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Thread: Eastenders Spoilers 27th June - 1st July

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    Eastenders Spoilers 27th June - 1st July

    Someone has to choose whether to stick around Walford

    Kat and Sharon prepare for the grand opening of Peggy's

    One woman is left heartbroken by their husband's decision
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    Exclamation EastEnders 27th June June - 30th June 2022

    EastEnders has confirmed details of its schedule changes for Wimbledon 2022.
    The BBC soap will be moving over to BBC Two in the week commencing Monday, June 27, as the first Wimbledon matches will be airing on BBC One instead.
    As viewers know, schedule changes are not an uncommon occurrence when it comes to sport, especially over the summer.
    The good news, though, is that EastEnders will remain in its current 7.30pm slot, albeit on another channel.

    ⭐ Monday, June 27 ⭐
    Shirley announces war on the Mitchells, Suki sees a new opportunity for her family, and Bernie gives Rainie a sobering ultimatum about Roland.
    ⭐ Tuesday, June 28 ⭐
    Ash gives Suki some home truths. Karen attempts to get through to Stuart, but will it be enough? Stacey learns some interesting information.
    ⭐ Wednesday, June 29 ⭐
    Disaster strikes at the opening of Peggy?s as Shirley, Kat and Sharon find themselves in a precarious situation. Rainie is left heartbroken at the realisation of what she must do.
    ⭐ Thursday, June 30 ⭐
    Kathy grows ever concerned about Ben and talks to Jay about the situation. Eve senses a spark.

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    MONDAY 7-30 BBC 2

    Dotty Cotton has had a tricky relationship with the club ever since Sam Mitchell tried to fire her. With preparations full steam ahead for the reopening as 'Peggy's', Kat Slater and Sharon Watts are determined the first night will go to plan.

    Sam Mitchell, however, can't help but meddle even though she's been sacked as manager. When she starts ordering the staff around, Kat and Sharon give Sam a huge list of issues to sort in the hopes of keeping her busy.

    With the time ticking on, Sam gives Dotty the keys to the club as she heads home to get ready. A scheming Dotty hands the keys straight to Shirley Carter and tells her the coast is clear...

    Confident that everything is ready for a very grand opening, Sharon and Kat head to the club but are horrified by what they discover...

    Shirley has trashed the club for payback for all the times the Mitchells have hurt her family!

    A stunned Kat and Sharon are fuming as Shirley promises that she's only just getting started with her vendetta.

    But things take a horrifying turn when two men burst into the club with gun. As Kat, Sharon are confronted by them and Shirley takes cover a shot rings out...

    Ash Panesar is frustrated that her mum Suki Panesar is trying to run her life yet again after telling her she's got a job for her in the new GP surgery. Ash is determined to leave Walford, however, as she's got a job in Canada.

    Suki meets up with Nina to discuss finding Ash a job. When she finds out that Nina is dating Ranveer Gulati she's even more determined to get Ash to work there.

    A devastated Ash learns that her job in Canada has fallen through. When Suki gets home she tries to bribe Ash into taking the GP surgery job by offering her a new car!

    Bernie Taylor has had a change of heart about Roland's care after some wise words from Dotty Cotton.

    Rainie is delighted when Bernie reveals she can take Roland back but she hits her with a shock ultimatum. Bernie insists that if Rainie is to have the baby she must leave hubby Stuart Highway!

    Stuart is listening in on their conversation and to ensure Rainie keeps hold of her dream to be a mum, he tells her that their marriage is over.

    Also, Kim Fox encourages Howie Danes to do a Grime act for Lily Slater's birthday party but things don't go to plan!

    TUESDAY 7-30 BBC2

    Sam Mitchell strides into the club after a panicked call from Sharon Watts and Kat Slater. Inside, the pair are being held at gunpoint by two thugs.

    Shirley Carter is hiding and she puts in a call to Dotty. Meanwhile, Sam tells the thugs to pass on a message to Jonah but they have no interest in the threats.

    Forced to give in to their demands, Sam takes them to the safe so they can raid it. But soon the situation escalates and someone is shot!

    Rainie Highway is absolutely gutted that her husband Stuart Highway is fixed on ending their marriage. Despite her desperation, he packs his things to leave, insisting that it's the only way she'll be able to keep Roland.

    Karen Taylor is stunned to realise that Stuart would rather abandon his son and his marriage than take responsibility and she furiously confronts him. Patrick Trueman tries to calm her down, pointing out that the situation might be more complicated than she realises.

