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Thread: Emmerdale Spoilers 1st - 4th August

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    Emmerdale Spoilers 1st - 4th August

    Matty takes his chance to try to get revenge on Suzy

    Dawn and Billy make an important call to Social Services

    Vanessa is take aback when someone goes in for a kiss!
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    Quote Originally Posted by alan45 View Post
    Vanessa is take aback when someone goes in for a kiss!
    mary or charity?

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    Quote Originally Posted by lizann View Post
    mary or charity?
    Good call I thought Mary as well, although maybe a bit to old for Vanessa.

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    Leyla Cavanagh was once a competent, level-headed business woman who had tons of mates and a strong marriage behind her.

    But since the wedding planner got into coke, bit by bit she's become a totally different person. And not a nice one at that.

    Now totally dependant on drugs, Leyla's become a hard-nosed nightmare who's high as a kite and chucking money around one minute, and grumpy and mean the next.

    Her doctor husband Liam still has no idea his wife's become addicted to drugs and Leyla is desperately hoping that David, her ex who caught her taking coke, will keep quiet.

    At Take A Vow, which is on the slide thanks to Leyla's addiction, profit margins are dwindling and clients have been leaving. Sloppy Leyla's at the heart of the problem but can't see it.

    Without a flicker of regret or remorse, Leyla tells her long-term business partner and best mate Priya that she's fired!


    Later, Leyla is absolutely buzzed when Will Taylor comes to her to ask if she can resume planning his wedding.

    Leyla had previously been hired by his fianc?e Kim Tate but got sacked when she failed to live up to Kim's expectations.

    Lydia Dingle was drafted into to replace Leyla but with no real experience behind her, apart from planning her own wedding, not to mention how demanding Kim is, she's really struggled.

    It's a triumphant moment for Leyla who shows no humility about the matter whatsoever.


    Faith Dingle isn't going to let terminal cancer get in the way of what she wants to do with her days.

    Having brewed up a secret plan, Faith recruits her grandson Nate's help. She needs a driver.

    As dolled up Faith and Nate head out of the village, Chas is suspicious and knows only too well her mum must be up to something.

    After refusing to explain herself to Nate, Faith finally comes clean when they draw up outside a random house?

    Nate's aghast as his gran tells him the house was owned by her dead stepdaughter Eileen, and that inside the property is a box belonging to Faith which she's determined to retrieve.

    Faith rocks up to the door bold as brass and blags her way inside. From the car, Nate watches on and is shocked when Faith's promptly ejected by Eileen's widowed husband Angus.

    The Dingle gran returns to the car empty-handed but vows to return and pull off the plan.

    At Take A Vow, Leyla is thrown when her dealer Callum offers her cash to store drugs on the office. It's the last thing the addict needs lying around ? nor is it legal ? but the business is struggling and Leyla finds herself accepting the dodgy deal.

    Up at Home Farm, Dawn is still in bits about Clemmie being taken into care and just can't get over it. She feels she's let down Clemmie's mum Beth who recently died and was Dawn's best friend.

    Wanting to help, Dawn's dad Will suggests she gets on to social services for an update.

    Later, having made the call, Dawn has shocking news to share with her husband Billy.

    She's found out Clemmie's dad is her jailed ex Alex? which makes Clemmie Dawn's son Lucas' sister!

    Dawn is utterly crushed to realise Alex and her best friend Beth slept with each other behind her back.


    Faith Dingle's first attempt to retrieve a box from her dead stepdaughter Eileen's house may have failed but she's not given up on the idea.

    Bypassing naysayer Nate ? who saw his gran get turfed out Eileen's angry widowed husband Angus ? Faith returns to the property alone? and in disguise!

    Pretending to be a photographer from an estate agency, Faith blags her way in and is elated to find what she's looking for.

    Faith dashes out just as Angus twigs who she really is and chases her down the drive!

    Meanwhile, having worked out where Faith has gone, Cain and Nate pitch up just as the Dingle nan is pegging it!

    What's inside Faith's bag?

