Casualty isn't on tonight (July 9), but don't worry, as it will be back next Saturday (July 16) with a high-stakes double episode.

The scenes will see David search for answers when he fears he's the target of an explosion ? which leaves Jan fighting for her life. Meanwhile, Robyn makes a life-changing decision and Stevie grows closer to Marty.

Here's a full collection of the nine biggest moments coming up:

1. David saves the day

David avoids other residents as he carries an unopened evidence box into his new flat, desperate not to be recognised.

When he receives a threatening phone call, David's paranoia sets in, just before an explosion tears through the block of flats.

With the help of fellow resident Callum, David slips into nurse mode and helps to save several injured residents trapped with him in the building.

2. David fears he's being targeted

As the paramedics take over, a grateful Callum reassures David that the residents will always have his back. However, when Jan suggests the gas explosion was caused by someone tampering with the gas, David confides his fears the explosion was aimed at him.

David later collects his belongings, including the unopened evidence box, while Callum follows Lyra's dog into the unstable building ? before collapsing in pain.

Despite the imminent danger, David and Jan follow him in, only for part of the building to collapse on them.

3. Jan is left fighting for her life

Trapped, David and Jan struggle to stabilise Callum as Iain and the fire service fight to get safe access.

Determined not to let Callum die, David performs an emergency tracheotomy and saves his leg with Jan's help. As an emotional David opens up about his feelings of guilt, Jan helps him realise that he is not to blame for Ollie's actions.

Iain is eventually able to rush Jan to the ED, but she quickly loses consciousness. Ethan fights to stop the bleeding, as Callum attempts to reassure David that the explosion wasn't his fault. But will Jan be okay?

4. Stevie gets a shock

Stevie is annoyed that Marcus accidentally called her Emma, and decides she's going to distance herself from him.

This doesn't go entirely to plan though as Marcus is soon arriving in the ED as the new management consultant.

Stevie tries to ignore him and focus on treating her patient, Lyra.

5. David makes a disturbing discovery

At the end of the day, David finally opens the evidence box to find happy memories of Ollie as a child.

However, as David opens one of the notebooks, his expression turns to one of horror. What has David discovered?

6. Stevie grows closer to Marcus

In Resus, Stevie is forced to make a difficult decision when Lyra needs an urgent fasciotomy. With no theatres available, Stevie decides to do the procedure herself, angering her nemesis Jonty again in the process.

When a furious Jonty makes a complaint against Stevie, she retaliates by accusing him of being incompetent ? humiliating him in front of the team.

This time, Marcus intervenes, much to Stevie's surprise. Stevie is relieved when Marcus announces he will investigate Jonty's performance, and feeling grateful, she invites him back to hers.

7. Adi and Marty get disappointing news

Adi and Marty are disappointed when Robyn tells them she can't go through with the surrogacy after all.

Robyn explains, that while she is tempted by Adi's offer of free accommodation, she has to prioritise Charlotte.

8. Paul makes a mistake

Paul gears up to declare his love for Robyn, but they fall out over their differing opinions on the surrogacy.

Paul can't get behind Robyn's consideration, and even accuses Marty of guilt-tripping her into it.

Later, Paul tries to make amends with Robyn for how he handled the situation and explains how he feels about her, but is it too late?

9. Robyn makes a life-changing decision

Despite Paul's apology, Robyn isn't interested and makes it clear that she and Charlotte need someone who will be there for them no matter what.

Robyn then ends her relationship with Paul, and later tells Marty and Adi that she will be their surrogate after all.

Casualty airs these scenes on Saturday, July 16 on BBC One.