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Thread: Emmerdale Spoilers 15th - 19th August

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    Emmerdale Spoilers 15th - 19th August

    Will Naomi agree to give Dad Charles a second chance?

    Things look promising for Jai as he and Laurel reconnect

    Billy and Dawn receive some exciting news about the future
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    Charles certainly has changed his tune where his daughter Naomi is concerned.

    Last year he didn?t know she existed until his ex-wife Esme called to say that she had given birth to Naomi after they went their separate ways and later gave her up for adoption.

    Although Esme had reunited with Naomi years later, Charles decided he didn?t want to meet the daughter he never knew he had.

    But in June, when Esme called to say that Naomi had gone missing, the worried vicar decided to track her down. Things didn?t go well though?

    When Charles told Naomi that he wanted to get to know her and be part of her life, she replied by saying that she didn?t want anything to do with him and she was last seen leaving the village on a bus?

    Although Charles hasn?t heard from Naomi since then, his son Ethan (Emile John) has been in touch with her.

    Charles had no idea that Ethan had reached out to Naomi until last week when his son?s boyfriend Marcus Dean (Darcy Grey) accidentally revealed that the siblings were meeting up?

    When Ethan meets Naomi, he pleads with her to give their dad a second chance.

    But she?s got a lot of issues with Charles?

    After Ethan was born, Esme had post-natal depression and Charles had an affair which ultimately led to their break-up. She blames Charles for being adopted and missing out on being brought up by her biological parents and having a brother.

    But despite the issues she has with her dad, Naomi agrees to talk to him and Charles is pleased to get the chance to sort things out with her.

    The father and daughter meet in the village church but it?s not long before things get heated.

    By chance, Manpreet Sharma (Rebecca Sarker) is passing by and after hearing raised voices coming from the church she witnesses an angry and upset Naomi rush out?

    And when Manpreet goes inside to investigate, she?s horrified to find her partner lying unconscious on the floor.

    Shortly afterwards, when Naomi sees an ambulance hurtling towards the church, she returns to the scene wanting to know if Charles is okay, but she gets short shrift from Manpreet, who shouts at her to go away?

    When Ethan arrives on the scene, he?s not sure what to make of the situation when Naomi is arrested on suspicion of assault. And he?s further thrown when Manpreet compares Naomi to her twisted serial killer sister Meena!

    But did Naomi really attack Charles? Or is there another explanation for his injuries?

    In other news, estranged couple Jai Sharma (Chris Bisson) and Laurel Thomas (Charlotte Bellamy) decide to give their relationship another go and share the news with their kids.


    A few weeks ago, Billy and Dawn were thrilled to hear that Social Services had decided to let young Clemmie (Mabel Addison) live with them.

    Clemmie is the daughter of Dawn?s drug addict friend Beth who died from a drugs overdose a few weeks ago.

    When Dawn went to the funeral, she was reunited with another drug addict friend Jade and ended up going to her place afterwards?

    After an altercation with a deeply unpleasant man who came to the house demanding money, Dawn decided that it was no place for a child and took her back to the village.

    Billy got a shock when Dawn turned up with Clemmie and told her that she needed to contact social services, but before he could convince her that it was right thing to do, the decision was taken out of their hands when Harriet (Katherine Dow Blyton) alerted the authorities and Clemmie was taken into their care.

    Dawn was heartbroken to lose Clemmie and she got a further shock when she discovered that the girl?s dad was her ex Alex (Liam Boyle), who?s also the father of her son Lucas.

    Realising that Lucas and Clemmie are half-siblings, Dawn got teary when she thought how nice it would be for the half-siblings to live together.

    Seeing her upset, Billy took it on himself to call social services and enquire about him and Dawn getting custody of Clemmie. But they hit a hurdle when they were told that they would have to get Alex to agree to it.

    Given their past dealings with Alex, the couple didn?t hold out much hope, but decided that they at least needed to give it a try?

    When Billy and Dawn went to see Alex at the prison where he?s doing time, he refused outright to let them foster Clemmie.

    But after a few choice words from Billy, Alex soon changed his mind?

    Later the couple were beyond surprised when Social Services called to say that Clemmie was being returned to their care?

    With Clemmie?s return just around the corner, Dawn and Billy decide to tell Lucas that his sister is coming to live with them.

    Will he be as pleased as Billy and Dawn are?


    It?s been a bit touch and go, but Dawn and her husband Billy (Jay Kontzle) have finally got young Clemmie living in the family fold.

    If it had been up to Dawn, she would have had the little girl living with them weeks ago.

    Dawn found the little girl after she went to the funeral of her drug addict friend Beth, who had died of an overdose, and went back to the house of another addict friend, Jade.

    When she got there, Dawn was shocked to find Clemmie sleeping in a dog bed!

    After Jade got high and an unpleasant character turned up demanding money, Dawn decided that it was no place for a child and took her home.

    But when Harriet Finch (Katherine Dow Blyton) found out what Dawn had done, she insisted that she went through the official channels if she wanted Clemmie to live with her full-time.

    And when we say insisted, we mean she phoned Social Services herself!

