It's double the drama in the ED next week, as Casualty is airing twice.

Next week's episodes will see Dylan try to support a grief-stricken David in the aftermath of Ollie's death, while Sah makes a shocking discovery.

Meanwhile, Stevie makes some questionable decisions after clashing with a new colleague.

Here's a full collection of the 10 biggest moments coming up:

1. Dylan supports David

David is struggling to come to terms with Ollie's actions and his subsequent death.

Worried, Dylan tries checking in on a grief-stricken David, whose house has been vandalised.

Dylan also rants to Faith and Stevie that the treatment David is receiving is unfair, but Faith doesn't agree. She thinks Dylan should consider the parents' point of view and believes the anger they are projecting onto David is justified.

2. David is in danger

As David watches old home videos of him and Ollie at the beach, a brick flies through the window. An angry mob demands David come outside, which he does.

Consumed with his own emotions, David confronts them and tells them to hurt him if it makes them happy. After a moment of hesitation, the mob attacks David, leaving him seriously injured.

He's taken into the ED, where Dylan and Jacob attempt to treat him in resus.

When David starts to crash, Dylan finds a bleed on the back of David's head. They manage to stabilise him, but it soon becomes clear that the problems are only just beginning.

3. Stevie is on a mission

When Dylan complains of having too many things to deal with, Stevie convinces him to hand over some of his workload to her.

Ethan sees through her altruism and realises she's trying to get closer to becoming a Clinical Lead.

Stevie later tries to convince Dylan to hand over his responsibilities while he's supporting David, only to be left furious when he gives the role to Ethan instead.

4. David sparks further concern

When David wakes up in hospital, he tries to leave, but Dylan forces him to stay. Dylan explains that he's seen a video of David deliberately putting himself up for a beating and is worried about his mental health.

David refuses to cooperate, and Dylan threatens to section him. However, when Dylan and Jacob are out of the room, David unhooks himself and leaves anyway.

5. Stevie clashes with a new colleague

At Stevie's request, Jonty ? the new anaesthetist ?joins her in resus but much later than she would have liked.

When the patient crashes because Jonty punctured his lung during treatment, Stevie stabilises him but chastises Jonty for his carelessness.

Jonty fires back and scolds Stevie for dragging him away from a grieving mother. Angry, he takes this one step further and reports back to Dylan.

At the end of the shift, Stevie confronts Jonty over his complaint to Dylan. Has she made a new enemy?

6. Rash and Marty team up

Paul spots an unattended child, Joey, standing in the ED. Joey explains that he has brought his pet gerbil in a box and tells Paul and Marty that he needs a doctor.

Marty gets Rash to look at the gerbil while Paul tracks down Joey's parents. Rash complains to Marty that the gerbil's dead, and he doesn't want to be the one to tell Joey. What will they do?

7. Stevie gets a blast from the past

As she sits at Emma's memorial bench on her birthday, an emotional Stevie is shocked to see Marcus ? her sister's fianc? approaching.

She's distracted when Dylan calls, wanting her to take charge of the ED for the day. Determined to prove she has what it takes to be Clinical Lead, Stevie throws herself into work and bonds with birthday girl Ivy, who has no memory of the fit that caused the car she was in to crash.

At the end of a difficult day, Stevie goes to the pub, where she sees Marcus again. Although she attempts to keep him at arm's length, Stevie becomes emotionally overwhelmed and ends up kissing him.

8. Sah opens up to Iain

Sah and Iain are tending to a car crash when Sah is shocked to hear someone calling them by their full name, Sarah. Sah quickly focuses on the job, only to find the woman ? Jools ? still waiting for them when they return.

When Jools tells Sah that she's moved back to Holby, Sah walks away, insisting they don't care.

Sah later tells Iain that Jools is their mum, who abandoned them years ago.

9. Sah makes a shock discovery

Jools makes another attempt to apologise, but an angry Sah pushes their mum away ? explaining that their dad is doing really well at the moment.

Iain questions whether Jools is back for Kevin and if this could be the reason why Sah's dad is so happy at the moment.

Sah doubts this is the case but decides to turn up at the restaurant their dad is currently at on a date.

Sure enough, Sah is left horrified when seeing Kevin and Jools laughing intimately together and realises their dad has been lying to them.

10. Stevie spirals out of control

Stevie takes her emotions out on Ivy's GP, accusing her of negligence. Spotting the commotion, Charlie steps in, but when Stevie inadvisably takes Ivy to see Marie's body, a concerned Faith confronts her.

Stevie turns on Faith, admitting it's Emma's birthday but insisting she has no choice but to work, given the male doctors have all taken leave for personal reasons.

When another patient is rushed in, Stevie throws herself into saving their leg, clashing with Jonty again.

Stevie is dismissive when Ethan turns up; there's been a complaint against her. Stevie initially assumes the complaint has come from the GP earlier, but how will she feel when she discovers who made it?

Casualty airs these scenes on Saturday, June 25, on BBC One. All episodes are available to stream on BBC iPlayer.