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Thread: Eastenders Spoilers 4th - 8th December

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    Eastenders Spoilers 4th - 8th December

    Upset by his family's behaviour, Mitch ends up in an accident

    Denise is back from holiday and finds there is a new houseguest

    Will Elaine's Christmas plans for the Square go without a hitch?
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    Karen Taylor is splashing the cash in the Queen Vic and Phil Mitchell is VERY suspicious! Karen is famously always skint and he suspects there's a secret she's not revealing.

    Mitch Baker is worried that Karen's making a spectacle of herself and in danger of making it obvious that she and her son Keanu Taylor were behind little Albie's kidnap plot.

    Confronting Keanu over the plot that saw Phil duped into helping Albie's mum Sharon Watts with ?50,000 ransom money, Mitch is infuriated when Keanu is unrepentant.

    Still shaking over the encounter, Mitch gets into his van but, distracted, he ends up hitting Harvey Monroe's taxi!

    When taxi boss Kat Mitchell demands Mitch pay for the damage, he wonders where he's going to get the cash. Wanting to help out, Karen goes behind Mitch's back to pay for the damage with the stolen ransom money.

    BIG mistake! The notes were marked by Phil before the drop and when he sees Karen has paid with HIS bills, his face darkens...

    Kat can't believe that Karen would go that far and demands more proof. Telling his sister Sam Mitchell to find out more, Phil soon gets the evidence he needs to prove that Karen and Keanu staged Albie's kidnap!

    Stacey Slater is trying to juggle work at the bap van with looking after the family and, pushed for time, she asks Jack Branning to babysit their mutual grandchild Charli.

    Although feeling a bit out of his depth, Jack agrees, but it's soon clear that it's been years since his own kids were babies and he's completely out of practice! Stuck with a problem, Jack calls Stacey to ask for some advice and she's more than happy to help out.

    Jack's surprised when his wife Denise turns up, as she's back early from a holiday. When she tells Jack she wants to know the latest gossip from around the Square, she's not prepared for the answer...

    Before Jack can confess that they have a house guest that she's NOT going to like, Sam Mitchell bursts in and reveals to a horrified Denise she's been staying over!

    Also... Sonia Fowler is hopeful her bid to become a parent with Reiss Colwell is getting closer when, after her latest appointment, she's told that everything is on track.


    Sharon Watts is completely to the fact that her husband-to-be Keanu Taylor faked abducting her son Albie!

    Keanu teamed up with mum Karen Taylor to stage the crime in a bid to keep Sharon from taking Albie abroad after accepting a new job in Abu Dhabi. He then wooed her to make sure she stayed put.

    The kidnap plot saw her borrowing ?50,000 from ex-hubby Phil Mitchell to pay the 'mysterious' abductor.

    Although Keanu wanted Karen to give the money back to Sharon, she was insistent that they deserved to keep the cash.

    Now that Phil suspects the truth, after finding out Karen has been using his marked bills, he's determined to prove it and he sets up about searching the Arches.

    Phil's wife Kat Mitchell can't believe that Keanu would stoop so low, but suggests that if he and Karen are hiding the money, it will be a bit closer to home.

    When Felix Baker won't let him into their house, he sends Kat's son Tommy Moon over to try his luck instead. Tommy makes short work of his search and soon finds the money hidden under Karen's bed.

    Completely in the dark about the horrific revelation that's about to hit her, Sharon is excitedly finishing up the plans for her nuptials to Keanu.

    She announces that she and Keanu will be having their wedding reception at the Queen Vic on Christmas Day.

    Sharon is left in shock when Phil turns up and reveals that Karen and Keanu staged Albie's kidnap and stole the money.

    Will Sharon take revenge on her husband-to-be?

    Denise Fox is fuming with Jack Branning after getting back from her holiday to find out that he'd moved his ex Sam Mitchell into the house!

    Sam had nowhere to go when she returned to the Square, after falling out with brother Phil Mitchell and Jack reluctantly gave Sam a bed, so she could be close to their son Ricky Branning.

    Desperate to get back in his wife's good books, Jack turns on the charm but they soon fall out again after Denise makes another shock revelation.

    When she finds out that rapist Dean Wicks is back in the Square and Jack didn't bother to tell her, she lays into him!

    After the blazing row, a miserable Jack visits Stacey Slater and offloads his woes. The pair have been getting closer and closer in recent weeks and he appreciates her support.

    When he gets back home things haven't improved, however. Denise tells Jack that he has to choose - either kick out Sam or she'll leave!

    Also, Yolande Trueman goes on a recruitment drive for her community choir!


    Denise Fox is feeling more miserable than ever after her return from holiday. Not only did she find her husband Jack Branning's ex Sam Mitchell living in her house, she was also confronted by the surprise return of rapist Dean Wicks!

