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Thread: Eastenders Spoilers 19th - 23rd February

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    Eastenders Spoilers 19th - 23rd February

    Stacey begins to worry when events spiral out of control..... the severity of the situation sinks in, what will she do next?

    Torn George grapples with a life changing decision
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    she'll do jack, that's what stacey does

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    Stacey Slater is left reeling when Denise Fox makes a shocking confession

    Stacey Slater has been getting increasingly worried about the state of Denise Fox's mind in the wake of the horrific events at Christmas. Ever since Stacey, Denise and four other Walford women conspired to cover up Keanu Taylor's murder, Denise has been falling apart.

    Concerned that Denise could give away their killer secret, Stacey has been trying to keep an eye on her. But matters are NOT helped by the fact that Stacey's having an affair with Denise's copper hubby Jack Branning!

    Haunted by images of burying Keanu's body under the floor of the cafe, Denise has been seeing the ghost of Keanu and after more hallucinations, Denise is convinced that Keanu is back from the dead to confront her.

    Denise's stepdaughter Amy Mitchell has realised that she isn't right and, knowing that Stacey suffers from bipolar disorder, she's questioned her about the symptoms.

    Stacey pays Denise a visit to check out what's going on with her and although Denise tries to cover, she eventually lets her guard down.

    When Denise reveals what she's been seeing and hearing, Stacey realises straight away that she's having a psychotic episode. Alarmed, she tells Denise that she needs to get professional help right away.

    Could this be the thing that brings the whole tower of lies crashing down around 'The Six'?

    Linda Carter is struggling to hold it together after her shocking revelation to son Johnny Carter.

    Aspiring lawyer Johnny returned to Walford when he discovered that Linda was on a downward spiral, not realising she's been torn apart by the horror of keeping the secret that she killed Keanu Taylor and conspired to bury him under the cafe floor.

    With her drinking out of control, Johnny promised to support her and the emotion of seeing her son led her into a dangerous confession...

    Reeling from Linda's words, Johnny is torn apart by guilt for not being around for his mum when she needed him most.

    Consoling her upset son, Linda encourages him not to blame himself and she promises him that she will knock the drinking on the head.

    When Johnny promises Linda that he'll be there for her as she gets sober, she is touched.

    It looks like Johnny is going to be in the Square for a good while longer...

    George Knight doesn't know which way to turn after having a heartbreaking conversation with his mum Gloria Knight.

    Recent family revelations have shocked him to the core and left him not knowing who he is anymore.

    When he found out that his parents Gloria and George Knight lied to him about the circumstances surrounding his adoption, he was rocked. For years they'd kept is a secret that he came to them as part of a process known as 'baby farming' and instead of having Jamaican heritage is, in fact Ghanaian.

    Even more shocking secrets have come out since the initial news but he's found it difficult to open up to fiancee Elaine Peacock.

    Desperate to talk to someone who really understands his complicated family situation, he calls ex Cindy Beale...

    Cindy is out of the Square on a trip but when George leaves her a heartfelt message to say he wishes she was around, will she fly back to be by his side?


    Denise Fox causes panic when she flees the house

    Denise Fox's mental health is spiralling ever since her distinctive 'D' necklace ended up buried under the floor of the cafe alongside the murdered Keanu Taylor's body!

    In an escalation of her troubles, Denise has been 'seeing' the ghost of the dead Keanu Taylor and fears he's back from the dead to confront her.

    When her stepson Ricky Branning hears her talking to herself, he's' really alarmed, telling sister Amy Mitchell that they need to do something.

    Amy knows that Denise is in a bad place but is still desperate not to rock Denise's marriage to their dad Jack Branning any further. She tells a sceptical Ricky that everything will be fine if an exhausted Denise gets some sleep.

    Things take a terrifying turn, however, when she has a manic episode and flees the house. Stacey Slater finds her hiding in a bush and she gets her back inside, where Yolande Trueman and Pastor Clayton try and calm her.

    With Denise's family around her, Stacey reveals that she's sure Denise has all the signs of psychosis. She makes it clear that her only hope is to get professional help.

