Casualty will be airing its final episode of the series when it returns next week, and you may or may not be relieved to know that it doesn't involve a train crash this year. Or a helicopter crash. Or an ambulance crash. In fact, there so few bells and whistles in this one that you could easily forget it was a series finale at all.

As we return to the ED after a few weeks off air, Paige's story is revisited as Rash pushes for answers, while Sah makes a big decision about their future.

Here are the six biggest moments to watch out for:

1. Rash worries about Paige

Rash is concerned when Paige fails to turn up to work after getting her BRCA results.

He tries to contact her but gets no response, only to discover that Paige has spoken to Robyn.

2. Sah struggles with their parents relationship

Sah is struggling to live with parents Kevin and Jools following their reunion.

Teddy suggests Sah move out, but they want to protect their dad, having been a carer for so long.

Sah throws themself into work to distract from the stress, picking up a young woman Ayanna who was found collapsed after a party.

3. Rash is left devastated

When Robyn explains that Paige has the gene, Rash is devastated. He tries once again to contact Paige, but Robyn warns Rash to give her space.

Rash has no choice but to focus on work when troubled patient Hannah rushes in with her fianc? Ed.

4. Sah has a heart to heart with Jules

Sah is distracted when Jools arrives in the ED, wanting to talk.

Sah tentatively agrees to a chat, where Jools apologises for leaving, but insists she genuinely wants to try again.

The pair begin to thaw towards each other, only for situation to take a turn when Jools blames herself for what she sees as Sah?s gender dysphoria. Sah insists this is who they?ve always been, and walks away proudly.

5. Paige rejects Rash's help

Frustrated that Paige isn?t talking to him, Rash is distracted when a patient asks to help him die.

After an eye-opening shift, Rash tells Robyn that he?ll give Paige space, only bump into her outside the ED.

Still worried, Rash can?t help pressing Paige to make a medical plan. Paige, however, tells Rash that it?s not his decision to make, before walking away.

6. Sah makes a difficult decision

Sah later returns home to Kevin, who tells Sah he will end the relationship with Jules if it makes them happy.

Realising Kevin genuinely loves Jools, and wanting him to be happy, Sah gives their dad their blessing, but explains they?re moving out.