    Yolande and the Pastor end up repairing their friendship as Yolande apologises for her accusations and Pastor Clayton puts her back in charge of their charity food truck plan.

    Thursday 11 April 2024 at 19:30

    Gloria wakes up in hospital after suffering a heart attack. She encourages George to retrieve a box from her flat, explaining that it contains some important information about his childhood.

    George and Gloria end up taking a trip down memory lane as they listen to a recorded lullaby from George's birth mother at the hospital.

    Meanwhile, Phil learns that Ben has been sentenced to six years behind bars.

    Elsewhere, Linda shares another fabricated story with the police, but they want to know why she didn't offer this information sooner.

    Also today, Billy seems to be up to something when he cancels plans to help Honey go marathon shopping.

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