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Thread: Eastenders Spoilers 26th February - 1st March

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    Eastenders Spoilers 26th February - 1st March

    Nish introduces Kat to a dodgy lawyer he knows

    Jade gives Dean some news, and he doesn't take it well

    Denzel continues to put the gym ahead of time with Amy
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    Kat Mitchell is fuming when she suspects Phil Mitchell is trying to play her

    Kat Mitchell accepts that her split from husband Phil Mitchell is about to become official when he tells her that his solicitor has started their divorce proceedings.

    The couple only had their nuptials last September but after Kat discovered that Phil had betrayed her by cheating on her with Lola Pearce's mum Emma Harding, their marriage was left in tatters.

    Despite Phil's heartfelt apologies and insistence it would never happen again, Kat was to hurt to contemplate staying. She moved out of the house and straight into the arms of a scheming Nish Panesar!

    When Kat overhears that Phil is buying back the Arches from son Ben Mitchell, she is fuming.

    The Arches isn't listed on the solicitor's letter and she thinks he's trying to get one over on her and cheat her out of her rightful share in the divorce.

    Nish Panesar has been on the lookout to use Kat to his advantage and he smells money...

    Keen to get his mitts on some of the Mitchell fortune, he introduces Kat to a dodgy divorce lawyer, Roger Peel.

    Will she take the bait?

    Jade Green has gradually started to settle into the Square after moving in with her dad Dean Wicks.

    Following her operation to have a lung transplant, cystic fibrosis sufferer Jade clashed with her overprotective mum Shabnam Masood.

    Needing some space, the teen asked if she could stay with her dad Dean and he was more than happy to have her.

    It soon became apparent, however, that Dean was fussing about her health almost as much as her mum! Keen to get Dean to focus on something else other than her and leave her alone Jade comes up with a plan.

    When she sees that Dean has made a flirty connection with pie and mash shop customer Fern, Jade decides to matchmake them!


    Nish Panesar shows his true colours to a terrified Kat Mitchell

    Nish Panesar's relationship with Kat Mitchell has been a shock to everyone on the Square! It's particularly alarmed Stacey Slater and her family as they know what Nish is capable of.

    As well as plotting to have Eve Unwin killed, at Christmas Nish also tried to attack wife Suki Panesar but was stopped by Denise Fox, who smashed him over the head with a bottle of champagne.

    Although Kat's been warned countless times that he's not to be messed with, she stubbornly insisted she can handle it.

    Nish was left single and simmering with rage over the humiliation of having wife Suki finally leaving him for Eve. To try and regain some of his control, he asked Kat out on a date shortly after Kat's break up from hubby Phil Mitchell, who had cheated on her with Emma Harding.

    Kat just wanted to wind up her ex Phil when she started seeing Nish, but a manipulative Nish soon started stringing her along. With prompting from an equally scheming Priya Nandra-Hart, Nish figured that somehow he'll be able to use Kat to his advantage.

    Kat's been talking about her divorce settlement, prompting Nish to scheme to get his hands on some of the Mitchell money by introducing her to a dodgy divorce lawyer.

    It seems that Kat is onto Nish's plan and she decides to double bluff him with a scheme of her own. When she turns up at No.41, however, she's stunned to realise that he knows EXACTLY what she's up to and he wants revenge...

    Kat reels over the discovery and she soon sees Nish's true side as he turns violent...

    Fending off an attack, she manages to escape and run to a shocked Stacey, Suki and Eve, closely followed by a furious Nish.

    When the women give Nish a dose or reality he's left utterly humiliated. They are soon regretting their words, however, when Nish hits back that he's' going to call DC Whisson and tell the police what REALLY happened at Christmas...

    Amy Mitchell has been left feeling withdrawn and upset following recent events. She was terrified when she ended up on a terror ride in the car with tortured step mum Denies Fox, who drove them into the woods after suffering from a psychotic episode.

    It's clear Amy is struggling and she's touched when boyfriend Denzel Danes sees her pain and invites her on a date night to cheer her up.

    Poor Amy is gutted, however, when Denzel stands her up after getting too involved in a gym session and forgetting the time.

    Riled up, when Amy spots rapist Dean Wicks out on a date at Walford East she goes ballistic. Storming over to Dean and his date Fern, she lets Fern know what he's really like, explaining that Dean tried to rape her late mum Roxy Mitchell and went on to assault Linda Carter.

    Is Amy making a dangerous enemy?


