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Thread: Eastenders Spoilers 27th November - 1st December

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    Eastenders Spoilers 27th November - 1st December

    Its Karens birthday - but recent events come back to haunt her

    Jean worries as Stacey vows to face stalker Theo in court!

    Chaos erupts after one local discovers a shocking truth
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    Stacey Slater is shaken after Theo Hawthorne gets in contact with her, wanting to talk. The stalker and would-be rapist is up in court following the horrific attack on Stacey, that saw him left for dead.

    While Theo was trying to rape Stacey, Freddie Slater walked in to hear Stacey's screams and launched himself at Theo, whacking him around the head with an iron.

    After Eve Unwin helped Stacey stage the scene to make it look like Freddie retaliated against Theo in self-defence, Freddie escaped the law while Theo found himself facing prison.

    It's the day of Theo's plea hearing and although reluctant to come face-to-face with him, Stacey realises how worried her daughter Lily Slater is about Theo resuming his reign of terror.

    Deciding she needs to do something to insure he's put away, Stacey goes to the meeting.

    Steeling herself to play a part, Stacey lies to Theo that if he pleads guilty to the charges, they can finally be together after he's done his time.

    But she's left terrified by Theo's reaction...

    Has he put herself and her family in even more danger?

    Suki Panesar has been desperate to get out of her marriage to Nish Panesar ever since he returned from a long stretch in prison.

    Matters have been complicated after she fell in love with former lawyer Eve Unwin and Suki and Eve started a secret affair.

    Suki wasn't ready to come out publicly, leaving Eve frustrated that they couldn't be a proper couple.

    When Suki's son Vinny Panesar found out about the affair, he blackmailed her into dropping Eve but when he realised how unhappy his mum was, he encouraged her to follow her heart.

    After deciding to leave Nish and asking Eve to go with her, however, things have gone awry. When she finds out that newcomer Priya Nandra-Hart knows what she's been up to, she panics!

    Desperate to keep Priya quiet, she offers her ?2000 to keep what she knows to herself.

    Priya's no fool and realising she can get more out of Suki, she tells Suki if she adds another ?1000 on top, they have a deal!

    Thinking quick, Suki steals money from the family's call centre business and hands it to Priya.

    But Nish is watching the exchange...

    Karen Taylor is feeling more than a little flush after nabbing all the ransom money from baby Albie's faked kidnap!

    Her son Keanu Taylor is fuming that Karen has refused to give the money back to Albie's unwitting mum Sharon Watts and it's resulted in the pair of them falling out.

    When Mitch Baker arranges a surprise birthday party for Karen in the Queen Vic, she starts splashing the cash, leaving Mitch suspicious.

    He puts it to the back of his mind and concerned that Karen is still not speaking to Keanu, Mitch determines to reconcile them.

    The pair have a heart-to-heart and agree to put their differences aside but they're stunned when a surprise guest arrives at the party...

    It's Karen's brother-in-law Malcolm, who she and Keanu tricked into looking after Albie during the fake kidnap!

    Will the game be given away?


    Suki Panesar was left in a spin after Priya Nandra-Hart revealed that she knows her big secret - and wants cash to keep quiet!

    After stealing money from the call centre, Suki was confident she could buy her off but she didn't bank on husband Nish Panesar witnessing the exchange...

    When Nish intervenes, Priya thinks fast and claims that Suki was giving her money so she could get her own flat with daughter Avani Nandra-Hart, angry that she tried to interfere in their marriage.

    Much to Suki's dismay, Nish refuses to let her give Priya the money and Suki wonders where she'll get the funds to pay her off.

    After taking ?200 out of the Minute Mart till, Suki hands it over to buy herself some time. Priya insists she wants the full ?3000 or she's telling Nish everything.

    But Suki's world is about to fall apart spectacularly after her son Vinny Panesar realises there's money missing from the till and tells Nish.

    When Nish goes through the CCTV footage to find out who the thief is, his face darkens as he sees footage of Suki kissing Eve...

