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Thread: Emmerdale Spoilers 4th - 8th July

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    Emmerdale Spoilers 4th - 8th July

    Charles attempts to locate a missing family member

    Cain promises to step up for Faith at her next appointment

    Liv's stunned by a surprise visitor - will they cause trouble
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    When the Dingle family were still in the dark about Faith's terminal cancer it was Moira who was there for her mother-in-law.

    Moira cared for Faith, ferried her to appointments and guarded her secret which put her in all sorts of tricky situations with her loved ones.

    But now the truth is out there things are different. Well, they should be.

    With Faith's time ticking away, everyone's determined to spend as much time with her as possible ? apart from Cain.

    Cain just can't forgive Faith for what she put him and Chas through when they were kids no matter how ill she is.

    Chas despairs when her brother chooses to sup in the Woolie rather than go with Faith to the hospital for her scan.

    When Moira finds out her husband let Faith go to the hospital on her own she is livid.

    Having had enough of tip-toeing around Cain's issues with his mum she makes an impassioned plea for him to step up.

    Will Moira's words make a dent in Cain's armour-plated refusal to leave the past in the past?

    Elsewhere, it's ceasefire time for Charles and Ethan who've been rowing. But no sooner have father and son made up than fresh trouble lands in their laps.

    Ethan reels when he hears from his mum Esme that his sister Naomi ? who was given up for adoption at birth ? has gone missing.

    Racked with guilt, Charles prays for Naomi's safety and when Marcus unearths a photo of her online, the vicar sets off on a mercy mission to find his daughter.

    Secretly skint shopkeeper David reckons he's got a solution to his money problems. But his insurance claim, on the back of Nicola pranging into his van, isn't earning him any friends. Let's just hope they don't find out he's faking his injury?


    With his wife Moira's words ringing in his ears, Cain Dingle seems to be defrosting? Or is he?

    Faith Dingle is pleased as punch when her gruff son pitches up with a card his young son Kyle has made for his poorly gran who has recently told her loved ones she has terminal cancer.

    Later, in the Woolie Cain sits down with Faith and makes an attempt at conversation.

    While Moira's happy to see her husband making an effort with his mum, it's going to take Cain a lot more than a chat over a drink to impress his sister Chas.

    Chas soon has other things on her mind. Her heart's in her mouth when the doctor calls Faith wanting her to come in to discuss the results of her scan?

    Meanwhile, miles away from Emmerdale, Charles is scouring the streets for his daughter Naomi who was adopted at birth.

    He's never met her but Ethan's boyfriend Marcus has given him a photo of Naomi having found one online. But so far, vicar Charles hasn't had any luck with his search.

    Back in the village, Manpreet has returned from Ibiza and wants to see her boyfriend Charles. Ethan fills her in and wonders what it would be like to have a sister in his life.

    And Ethan might just find out as Charles eventually strikes lucky and clocks Naomi!

    She's working in bar and is clearly in the middle of an argument with her boss.

    Overwhelmed, Charles can't help but butt in. Naomi's stunned as 'stranger' Charles shoves her boss and announces he's her dad!

    How will she react?

    At the HOP, Amy reels when Matty blows up at her. As he snaps, sending a chair flying, Amy has no idea what's up with her boyfriend who's in a terrible mood.

    His mum Moira does though? What's eating Matty?


    Heartbreaking news about her mum's cancer pushes Chas Dingle to the brink and it seems Al's the only one who can take her mind off it.

    An appointment with Faith oncologist sends the married barmaid spinning. The scan results are in. Faith's chemo hasn't worked ? worse still, her cancer has spread.

    Chas, who's married to village vet Paddy, is absolutely broken by the news. And when Faith refuses to have any more treatment, she pleads with her mum to reconsider.

    Returning to the village, Chas hopes Cain will support her campaign to get Faith to continue with her cancer treatment. When her brother appears indifferent to the issue, Chas absolutely flips.

    Later, outside the HOP, Chas pounces on Al who is powerless to resist no matter the circumstances?

    Moira encourages her son Matty to tell Amy what's bothering him. And Priya must decide whether she's going to open Liam's eyes to his wife Leyla's lies.


    It's been a devastating time for the Dingle family after it was revealed that Faith's cancer had returned, but things were made even worse when Faith made the brave decision to no longer have treatment as the cancer had spread.

    In a field, Cain is privately reeling from the news and his wife Moira Dingle tries to convince him to reach out to his mum before it's too late, knowing that he'll have regrets if he never does.

    Soon enough, Cain asks Chas for a private chat and an emotional night occurs for the pair.

    Meanwhile, Faith tells the devastating news to her close friends Pollard and Brenda.

    An emotional and heartfelt night unravels as the three friends sit up late and Faith talks about all her regrets regarding Cain.

    While alone with Chas, Cain opens up about his past trauma and the damage Faith caused him.

    Chas realises Cain's real pain and the siblings bond as they reminisce through the night.

    After the touching chat, Cain agrees to make an effort to bond with Faith and they leave on good terms.

    However, has this made a difference to the tumultuous mother and son relationship?

    Concerned about his wife Leyla Cavanagh's behaviour, Liam questions her again and she uses grief over Leanna Cavanagh as a cover for her secret drug taking.

    However, Leyla is unaware that this has only fuelled Liam's worries and she panics when Liam suggests that he knows why she lied about drinking with Priya Kotecha the night before. He soon spills his thoughts, but what could it be?

    Later on, Leyla returns home to a sleeping Liam and places her bags of coke on the table, seemingly preparing herself to admit to her drug habit. But will she confess everything to her worried husband?


    Chas' grief over her mum Faith's secondary cancer diagnosis has pushed her into the arms of Al and what started out as a brief fling seems to be transforming into much more.

    In previous episodes, Al admitted to having feelings for Chas, but she soon denied having any feelings for him.

    Now that Faith has made the decision to stop her treatment, it's not long before Chas is running back to Al behind her husband Paddy Kirk's back.

    After bonding during an emotional night with her brother Cain, an excited Chas receives a message from Al and soon confirms the details of their secret meet-up.

    In a classic case of what appears to be enemies into lovers, a relationship starts to build. Will their affair be exposed anytime soon?

    Meanwhile, Liv Flaherty is stunned when her mum Sandra shows up seemingly wanting help with her drinking.

    However, with Liv struggling with alcohol issues in the past, is she the best person to help her mum with her alcoholism? And is Sandra really needing her help or has she got an ulterior motive?

    Sandra fled the village in 2021 after relapsing and soon realised that she couldn't look after Liv after she had a seizure when Liv went to visit her in Wales.
    Love many, trust few, always paddle your own canoe

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