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Thread: Emmerdale Spoilers 27th June - 1st July

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    Emmerdale Spoilers 27th June - 1st July

    Nicola's state of mind goes from bad to worse after the attack

    Frustrated Chas feels her life is spiralling out of control

    David comes up with a way to afford Victoria's dream wedding
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    Still reeling from her mum Faith's cancer news, Chas Dingle needs a distraction. And Al Chapman is just the thing.

    Having kissed him last week, Chas seeks him out.

    Feeling as if her life is spiralling out of all control, she takes comfort in Al's kiss. Forgetting all about her husband Paddy and their daughter Eve and the fact that Al's going out with Kerry Wyatt, the barmaid suggests they book a hotel room.

    Leyla can't bear to hear another word of Liam banging on about baby plans. She doesn't want more kids, she doesn't want to get healthy ? she just wants more coke.

    As the wedding planner tries her hardest not to cave into her craving for drugs she's powerless to resist.

    How much longer will it take for her doctor husband Liam to spot what's going on under his (and Leyla's) very nose?

    At the Woolie, Rhona's got Mary on her case about the wedding when all she wants is a quiet drink. But her mum is desperate for Rhona to book a date for the big day - so much so that she takes it upon herself to book one herself!

    Elsewhere, Nicola's a wreck following the attack but is trying her best to hide it.

    A knock at the door sends her into a panic. She's relieved to find it's Bernice but after her sister's finished chatting about council business, she heads off and Nicola's left stuck inside feeling like a prisoner in her own home.


    Since she was attacked by a group of girls, Nicola King's world has completely shrunk.

    Terrified and leaving in the grip of fear, Nicola doesn't want to leave the house and has become a prisoner in her own home.

    But rather than share her burden with her loved ones, Nicola is keeping quiet about just how bad she really feels.

    Instead, she's latching on to any excuse to keep a steady stream of family members with her at home so she's not alone.

    Later, Nicola finds herself in an impossible situation as she's the only one available to pick up the kids from school.

    Trying to keep it together, the shaky mum gets in the car and starts the engine but is overwhelmed by thoughts of the attack.

    In a panic, she slams her foot down and hits the accelerator which then smashes into David Metcalfe's van.

    As Nicola gets out of the car, she goes blank in the face of David who is stunned by what's just happened.

    When David starts talking insurance, Nicola vanishes into the house but fails to reappear. Confused David knocks, asking her what's going on, she refuses to open up?

    Elsewhere, there's more drama.

    Having decided to have a hotel hook-up with secret lover Al, Chas Dingle is loving having a steamy secret to think about.

    But she's bought firmly back into her horrible reality with a scary bang when her mum Faith, who has terminal cancer, collapses after having chemo.

    Riddled with guilt, married Chas decides to end things with Al.

    So is that it then?


    Having been sneaking around having steamy snogs with Al Chapman, Chas is feeling soooo guilty.

    To compensate, the barmaid gets on board with Faith's idea to throw a big party for Paddy's birthday.

    In the Woolie, the tension is thick when Al walks in with his girlfriend Kerry. Chas is behind the bar and her husband Paddy in front of it...

    Will Chas and Al's partners pick up on the awkward atmos?

    Later, Al seeks out Chas and admits he felt really jealous when he saw her with her husband. But Chas isn't for cracking and denies feeling anything for him.

    Is she telling the truth?

    Across the village, Nicola's hidden terror is still controlling her decisions. Terrified of being alone at home, the mum decides to keep Carl home from school even though the lad is feeling OK.

    Will Nicola manage to hide her fears from Carl?

    Meanwhile, David decides to take advantage of Nicola driving into his van. On the phone to the insurance company, the skint shopkeeper explains he has a 'neck injury' and wants compensation.

    Marlon's amused as Laurel and his physio, Kit, flirt.


    Since Nicola King was attacked she's tried to keep a lid on her terrified feelings. But that lid is about to burst off?

    At the Kings' home, Nicola bundles Elliott and Angel off to school. But once again, she keeps Carl home.

    With the lad feeling totally fine, he's confused by his mum's decision and starts to get scared when she starts acting strangely.

    Fighting waves of panic, Nicola's snapped out of it by Carl who grabs her mobile and dashes outside?

    Knowing she needs to chase after Carl, which means leaving the house, Nicola's engulfed by panic.

    As things escalate Nicola fears her attacker has come calling and when she opens the door, she strikes? Who has she hit?

    Chas Dingle wants the ground to swallow her up when Kerry starts gushing about a night of passion she's had with Al.

    Later, she runs into Al and as a prickly conversation sparks, the secret lovers have no idea Charity has clocked them.

    Has the suspicious landlady sussed their affair?

    At the Hide, Billy's stung when his wife Dawn says she doesn't want to have any more kids. Can the couple get on the same page?


    Faith Dingle's got terminal cancer but she's not about to let that stop her do what she wants to do.

    So when Bear tells her that her daughter Chas is concerned about her drinking, the fun-loving Dingle nan doesn't want to hear a bar of it.

    Rather than find out more about Chas' worries, Faith instead urges Bear to sneak off and get her some booze. And to her delight, he agrees!

    Ethan finally lets his dad Charles know he's getting in the way of his relationship with Marcus. Will Charles give his son some space?

    Brenda wants a word with David. She's furious that he's made an insurance claim against Nicola who's in no fit state to be taking on any more stress.

    Will the shopkeeper think again as he reflects on what Nicola's been through following the attack which put her in hospital?

    What Brenda doesn't know is that David is flat broke and needs money. He's struggling to make ends meet and is feigning an injury hoping to make some cash from an insurance payout.

    When Priya tells Victoria that David's missed a few of Amba's maintenance payments, will Vic finally realise why David's dragging his heels about wedding planning?
    Love many, trust few, always paddle your own canoe

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