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    Exclamation Casualty 2023

    Casualty is on an autumn break at the moment, but we've been told to expect it back very soon.

    Fans can rest assured that there is plenty of ED drama to come when the show does eventually return to screens ? from Charlie's exit, to a brand new story for Stevie.

    Here's our full guide to the stories the show has teased for the rest of this year, and into 2024...

    1. Charlie's exit

    It was a sad day for Casualty fans back in May when it was confirmed that Charlie Fairhead's time in the ED is coming to an end.

    Derek Thompson is leaving his role of Charlie after nearly four decades playing him, with his exit scenes due to air next year.

    Casualty's executive producer Jon Sen, explained: "Derek and I would often joke that, after such a long and dramatic career in the NHS, there was almost nothing that Charlie hadn't seen.

    "So it was an amazing surprise to me when Derek arrived with a brilliant idea for Charlie's exit as part of an upcoming storyline, which was too good to pass up."

    Digital Spy understands that Charlie's exit will be the culmination of a huge, new storyline, which will see his character back at the front and centre of the action.

    2. Zoe Hanna's return

    While fans will be saying a sad farewell to Charlie, there is still a lot to be excited about. Firstly, we have the return of popular doctor Zoe Hanna, who will be heading back to the show early in 2024.

    Zoe, played by Sunetra Sarker bowed out of the ED in 2016, before returning briefly in 2018, and is set to make another reappearance in the new year.

    Zoe's comeback is set to air over a special double episode and will coincide with Charlie's exit story.

    Confirming her Casualty return, Sunetra said: "I'm going back for a special double episode because our lovely Charlie who has been there forever is going to leave the show, she added.

    "So I'm going back to make sure I get my last little moment with him."

    3. Max's exit

    The end is also nigh for Clinical Lead Max Christie, as he's due to bow out of the show early next year.

    Nigel Harman confirmed back in September that he would be leaving his role as Max, and had already filmed his final scenes.

    "I left Casualty at the beginning of August", he explained. "I?m on screen until the end of February, and [I have] no plans to return at the moment."

    While little is known about the nature of his exit story currently, viewers know that Max has been diagnosed with kidney failure, and desperately needs a transplant to prolong his life. His final storyline is set to tie in with this, while simultaneously kicking off a new chapter on the the show.

    Both Nigel, and the show's current boss Jon Sen, have hinted that Max's daughter Jodie will be heavily involved in his final storyline.

    "Max, as we know, is having a bit of a health crisis", Nigel said. "His health, let's say, becomes very problematic. And his question is whether or not to accept help from Jodie, which he doesn't want to do.

    "It's that fight within him of whether or not he can allow someone else to help him, so we'll see what happens."

    4. Stevie's new story

    She's spent the past few months supporting best friend Faith but Stevie will have her own problems to deal with when Casualty returns.

    Sen, who is due to leave his role as Casualty's producer, has confirmed that some of the final episodes of his stint will focus around a big, new story for Stevie.

    Speaking to Radio Times about his final run, Sen said: "My final episodes will go out in 2024 and we come back on towards the end of the year with a really exciting storyline, which involves Stevie grappling with the PTSD she feels from her upbringing and that dovetails perfectly with an ongoing issue with the hospital.

    "It's a really exciting story that we're telling over the next, kind of, three months and that comes back towards the end of the year,"

    5. Rash and Rida's fake romance

    Rida stepped in to help Rash out earlier in the year, aware he was under pressure from his dad to find a girlfriend.

    While the pair's relationship has remained purely platonic so far, that could all be about to change.

    Discussing her new story, Sarah Seggari, who plays Rida, said to "It gets explosive right from the start, actually. Rida and Rash go on quite a big journey so you?ll have to watch.

    "I?m really excited to watch it because we filmed it so long ago and I?m way in the future of that storyline so it?ll be nice for everybody else to catch up with us and see what they think."

    6. New passion for Teddy

    Teddy is also one to watch over the coming months, as he could be set to embark on a new romance.

    Despite having recently proposed to girlfriend Paige, Teddy can be seen kissing Jodie in the show's latest trailer ? in a twist that is set to ruffle plenty of feathers.

    Teddy will also have to face the music where Jan is involved, having unwittingly reported her to the police while she was in Switzerland with Gethin.

    7. Jan's fate revealed

    On the subject of Jan, fans have been left on a bit of a cliffhanger in regards to her fate, as she was arrested in the show's final episode before it went on a break.

    Heartbreaking scenes saw Jan accompany her ex-husband Gethin to Switzerland, where he chose to end his life.

    Jan was arrested on her return to Holby, and quizzed extensively by the police, but what does the future hold for her now? All will soon be revealed.

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