    Stacey Slater is in turmoil ahead of stalker Theo Hawthorne's plea hearing.

    She's on tenterhooks to know what he'll say after trying to lure him into pleading guilty, faking that she'll be his girlfriend after he gets out of prison if he does the time.

    Theo has been up on a charge following the incident where Theo tried to rape her and was hit over the head with an iron by Freddie Slater, after Stacey and Eve Unwin staged the scene to make it look like Freddie had acted in self defence..

    When Stacey reveals that she's decided to go to the plea hearing, her worried mum Jean Slater insists that it will be bad of Stacey's state of mind. But Stacey makes it clear she would rather know what happens firsthand.

    Luckily, Stacey doesn't have to go to court alone, as copper Jack Branning and ex-hubby Martin Fowler go along to support her.

    Will Theo fall for Stacey's manipulation or will he continue to torture her?

    Karen Taylor and Keanu Taylor are in shock following Karen's brother-in-law Malcolm's appearance at Karen's surprise birthday party!

    Malcolm innocently looked after Albie for Karen and Keanu, not realising that they'd involved him in a complicated fake kidnapping plot.

    Karen and Keanu cooked up the scheme to teach Sharon Watts a lesson when she planned to take Albie - who Keanu THINKS is his son - out of Walford. In fact, Sharon recently found out that there's no way Keanu could be Albie's father...

    The pair watch fearfully as Malcolm talks to Albie's mum Sharon Watts, who opens up about Albie's terrifying disappearance.

    Malcolm realises with growing horror that Karen got him involved in a kidnapping.

    Can Karen and Keanu force Malcolm to keep the truth from Sharon?


    Stacey Slater is severely shaken after attending Theo Hawthorne's plea hearing. The stalker was up in court after attacking her and trying to rape her. Against her mum Jean Slater's advice, Stacey attended court.

    To calm her nerves after the hearing, Stacey downs the drinks but soon she's very drunk and emotional! Ever since Stacey's stalker terror was revealed, local cop Jack Branning has been very supportive.

    Stacey and Jack share a grandchild, little Charli, and some early troubles over the baby's upbringing has seen them getting closer in recent months.

    When Stacey tearfully reveals she's still terrified about Theo, Jack takes her back to his. His ex - and his son Ricky Branning's mum - Sam Mitchell is currently staying at his house and raises an eyebrow when he brings her in.

    Sam points out that the Slaters are not a good family to get involved with but Jack brushes her concerns aside.

    Jack is hit by a bombshell when Stacey confesses that she planted a wrench on an unconscious Theo following the rape attack to make it look like he attacked Freddie first.

    Nish Panesar is filled with fury after seeing the Minute Mart CCTV footage where he witnessed his wife Suki Panesar kissing her secret lover Eve Unwin!

    Raging over the betrayal, he smashes up the shop then storms across the Square to confront Suki.

    Son Ravi Gulati sees Nish in a sate and quickly intervenes, taking him to Walford East to get cleaned up.

    After telling Ravi what Suki has been up to, he grimly insists he's going back home to find out the truth from his wife.

    Is Suki in danger?

    Keanu Taylor is getting edgy about the fact that mum Karen Taylor has kept the fake kidnap ransom money. The pair came up with a scheme to have Albie 'kidnapped' to stop Sharon Watts taking him out of the Square.

    Wanting to make things right by Sharon and worried that his access to baby Albie could be destroyed forever, his tells Karen she needs to return the cash.

    Karen's hatred of Sharon runs deep and she refuses to give back the money. When Mitch Baker interrupts the argument he wants to know what's going on, as Keanu makes a quick exit.

    Unable to hide the lies any longer, Karen admits to Mitch that she and Keanu staged the kidnap, leaving him stunned!

    Horrified by Karen's actions, he insists she give the money back to Sharon.

    Will Mitch talk her round?


    Stacey Slater is in bits after drunkenly admitting to copper Jack Branning that she planted evidence on would-be rapist Theo Hawthorne.