    After Clemmie was taken into care, Billy got the ball rolling for fostering her in the Fletcher home, but he and Dawn faced a bit of an obstacle when they had to get Clemmie?s dad Alex, who?s also Dawn?s ex and the father of her son Lucas (Noah Ryan Aspinall), to agree to it.

    Later, Billy and Dawn were thrilled when Social Services told them it was all systems go on the fostering front, and that?s great news for Lucas, who?s now got a sister that he never knew existed until quite recently.

    But now that Clemmie is living with the Fletchers, she?s struggling to settle in with her new family.

    After having to coax a shy Clemmie away from her social worker?s side, Dawn and Billy are left hoping that things will improve.

    There are some encouraging signs when Lucas manages to get his sister to come out of her shell, but tensions soon run high when Clemmie panics that she?s lost her doll.

    Dawn soon realises that she?s going to have to take things slowly with Clemmie.

    Looks like it?s going to take some time and a bit of work to make the youngster feel at home and part of the family?


    When Charity told Mackenzie that she was pregnant a few weeks ago, he was devastated to learn that she was planning to have an abortion, citing her age and her troubled relationships with her kids as reasons for not wanting to be a mum again.

    But after Mack made an impassioned plea for Charity to keep the baby, she agreed to see through the pregnancy.

    As Mackenzie enjoys his new role as a father-to-be, he?s touched when his sister tells him he?s going to be a great dad, but he?s unaware of the tragedy that?s beginning to unfold at home as Charity collapses in pain on the floor?

    When Mackenzie finds Charity, he rushes her to hospital.

    But while Charity thinks that it may be too late, Mackenze?s optimistic that the baby is going to be okay.

    The couple try to hide their fears when a doctor takes them to the Early Pregnancy Unit where they face an anxious wait to find out what?s happened?

    And they are devastated when they eventually learn that the pregnancy is ectopic and therefore not viable.

    Mack?s heartbroken as he and Charity hear the heartbeat of the baby they are destined to lose.

    As the shell-shocked couple are left alone to process the devastating news, an emotionally drained Charity psyches herself up for what must happen next?

    Later, Charity?s grateful for Mackenzie?s support but it soon becomes clear that he isn?t as okay as he?s making out?

    Clemmie (Mabel Addison) has spent her first night in her new home with foster parents Dawn (Olivia Bromley) and Billy Fletcher (Jay Kontzle).

    With the young girl struggling to settle in, Dawn's feeling drained so she?s grateful when Kim Tate (Claire King) offers to take Clemmie and Lucas (Noah Ryan Aspinall) out for a while.

    As Kim takes the kids to the playground, Dawn heads to the caf? where she encounters Harriet Finch (Katherine Dow Blyton).

    When Dawn first turned up in the village with Clemmie, Harriet made a call to Social Services which resulted in the little girl being put into care.

    Dawn was furious and has barely spoken to Harriet since.

    But when they bump into each other in the caf?, the village bobby is encouraged when there seems to be a slight thawing of tension between her and Dawn.

    Later, when Dawn arrives the playground with Billy, she begins to regret leaving Clemmie and Lucas in Kim?s care when she finds Clemmie in tears and Lucas with a nasty scratch!

    What happened there then?

    In other news, Jacob Gallagher (Joe-Warren Plant) gets his A-Level results which turn out to be excellent, so he won?t have any trouble getting into a university.

    Trouble is, he doesn?t want to go. Can anyone change his mind?

    Meanwhile, as Sandra Flaherty (Joanne Mitchell) continues to blackmail Rishi Sharma (Bhasker Patel) over their recent night of passion, a suspicious Mandy Dingle (Lisa Riley) is still on the case of the missing money at the salon and attempts to solve the mystery once and for all?


    Charity and her partner Mackenzie Boyd (Lawrence Robb) wake up to a new day following a traumatic and heartbreaking turn of events less than 24 hours before.

    Charity and her partner Mackenzie Boyd (Lawrence Robb) wake up to a new day following a traumatic and heartbreaking turn of events less than 24 hours before.

    As Mackenzie was getting used to the idea of becoming a dad, his pregnant partner Charity suddenly collapsed in pain at home and had to be rushed to hospital where the couple were heartbroken to discover that the pregnancy was ectopic and therefore not viable.

    After returning to the village, Mackenzie put a brave face on things as he had to come to terms with fact he wasn?t going to be a dad after all, but it soon became clear that he wasn?t as fine as he was making out.

    It seems to be a completely different story for Charity following the traumatic events of the day before?

    After she found out that her pregnancy was ectopic and that she would have to lose the baby, you would think Charity might want to take some time out to take stock and reflect on what has happened.

    But no. Charity makes it clear that she?s dealing with the loss of her pregnancy by moving on with normal life.

    That could be easier said than done though. Maybe she?s not as fine as she?s making out as well?

    Meanwhile, Chas Kirk (Lucy Pargeter) finds herself torn between her desire for Al Chapman (Michael Wildman), her illicit lover who she dumped a few weeks back, and her responsibility to her dying mum Faith Dingle (Sally Dexter).
    Love many, trust few, always paddle your own canoe

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