Linda Robson has revealed she is in talks with EastEnders about joining the cast.
The Loose Women panellist, who is best known for her lively opinions on the ITV daytime show, hinted at what the coming months may hold for her.
Speaking about the idea of retiring, the 65-year-old said she couldn't "think of anything worse" and that she would be "bored out of my mind".
However, a little stint on EastEnders would be something that would tickle her fancy.
She told the Daily Mail on Sunday: "One of the producers came up to me recently and asked why I'd never been on the show. 'Because you ain't f**king asked me!' I told him.
"And he said they would have do to something about that.
"So you never know! I think I'd be quite good on there, don't you?"
It comes after Linda opened up about her battles with addiction - which left her suicidal.
The TV star revealed she has struggled with her mental health since 2008.
In her upcoming memoir, Linda wrote how a drinking addiction crept up on her, saying that she went from enjoying the odd glass of wine to downing a bottle a night.
Along with this, she was struggling with insomnia and OCD.
"I hated myself. I told myself I was just a burden to Mark and the kids and that I was ruining all their lives," Linda writes in the extract of her memoir published in the Daily Mail.
Thankfully, Linda is now in a much better place and says that she is "doing really well".
Her new autobiography comes just months after the star confirmed that she and Mark separated after 33 years of marriage in November 2023.
She confirmed the split to Women's Own magazine last year.
She said: "He's [Mark] a really good dad and we had some good years, but enough is enough.
"I've got my family and my kids around me. And I'm going on a cruise with Lesley Joseph in November.
"I'm keeping busy. I feel fine. I'm just going away on trips all the time."