    But Denise has other plans in mind as she pays another visit to the only person SHE thinks can help her...

    Her incarcerated killer ex Lucas Johnson!

    Ian Beale is worried when he discovers that partner Cindy Beale is back in Albert Square after cutting her trip short and has completely failed to tell him!

    Instead, she's gone straight round to see ex-husband George Knight, who left her an anguished phone message after finding out more distressing revelations about his real parents and his upbringing.

    George opens up to Cindy about everything he's been told and the awful details of adoptive dad Eddie Knight's upcoming court case.

    Concerned for her ex, Cindy tells him that she will always be there for him if he needs her.

    But who will be her priority... George or Ian?

    Dean Wicks is horrified when he finds out that daughter Jade Green has been wandering around Albert Square in the cold!

    It's not been long since cystic fibrosis sufferer Jade had a lung transplant and he's terrified that things could wrong.

    Meanwhile, a caring Jean Slater is keen to help her friend Shabnam Masood's daughter settle into the Square and she encourages teenagers Nugget Gulati and Avani Nandra-Hart to make friends with her.

    When Dean gets in after being out all day he's surprised to find Jade entertaining her new mates.

    Is it a good sign that she's settling in?


    Denise Fox puts Amy Mitchell in mortal danger

    Denise Fox is on a mission as her mental health continues to deteriorate and she arrives at the prison wanting a second visit with her killer ex Lucas Johnson.

    Ever since Linda Carter stabbed Keanu Taylor and Denise and the other Walford women buried his body under the cafe floor, the guilt and horror has eaten away at Denise.

    Figuring Lucas is the only person who has dealt with a similar anguish, she visited the man she hates the most in the world to probe him over how he deals with being a killer.

    It's clear that Denise is losing her grip and a shocked Lucas is worried by her behaviour.

    When Denise returns to the Square, she is even more agitated and she terrifies stepkids Amy Mitchell and Ricky Branning. Things threaten to get out of control as Denise grabs the car keys, rambling about getting as far away from them as possible to keep them safe.

    Terrified for Denise, Amy tries to talk Denise round but when she won't see sense, Amy insists on getting in the car with her.

    A helpless Ricky looks on as Denise drive off with Amy and he desperately tries to get hold of dad Jack Branning.

    Stacey Slater confesses to Suki Panesar that she's been carrying on with Jack Branning behind Denise's back.

    Horrified by Stacey's revelation, Suki makes it clear that the more involved she gets with Jack, the more she puts their killer secret in danger of being blown wide open.

    When Suki insists that she break things off with Jack, Stacey reluctantly agrees. She visits Jack to tell him that their affair must stop but they're interrupted by a shocking phone call...

    It's Lucas, who reveals that Denise has been to see him in prison and seems to be having a dangerous psychotic episode.

    Meanwhile, a manic Denise speeds erratically along a woodland road, leaving passenger Amy terrified.

    Denise slams on the brakes, jumps out of the car and races off into the night, as a horrified Amy calls after her...

    Jade Green is happy that she's made friends with Nugget Gulati and Avani Nandra-Hart after kindly Jean Slater gave them a gentle nudge to spend time with her.

    Although she tries to make out she's tough, Jade is a softie at heart and she was touched by Jean's concern.

    Things have been tough for her since her lung transplant and after clashing with her worried mum Shabnam Masood, she insisted on moving in with her dad Dean Wicks.

    Dean is over the moon to have his daughter with him but he's worried about her health. When Jade asks him if she can hang out with her new mates in the Square, he insists it's too cold and tells her she needs to put her health first.

    Later, Dean is horrified when he finds her in McKlunky's with Nugget and Avani. Fuming that she's disobeyed him, he makes it clear how upset he is. Poor Jade is mortified and Avani can't resist teasing her.


    Chelsea Fox is determined to find her missing mum

    Chelsea Fox is horrified after discovering that her manic mum Denise Fox has fled the Square with stepdaughter Amy Mitchell trapped in the car with her!

    After Denise's stepson Ricky Branning raised the alarm, they got word that Denise had abandoned Amy and the car and fled into the woods.

