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Thread: Eastenders Spoilers 4th - 8th July

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    Eastenders Spoilers 4th - 8th July

    Phil's time in prison quickly goes from bad to worse

    One resident is shocked by the arrival of family members

    Kathy attempts to ease tensions in the house
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    MONDAY. 7-30 pm

    There's trouble in store when Avery makes his explosive entrance to the Square in his flash car, which immediately causes a stir with the market traders.

    Wanting to build bridges with the residents and fix what he's done, Avery plans a gathering in The Vic and invites everyone along.

    Meanwhile, it's Mitch Baker's birthday and he is less than interested in celebrating the occasion. However, Karen Taylor drags him to The Vic for a celebratory drink.

    But the pair are stunned when they see Avery, Mitch's estranged big brother. How will the pair get along after years of not seeing each other?

    Meanwhile, Phil Mitchell makes a lethal enemy with another prisoner, Craig, and turns to fellow inmate Ravi for a burner phone.

    Ben Mitchell is torn when Phil calls and asks him for a favour, which leads him to tell all to mum Kathy Beale who is furious.

    Phil then calls Kat Slater but as they talk, the phone line goes dead.

    Back at the prison, Phil is embroiled in a huge fight with Craig, forcing the guards to intervene.

    He later meets with DCI Keeble who warns him that he won't survive much longer in prison and gives him 48 hours to make a decision on her offer. What will he do?

    In the meantime, it's the day of Denny's 16th birthday and Jada Lennox is puzzled when a package arrives for him.

    Sharon Watts opens the parcel and is touched by what she finds. What could be in the package and who is it from?

    Elsewhere, Stacey Slater is worried that Kheerat Panesar is ashamed of her and after talking to Eve Unwin, Stacey tests him by kissing him in the caf?.

    Seeing his mum Suki Panesar walk in, Kheerat pulls away, leaving Stacey devastated and believing he's embarrassed by her.

    A fuming Stacey has had enough and ends their relationship. Will Kheerat be able to make amends? How will Suki react?

    MONDAY 8-00pm

    With Phil and fellow prisoner Craig now mortal enemies and at violent loggerheads, Craig sends Phil a sinister threat ? he dies tomorrow.

    A desperate Phil turns to Ravi and offers to pay him to back him up. What will Ravi do?

    Meanwhile, Kat Slater is tense after the abrupt end to Phil's phone call yesterday and things take a turn for the worse when she's harassed by a mystery caller.

    Phil soon calls Kat for a favour and she's terrified when she receives another threat sent via her young son Tommy Moon.

    As the chaos unfolds, Sam Mitchell offers Kat some advice ? but will she want to hear it?

    Later on, Kat drops a bombshell when she visits Phil in prison. What could the revelation be and how will Phil react in this desperate time of need?

    Elsewhere, things are hostile at the Taylor house as Avery Baker impresses Mitch Baker's family, but Mitch refuses to bury the hatchet and fix their turbulent relationship.

    At The Vic, Mitch snaps at Avery, telling him that he wasn't there for him when he needed him.

    A guilty Avery apologises and asks a hesitant Mitch to help him with a job. Will he agree and help his big brother despite their rocky past?

    In the meantime, Eve Unwin tells off Kheerat Panesar for his behaviour towards Stacey Slater after backing away from their kiss.

    Soon enough, Suki Panesar arrives with Nina and reveals that she's engaged to Ranveer.

    Also, Janine Butcher is annoyed when Mick Carter supports ex-wife Linda before her meeting with the social worker after baby daughter Annie was in the back of the car when Janine crashed it.

    Janine fabricated the crash to make it look like Linda had been drunk driving and with no memory of the crash, Linda is now trying to convince the social workers that she can be trusted with Annie.

    Later on, Linda shares the news that Annie is staying with her but her happy spark is soon blown out when Sonia Fowler makes a dig.


    Phil Mitchell is in grave danger as his feud continues with fellow prisoner Craig, who warns Phil that his time is coming to an end.

    DCI Keeble speaks to Phil and ruins his hopes of any backup, which leads to Phil asking Sharon Watts to come and visit him.

    As reality sets in for Phil, he gives Sharon five letters for her and his family. Realising what's going on, Sharon begs him to take Keeble's deal, but Phil refuses.

    At the prison, Craig and his men arrive for Phil. Is this officially the end of Phil? Or will he take Keeble's deal and save himself?

    Meanwhile, Karen Taylor encourages Mitch Baker to give his estranged brother Avery a chance with the job. However, Mitch is convinced that Avery has an ulterior motive.

    Avery arrives with a van of white goods and promises Mitch that it's genuine, convincing him to do the job.

    After, Mitch discovers that it was actually a dodgy job and Avery had lied to him. This is the final straw for Mitch and he orders Avery to stay away from his family.

    Later, Avery shows up to talk to Mitch but he suddenly collapses. What's wrong with him?

    In the meantime, the opening night at Peggy?s gets underway...

    Elsewhere, Sharon tells Linda Carter that she doesn't have to prove herself following the car accident that was fabricated by Janine Butcher to make it look like Linda was drunk driving.

    Despite Sharon's words, Linda is determined to get back working behind the bar of The Vic again.

    Mick Carter eventually agrees but warns Linda that it will just be her and Janine as he's going to visit Zsa Zsa with Shirley Carter.

    How will the pair get on? Will Linda find out about Janine's wicked plan?


    Mitch Baker and the Taylors await news on Avery after his shock collapse.

    Concerned, Mitch calls up Avery's two sons, Finlay and Felix who show up to support their dad. But they soon drop the ultimate bombshell on the Taylor family. What could it be?

    Meanwhile, an anxious Sharon Watts waits for news on what's happened to Phil after their prison visit. Has Craig killed Phil? Were Sharon's pleas enough for him to take Keeble's deal?

    Elsewhere, Kathy Beale is struggling to keep her fractured family together as tensions rise between her grandson Peter Beale and son Ben Mitchell.

    Peter questions Jay Brown and Jay soon realises that Peter knows Ben attacked him.

    Jay then encourages Ben to tell him the truth and Ben is keen to make peace with Peter over the incident, but Peter has no interest in forgiving him. Will Peter come round and listen to what Ben has to say? Or will he report Ben to the police?

    In the past, Kathy has threatened to disown Peter if he goes to the police and reports Ben.

    Unbeknownst to Peter, Kathy has been supporting Ben after he was raped by Albert bar manager Lewis Butler (Aidan O'Callaghan), so has refused to do what Peter asked.

    But will Peter go against his grandmother's words and report him anyway?

    Elsewhere, with Mick Carter and Shirley Carter off to visit Zsa Zsa, Linda Carter and Mick's new squeeze Janine Butcher are left to work the bar at The Vic.

    But it seems that Linda Carter is enjoying getting back to where she belongs and having the opportunity to boss around her enemy Janine while the Carter clan is away.

    With the pair alone, could this be the time where the truth behind the car crash comes to light and Janine's vile scheme is exposed?
    Love many, trust few, always paddle your own canoe

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