    Rainie makes plans to leave the Square with the baby. Meanwhile, Karen asks Stuart if he could have post natal depression. Karen's words hit Stuart hard but unable to deal with his feelings he snaps at Karen for interfering.

    Ash Panesar decides to sell the car that mum Suki Panesar gave her as a bribe and tells her she'll apply for the job at the GP surgery.

    Things take a tricky turn when Ash realises that Suki has been through her emails and she knows about the job in Canada.

    Suki wants the car keys back, furious with Ash for lying to her and she tells her to find her own job.

    When an upset Ash hits her with a few home truths before storming out, Suki has food for thought and opens Ash's laptop.

    What is she planning?

    Also, Kim Fox kisses Howie Danes but wonders whether she's really ready to move on from late husband Vincent Hubbard.

    WEDNESDAY 7-30 BBC 2

    Rainie Highway finds out that her husband Stuart Highway has been sleeping on the park bench all night, after packing his bags and leaving her.

    Still devastated that he won't confront why he's unable to bond with their baby Roland, Rainie is desperate to change his mind.

    Karen Taylor is also concerned that Stuart may be suffering from post natal depression and she and Rainie try to talk to him. But Stuart stubbornly refuses to listen to anything they've got to say.

    Realising that she has nothing left for her in Walford, Rainie packs her bags to leave with the baby. Karen tries one last time with Stuart, telling him it's now or never if he doesn't want to lose both Rainie and Roland for good.

    Will Stuart listen to Karen and finally admit his mental health troubles?

    Suki Panesar tries to brush off daughter Ash Panesar's fury over her meddling in her life yet again after Suki applies for the GP job for her!

    When Nina overhears Suki and Ash arguing about the job application they are forced to make up a cover story so she doesn't find out what's been going on.

    Meanwhile, Stacey Slater is looking forward to a bit more alone time with Kheerat Panesar in the empty house but it seems their plans for fun are about to be interrupted...

    Billy Mitchell has heard noises from inside the house and tips off Suki, who takes Ash and Eve Unwin along with her to double check.

    Hearing the women come in, Stacey thinks fast and hides behind a sofa. Kheerat is taken aback when he arrives at No.31 to find not Stacey, but Eve, his mum and sister!

    After making his excuses and leaving, Suki, Ash and Eve are left alone but with Ash still fed up with her mum, she storms out of the house.

    Suki confesses to Eve that she's struggling as her emotionally abusive ex is due out of prison. Stacey, still in hiding, is shocked by the news...

    Also, Kim Fox is awkward around Howie Danes after kissing him and backing off but will she make things right with him?


    Suki Panesar is grateful to Eve Unwin for listening to her troubles after admitting to her that her abusive ex is due out of prison soon.

    Meanwhile, Stacey Slater is keen to know more after overhearing their conversation and she grills Eve about what she knows.

    Eve agrees that Stacey should tell Kheerat Panesar, as he doesn't know that his dad's about to be released.

    After meeting Suki for lunch, Eve feels a spark between them. Not wanting Stacey to muck things up for her, she finds Stacey and asks her to hold off telling Kheerat about his dad.

    Wanting to spend more time with Suki, Eve heads to the Panesars' and as things seem to hot up between the pair, Eve leans in for a kiss...

    Will Suki respond or has Eve read the situation wrong?

    Ben Mitchell is back from his holiday with Jay Brown but it doesn't seem to have helped his mental state. Mum Kathy Beale realises that Ben is still struggling over his rape.

    As Ben half-heartedly prepares to take daughter Lexi Pearce to a Pride fair, Peter Beale drops off a box of lost property. When Lexi pulls out the shirt that Lewis was wearing from the night of the attack, Ben is horrified...

    Terrible memories of what happened come flooding back and in a panic he locks himself in the bathroom. Lexi is distraught over her dad's sudden outburst but Peter doesn't seem to care.

    Kathy rushes over and she is furious with Peter for not taking the situation more seriously. She insists he take Lexi back to her mum's while she sorts out Ben.

    Kim Fox has finally decided that she's ready to move on from her late ex Vincent Hubbard and make a go of things with Howie Danes.

    Despite the fact they've only just started dating, Kim's soon boasting about her new relationship to her family!

    Denise Fox and Patrick Trueman are slightly confused, however, by how Kim is behaving around Howie.

    Is there something she's hiding from her new squeeze?
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    im guessing sam sets up the robbery and shooting to look good and heroic

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