    She can't believe she let the truth slip out after guarding the secret so carefully!

    When stalker Theo got out of a stalking protection order by gaslighting the court into thinking he was in a relationship with Stacey, she told him she wanted nothing to do with him - EVER!

    A deluded and dangerous Theo was so incensed by Stacey's words that he vowed never to let her go, and he broke into her house and tried to rape her.

    When Freddie Slater walked in on the attack, already devastated about finding out his own father was a rapist, he saw red.

    A massive fight ensued and a raging Freddie ended up grabbing an iron and smashing Theo over the head, nearly killing him.

    Desperate for Freddie not to go to prison for attempted murder, Stacey and best friend Eve Unwin cooked up a scheme to plant a wrench on an unconscious and bloodied Theo, then claim that Theo attacked Freddie first.

    Jack is horrified by Stacey's confession and told her that because of his position, he'll have to tell his bosses the truth about Theo's attack.

    Explaining why they did what they did, she begs him to keep quiet for her sake.

    In recent months, Jack has softened towards Stacey and they have a real connection. Moved by her words, he reluctantly agrees to keep her bombshell secret.

    After a heart-to-heart about the past, Stacey is touched by Jack's support.
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    Exclamation EastEnders spoilers 27th November - 30th November 2023

    Monday 27 November 2023 at 19:30 (Tuesday 28 November 2023 at 19:00 on BBC One Northern Ireland)

    Priya warns Suki that she knows the truth. Suki offers ?2,000 in return for her silence. Priya ups the ante and demands ?3,000, threatening to grass Vinny up to Nish if Suki doesn't cooperate.

    Later, Suki hands Priya some stolen money from the call centre, but Nish is watching them.

    Meanwhile, Stacey is unsettled when Theo asks to meet on the day of his plea hearing. Stacey goes ahead with the meeting and tries to manipulate Theo into pleading guilty, claiming that she'll restart their 'relationship' once his sentence is over. Theo reacts badly and Stacey fears she has made things worse.

    Elsewhere, Mitch notices Karen splashing the cash at The Vic and wonders where she got the money from. Karen and Keanu worry when Malcolm visits The Vic for Karen's birthday party and Albie visibly takes a shine to him.

    Tuesday 28 November 2023 at 19:30

    Nish confronts Suki and Priya over their secret cash exchange, stopping it from going ahead. Priya covers for Suki, who then tries to pacify her with ?200 from the Minute Mart till. Priya makes it clear that she'll expose the truth unless Suki finds another way to come up with the cash.

    Later, Vinny informs Nish that the Minute Mart till is ?200 short. When Nish looks at the shop's CCTV, he finds footage of Suki and Eve kissing.

    Meanwhile, Stacey attends Theo's plea hearing and is supported by Martin and Jack as she waits for her stalker to give evidence.

    Elsewhere, Malcolm chats to Sharon during the party at The Vic and is disgusted to realise that he unwittingly played a role in Albie being kidnapped.

    Wednesday 29 November 2023 at 19:30

    Nish flies into a rage and smashes up the Minute Mart after discovering the truth about Suki and Eve.

    Ravi interrupts Nish and takes him to Walford East. After telling Ravi everything, Nish heads back home and is determined to find out the full truth.

    Meanwhile, Jack comforts a drunken Stacey after the plea hearing and takes her back to Number 27 to sober up. Jack is shocked when Stacey admits that she planted the wrench on Theo to cover up Freddie's attack on the villain.

    Elsewhere, Mitch overhears Karen and Keanu arguing about the ransom money and seeks an explanation. Once Keanu leaves, Karen tells Mitch the truth. Mitch insists that they have to give the money back.

    Thursday 30 November 2023 at 19:30

    Ravi is forced to make a choice.

    Meanwhile, Jack warns Stacey that he'll have to tell the authorities about her confession.

    When Stacey urges Jack to keep quiet, he changes his mind and agrees to protect her secret. The pair have a heart-to-heart and Stacey is touched by Jack's support.

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