    Suki Panesar is in danger from a raging Nish Panesar

    Suki Panesar has been rebuilding her life with new partner Eve Unwin after finally fleeing her controlling and manipulative husband Nish Panesar.

    When Nish tried to stop Suki leaving him at Christmas, he ended up left for dead on the floor of the Queen Vic after Denise Fox smashed him over the head with a champagne bottle.

    Events that night escalated into an even greater horror when Keanu Taylor tried to attack wife Sharon Watts and Linda Carter stabbed him to protect her friend.

    With six of Walford's women now hiding the deadly secret that Keanu is buried under the floor of the cafe, they've been desperately hoping Nish won't regain his memory about what happened that night and shred their story that Keanu attacked Nish then fled the Square.

    The women meet up in The Albert, along with Linda Carter's son Johnny Carter, to discuss the latest developments.

    In one way or another all the conspirators are falling apart. Sharon has fled to Australia to be with best friend Michelle Fowler, Denise Fox has had a psychotic break, alcoholic Linda Carter has turned to the bottle, Kathy Cotton has had to grass up her suspicious ex Rocky Cotton for arson to send him to prison, Stacey Slater's started a dangerous affair with Denise's husband Jack Branning and Suki Panesar is only just hanging on by a thread, trying not to let Nish ruin everything for them!

    The conversation at The Albert soon starts to get heated and Stacey and Suki end up in a row. Suki is hurt when Stacey tells her she wants her out of her house and she tells a devastated Eve that she's been left with no option... She has to leave the Square.

    When her son Vinny Panesar finds out what she's planning, he begs her to just talk to Nish to try and broker a truce. Over at No.45, however, Nish sneers at Suki's plea and in a rage he attacks her.

    With her life on the line, Suki seems saved when the Panesars return home and witness the horrifying spectacle.

    But have they got there in time?

    Jade Green feels wracked with guilt after secretly agreeing to go to Pakistan with her mum Shabnam Masood. She's only just moved in with dad Dean Wicks and she knows it will break his heart.

    After talking things through with Jean Slater, she gathers up her courage and with Jean by her side she goes to Beale's Eels to break the news to her father.

    Dean is absolutely gutted to hear she's leaving and Jade feels terrible. Not wanting to let his daughter go without a fight, Dean contacts a solicitor but he's deflated to learn that there's nothing he can legally do to stop Jade moving away.

    Dean is not one to let the law stop him from getting what he wants, however and he comes up with a dark plan to make sure that Jade stays...

    Also, Denzel Danes tries to make things up to Amy Mitchell after standing her up on their date to concentrate on a gym session.
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    dean make jade too ill too travel?

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    Exclamation EastEnders Spoilers 26th Feb - 1st March 2024

    Monday 26 February 2024 at 19:30 on BBC One

    Phil informs Kat that his solicitor has started their divorce proceedings. When Kat learns that Phil is buying The Arches from Ben, she fears that he isn't taking an honest approach with the divorce as the business wasn't included on the solicitor's letter.

    Nish capitalises on the opportunity to get his hands on some of the Mitchell fortune, so he introduces Kat to dodgy divorce lawyer Roger Peel.

    Meanwhile, Jack struggles to keep it together.

    Elsewhere, Jade plays matchmaker between Dean and Fern.

    Thursday 29 February 2024 at 19:30 on BBC One

    Kat turns up at Number 41 to see Nish, but it soon becomes clear that Nish is already aware of Kat's new plan. Kat rushes off after Nish goes on the attack and she catches up with Stacey, Eve and Suki.

    Kat and Stacey fight back by humiliating Nish, but he makes a new vengeful plan when he calls DC Whisson to discuss the events of Christmas.

    Meanwhile, Amy is left deflated after some news from Chelsea. Denzel suggests a date night to cheer Amy up, but he ends up standing her up in favour of a gym session.

    Later, Amy sees Dean on a first date with Fern and she interrupts by exposing the villain's dark past.

    Friday 01 March 2024 at 19:30 on BBC One

    Stacey reels under the spotlight.

    Meanwhile, Jade braces herself to tell Dean that she's moving to Pakistan with Shabnam. After Jade speaks to Jean about this, they both visit Beale's Eels to break the news to Dean, who reacts badly.

    Elsewhere, Sonia tries to cheer up Kathy ahead of Rocky's sentencing.

    Also today, Denzel tries to make amends with Amy after putting the gym before their relationship.
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