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Thread: Ravi Gulati (Aaron Thiara)

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    Ravi Gulati (Aaron Thiara)

    Aaron Thiara will be joining the cast of #EastEnders as Ravi Gulati, the son of the Panesar?s family friend, Ranveer. Viewers first met Ravi in tonight?s episode as Phil made an enemy in prison and turned to fellow inmate Ravi for help. It quickly became apparent he has a connection to the Square as he asked Phil for information on Kheerat, but his intentions are still unclear?

    Despite Ravi?s charming and charismatic exterior, he is willing to do whatever it takes to get what he wants with no fear of the consequences. With his time in Her Majesty?s Pleasure soon coming to end, Ravi will reunite with his father to help with the business but not all the Panesars will be pleased to see him? Ruthless and unpredictable, Ravi?s arrival will shake the Square but who will get caught in his vicious crossfire?

    On joining EastEnders, Aaron Thiara said: ?My heart is filled with immense gratitude to be joining such an iconic show, working alongside a stellar cast and a remarkable production team. It?s a very proud moment for me and my family. This is a wondrous opportunity to approach as an actor, and I can?t wait for people to meet Ravi on screen and witness his roller-coaster of a journey!?

    Chris Clenshaw, Executive Producer, added: ?Ravi is captivating, cunning and dangerous, and can go from pleasant to menacing with very little warning ? unlike Aaron who?s a wonderful addition to the EastEnders cast. We?re all excited to see Aaron bring the character to life and there?s plenty of drama and shocking twists in store ? wherever Ravi goes, trouble follows.?

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    as in prison did he kill jags

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    Ravi and Kheerat enemies

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