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Thread: Emmerdale Spoilers 11th - 15th July

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    Emmerdale Spoilers 11th - 15th July

    Dawn receives some upsetting news about an old friend

    Priya and Suzy prepare for the local showcase

    Liv hopes to help Sandra and even manages to get her a job
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    When Moira Dingle's daughter Holly died of a heroin overdose in 2016, the mum's world fell apart. Moira found Holly dead in her bedroom but has never managed to piece together exactly what happened that fateful night.

    But there's someone under Moira's very nose who knows quite a lot about it - Vanessa's girlfriend Suzy.

    Suzy couldn't believe the coincidence when she discovered Holly, a photographer she used for events, was Moira's daughter. Worse still, the party planner realised that the night Holly died, she'd given her money for drugs.

    Leyla's the only one who knows Suzy's guilty secret and she's desperate for it to stay that way.

    But the terrible truth emerges during a showcase at the HOP when a photo of Holly accidentally appears on the big screen.

    Moira's astonished and is desperate to know why Suzy and co have got an image of Holly which she spots must have been taken the night her daughter died.

    Suzy goes into panic overdrive and splutters out a cover story in the face of Moira's questions. But her girlfriend Vanessa isn't fooled.

    Later, backed into a corner, Suzy's forced to tell Vanessa the truth. The village vet reels as Suzy explains. She can't believe her ears as her girlfriend admits she dabbles in drugs. Vanessa feels sick as Suzy opens up about Holly. In an instant, everything has changed and Vanessa is left feeling as if she has no idea who she's been dating.

    When Moira arrives, Suzy worries she's overheard their conversation. But Moira hasn't and is there to apologise?

    Vanessa's disgusted when Suzy fails to use the moment to come clean? will she tell her mate Moira herself, or keep quiet for Suzy?

    Elsewhere, Liv pushes her mum to get talking and finds out Sandra owes some bloke called Terry a whopping ?4K. And at Home Farm, Amelia spots a visiting order Gabby's been sent and pockets it, planning to visit Noah herself.


    Having pocketed a visiting order Gabby received from Noah, Amelia Spencer sneaks off to visit the banged-up Dingle.

    Noah's totally baffled to find Amelia sitting across from him rather than Gabby.

    She's gone to great lengths to get there... but why? What's the teen up to now?

    Though Liv and Vinny aren't sure whether they can trust Sandra their hands are tied when dodgy Terry turns up demanding his money.

    As the saga unfolds, Liv steps forward to save her mum's skin when Terry starts putting pressure on her to pay him back.

    Sandra's relieved when Liv dips into her savings to clear her mum's debts.

    After Terry disappears off with the cash, is that the last they'll see of him? Has Liv done the right thing in helping her mum?

    Elsewhere, smitten Laurel's chuffed when Rhona mentions Marlon's physio Kit is coming to the house and conspires to "casually" run into him.


    It's a brilliant week for Marlon Dingle who's recovery is going from strength to strength.

    Overcoming the awful after-effects of his stroke is giving Marlon a huge boost in confidence and happiness.

    In a bid to move forward and focus on the future, Marlon calls round his best mate Paddy.

    The vet is thrilled when Marlon proudly and clearly asks him to be his best man when he marries Rhona!

    In the HOP, Lydia works her magic on monosyllabic teen Amelia and manages to get her talking.

    As Amelia mentions boy trouble, Lydia tries to boost her confidence and give her a bit of advice about the dating game. But a sermon from vicar Charles later undoes the Dingle's good work?

    Elsewhere, Liv's pleased to see her mum Sandra is feeling less stressed now her debt has been paid and Terry's off her back. Is Sandra on board when her daughter suggests she could find her a job?

    Dawn talks to Kim Tate about some bad news which has really shaken her. A best friend from her former druggie days has died. It's not lost on Dawn that it could have easily been her if she hadn't cleaned up her act and quit taking drugs.


    Having learned an old friend has died, Dawn Fletcher isn't sure she should go to the funeral.

    Beth was a good mate in the old days, but while Dawn walked away from drugs and left that world behind her, choosing to focus on raising her son Lucas instead. Beth stayed put and now she's dead.

    After a chat with her husband Billy, former addict Dawn finds the strength to turn up to pay her respects.

    Before long she's run into another friend, Jade, who's keen to reminsce.

    Fighting her fears, Dawn agrees to go back to Jade's place for a bit.

    As Dawn takes in her mate's shabby surroundings she's taken aback by the sight of a little girl. Horrified Dawn learns Clemmie is Beth's daughter who clearly has no idea her mum has died.

    When a dodgy-looking bloke turns up, Dawn decides she's getting Clemmie out of there no matter what.

    Billy's stunned when his wife returns to the village hand-in-hand with a little girl. As Dawn tells him what happened, Billy insists she goes through the proper channels and calls social services? but Dawn's had her fill of the care system and isn't up for that at all?

    Jimmy's back from his haulage job and Nicola knows she needs to tell her husband what's been going on in his absence.

    Though Nicola tries to avoid the conversation the truth ends up tumbling out.

    Horrified to hear what his deeply troubled wife's been going through, Jimmy vows to be there for her.

    Feeling stronger, Nicola decides she's going to take action to try to find her attackers and posts the video of the ordeal on social media?

    Elsewhere, Matty struggles with a guilty conscience.


    Nicola King was once one of the feistiest women in the village. But her ordeal at the hands of a gobby group of girls who beat her black and blue has changed all that.

    The mum has been going through hell since the attack and has become a terrified prisoner in her own home.

    But Nicola's behaviour has told its own story and her family and friends are now aware and ready to help and listen.

    Bolstered, Nicola has felt strong enough to try to fight back and find her assailants herself. And posting the video of her ordeal on her social media pages seemed a good place to start.

    As the post gets shared and starts racking up views, Nicola is soon has a name to go on.

    Will PC Swirling act on the information?

    Over at the salon, it's trainee Sandra's first day. Bernice fumes when she's charged with showing Liv's dodgy mum the ropes. How will Sandra get on?
    Love many, trust few, always paddle your own canoe

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    pregnant amelia?

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