    When word begins to spread about what's happened, the residents get together to coordinate a search party.

    After talking to the volunteers in The Vic, Chelsea has a tense conversation with Linda Carter's son Johnny Carter about the recent goings on with Denise.

    Trying to get to the bottom of what has set her mum off on such a destructive path, Chelsea starts asking Johnny some awkward questions.

    Linda Carter is getting more and more rattled by Chelsea's comments, terrified that everything will come out about the events of Christmas, where she killed Keanu Taylor and helped to bury his body under the floor of the cafe.

    It seems like despite the efforts of the six conspirators, every week the killer secret is close to being exposed!

    Suki Panesar is good at keeping her cool but she's had suspicious ex Nish Panesar sniffing around wanting answers about what happened at Christmas.

    Now she's worried that with Denise on the loose somewhere in the woods and an alcoholic Linda close to breaking point, their secret is about to be blown wide open.

    Insisting she's going to find a way out of the situation for all of them, Suki tells Stacey Slater that the five of them need to rally round Denise and look after her in shifts, if that's what it takes to shut her up.

    But is Suki's plan about to be DESTROYED?
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    Exclamation EastEnders Spoilers 19th - 22nd February 2024

    iPlayer release date: Monday 19 February 2024 at 06:00

    BBC One airdate: Monday 19 February 2024 at 19:30

    Johnny is shocked following a revelation from Linda and he feels guilty about not being around for her.

    Linda promises Johnny that she'll stop drinking and he vows to do everything he can to help her stay sober.

    Meanwhile, Denise is in a terrible state as her hallucinations of Keanu continue. She speaks to Stacey, who recognises the signs that Denise is experiencing psychosis. Stacey encourages Denise to see a doctor.

    Elsewhere, George struggles to confide in Elaine after recent events and he leaves a voicemail for Cindy, admitting that he wishes she were there.

    iPlayer release date: Tuesday 20 February 2024 at 06:00

    BBC One airdate: Tuesday 20 February 2024 at 19:30

    Ricky fears that Denise is having a breakdown and the situation gets worse when Denise rushes outside to hide in a bush. Stacey ushers Denise back inside, where Yolande and Pastor Clayton try their best to help.

    Stacey points out that Denise needs to see a psychiatrist, but Denise believes that Lucas is the only person who can help her and she pays him another visit.

    Meanwhile, Cindy cuts her trip short to help George, who confides in her about his anguish over Gloria and Eddie. Cindy promises George that she'll always be there if he needs her.

    Elsewhere, Jade entertains some new friends when Jean encourages Nugget and Avani to spend time with her.

    iPlayer release date: Wednesday 21 February 2024 at 06:00

    BBC One airdate: Wednesday 21 February 2024 at 19:30

    At the prison, Lucas becomes concerned about Denise's agitated state. When Denise returns home, she terrifies Amy and Ricky by claiming that she needs to get away to keep them both safe. Amy convinces Denise to let her go too, while Ricky focuses on trying to contact Jack.

    Following advice from Suki, a guilty Stacey tells Jack that their affair is over. The conversation is interrupted when Lucas calls to share his concerns over Denise's behaviour.

    Denise drives at high speed through a wooded area with Amy in the car alongside her. Denise eventually stops the vehicle and rushes off into the night, leaving Amy alone and distraught.

    Meanwhile, Dean is annoyed when Jade defies his wishes by spending time with her new friends at McKlunky's. Avani teases Jade about Dean being so strict with her.

    iPlayer release date: Thursday 22 February 2024 at 06:00

    BBC One airdate: Thursday 22 February 2024 at 19:30

    The situation with Denise worries her family. When word of her disappearance reaches the punters at The Vic, they unite to organise a search party.

    Chelsea and Johnny have a tense conversation about Denise. Linda is worried about the nature of Chelsea's questions and she struggles to hide her inner panic.

    Suki remains determined to find a way out of this mess. She tells Stacey that the rest of the women will have to rally round Denise if that's what it takes to protect their secret.

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    denise will probably end up committed maybe then she sees shirley

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