    With Dawn Fletcher having found out that Clemmie ? the little girl who she saved from a drug den ? is her son Lucas' half-sister, she's more determined than ever to break her out of care.

    Her husband Billy was utterly shocked when Dawn discovered her dodgy ex, Alex, was Clemmie's father which meant Clemmie is Dawn's son Lucas' half sister!

    It's a tough position for Billy. He's desperate to have kids of his own with Dawn who's not on the same page.

    Dawn's utterly blown away when her husband sits her down and tells her he's called social services to say they want to apply for custody of Clemmie.

    Billy and Dawn agree that they need to visit Alex in prison to try to get his consent.

    At Take A Vow, a dodgy chain of events is unfolding.

    Leyla's horrified when Callum rocks up with the drugs he's arranged to store in the office. The stash is a lot bigger than the dealer had said but Callum doesn't care.

    Suzy happens to be passing and is shocked to see dealer Callum hanging about.

    Worried for Leyla, who she's no longer talking to, asks Callum if Leyla's still scoring from him.

    Meanwhile, from afar, Matty is watching Suzy and becomes convinced he's seen her buying drugs.

    Still boiling with rage over Suzy's link to his sister Holly's overdose death, Matty resolves to take revenge.

    Later, when the coast is clear, Matty sneaks inside Take A Vow and on searching the place, finds Callum's huge stash of cocaine.

    On a whim, panicking Matty grabs it and vanishes?


    At the Hide, party-goers are in fancy dress as it's Rhona's hen do.

    Matty Barton is working at the event but he's finding it hard to concentrate as all he can think about is getting revenge on Suzy who he blames for his sister Holly's overdose death.

    Having found drugs in Take A Vow, Matty's assumed Suzy's linked and plants them in her car. All he needs to do now is tip off the police.

    Matty's furious when he notices Suzy's arrived at the hen do.

    He's livid that she's dared to show her face and makes it clear she's not welcome at the party.

    Moira Dingle is astonished when she finds her usually mild-mannered son Matty laying in to Suzy. But Moira doesn't know the half of it.

    When humiliated Suzy heads off in her car, Matty surreptitiously calls the police?

    Will Suzy get caught with the stash?

    Will Matty find out he's made a grave mistake and messed with dodgy dealer Callum who paid Leyla to hide his coke at Take A Vow?

    Vanessa takes a breather from the hen do fun and has a heart-to-heart with Rhona's mum Mary.

    As Mary reveals she's a lesbian, she mistakes Vanessa's kindness for something else and tries to kiss her.

    Elsewhere, Faith Dingle has the time of her life as she and her kids, Cain and Chas go through the box of memories she stole from her stepdaughter's place.

    As the trio fall about laughing over old stories and photographs, Faith's delighted that her cunning plan paid off.

    But Faith might be about to find out that the police are none to happy with her exploits?

    At the prison, Dawn and Billy pay a visit to Alex, Dawn's ex.

    He's surprised to hear Dawn knows he slept with her best mate Beth who went on to have his child Clemmie before she died.

    The couple want his consent for them to apply for custody of Clemmie so they can raise her with Lucas, Dawn and Alex's son.

    Alex refuses at first but after Billy loses his cool with him he relents.

    Dawn's relieved but she knows there's always a catch with Alex who has a smug smile on his face as he heads back to his cell?


    With Rhona Goskirk's wedding to Marlon looming, love is at the forefront of her mind.

    She may have found her one-true love but her mum Mary, who recently revealed she is gay, hasn't been so lucky.

    To add to Mary's misery she's mortified to have tried to plant a kiss on Vanessa during a misconstrued moment at Rhona's hen do.

    As the mother and daughter have a heart-to-heart, Rhona's heartbroken by Mary's story.

    Romance is also on Suzy's mind. She's still madly in love with Vanessa but is convinced she's ruined what they had and will never get the vet back in her life.

    Is it really over for the pair?

    Elsewhere, Cain reaches out to Liam who needs his help.
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    Matty gets Suzy arrested?

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    Quote Originally Posted by tammyy2j View Post
    Matty gets Suzy arrested?
    If she does will she spill the beans on Leyla

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