    After a bust up with Jack, she told him that either he got rid of Sam or she was leaving and she stormed out of the house.

    When she shares her marriage woes with Yolande Trueman, she's left with food for thought after Yolande gives her some relationship advice.

    Sam's feeling awkward about causing trouble in Jack's marriage and she offers to move out.

    Reminding Jack that not many women would take on his kids as part of the package, she insists that Denise is a keeper and he needs to get his act together.

    As Jack helps Sam get her things and leave, he sees Denise under fire in the Square by arch enemy Ravi Gulati.

    After seeing the CCTV footage that was pretty much solid proof that Ravi killed his father Ranveer Gulati, Denise teamed up with Suki Panesar to get Ravi put away.

    Their attempt failed miserably and the uproar caused Ravi's son Nugget Gulati to run away.

    Denise is terrified as Ravi lays into her and Jack is infuriated. Shaken after the incident, Denise and Jack want to make things right and they reconcile their differences but things are still awkward between them.

    Will Ravi's continuing presence in the Square ever let them get their marriage back on track?

    Reiss Colwell and Sonia Fowler have had a lot to deal with as they go through the stress and strain of trying to start a family with IVF.

    After Sonia's most recent appointment, however, it seems that everything is looking good for for their baby prospects.

    Reiss and Sonia prepare for a romantic night in, but their plans are disrupted by an alarming phone call.

    Reiss learns that his wife Debbie, who is in a long term coma after a stroke, is in a bad way after getting an infection and he rushes out to be at her side.

    Could Debbie be about to die?

    Also, landlady Elaine Peacock 'helps' Yolande Trueman sign up people for the choir by offering booze as a bribe!
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    Exclamation EastEnders Spoilers 4th - 8th December 2023

    Monday 04 December 2023 at 19:30 (20:00 on BBC One Northern Ireland)

    Phil gets suspicious when he spots Karen splashing the cash at the Queen Vic. Mitch confronts Keanu for involving Karen in the fake kidnapping plan, but Keanu makes no apologies for his behaviour.

    Later, Mitch's van hits Harvey's taxi and Kat orders him to pay for the damage. Karen steps in by using the stolen Mitchell money to pay off Mitch's debts. Phil realises that these are his own marked bills and he gathers together the evidence which proves that Karen and Keanu staged Albie's kidnap.

    Meanwhile, Jack finds himself on babysitting duty but is forced to call Stacey for help. Denise returns from holiday and is shocked to discover that Sam is staying in their house.

    Elsewhere, things go wrong for Elaine as she tries to make The Vic's sponsored Christmas event in the Square a big success.

    Also today, Sonia updates Reiss about her latest appointment, which shows that she's on track with this stage of the IVF treatment.

    Wednesday 06 December 2023 at 19:30

    Kat catches Phil snooping around The Arches, where he's looking for evidence to incriminate Keanu and Karen. When Kat points out that Karen would have the money hidden much closer to home if she's guilty, Phil sends Tommy over to investigate and the schoolboy finds the cash underneath Karen's bed.

    Later, when Sharon announces plans to have her and Keanu's wedding reception at The Vic on Christmas Day, Phil bursts in and drops the bombshell of Keanu and Karen's fake kidnapping scam.

    Meanwhile, Denise grows further annoyed with Jack when she finds out that Dean has returned and he didn't tell her. She's also displeased to discover the true circumstances of Sam's return.

    Jack turns to Stacey for support, but is later rocked by an ultimatum as Denise threatens to leave if Sam doesn't.

    Elsewhere, Yolande struggles to recruit participants for the community choir.

    Thursday 07 December 2023 at 19:30

    Sam realises that she's no longer welcome at the Branning house and agrees to leave. She unexpectedly defends Denise to Jack, pointing out that not many other people would have taken on his troubled kids.

    Later, Jack is irritated to witness Ravi arguing with Denise. Although Denise and Jack manage to reconcile, the atmosphere between them remains uneasy.

    Meanwhile, Elaine tries to use alcohol as a bribe to get more people involved with Yolande's choir recruitment.

    Elsewhere, Sonia and Reiss' plans for a romantic night are interrupted when Reiss learns that Debbie has a bad infection.

    Friday 08 December 2023 at 19:30 (21:00 on BBC One Northern Ireland)

    Sonia waits for news from Reiss about Debbie's condition. She confides in Kathy about how she feels haunted by Debbie and fears this latest emergency could threaten their IVF attempt.

    Later, Sonia comforts Reiss when he returns home after a difficult night at Debbie's bedside.

    Meanwhile, battle lines are drawn as Yolande is unhappy over Elaine trying to take over the choir.
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    denise is worrying about the wrong lady with jack

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