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Thread: Emmerdale Spoilers 30th May - 3rd June.

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    Emmerdale Spoilers 30th May - 3rd June.

    Faith's lies about her illness threaten to drive her family away

    Leyla resorts to desperate measures to feed her addiction

    Charity is pleased to hear Mackenzie defending her son
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    Suspicious Chas Dingle puts two and two together and comes up with 69 when she pops into Butler's.

    Finding Moira in the kitchen with her stepson Nate ? who's half-naked ? Chas' imagination spirals out of all control and she concludes they're having an affair again!

    Mindful that Moira and Faith have got a secret on the brew, Chas then decides Faith is in on it.

    From then on, Chas is alert to anything which could add weight to her theory, and she soon has tons of 'evidence'.

    Chas is way off base, of course, and hasn't a clue that her mum's cancer has returned and is terminal.

    So far, Moira's the only one who knows and Faith is refusing to listen to her pleas to tell the family who are unfairly fed up with the gran who's been acting out.

    Unaware of the tragic truth, Chas is determined to catch her sister-in-law and her nephew in the act. Will she tell her brother Cain that she reckons his wife and son are at it again?

    Meanwhile, up at the hospital for chemotherapy, Faith is dreading it. Clocking the other patients who are there with their loved ones, Faith feels desperately lonely.

    Inventing an excuse to cover up the lack of support, Faith spins a story and is mortified when village nurse Wendy, who knows her secret, overhears.

    Elsewhere's kiss and make up time for Charity and Mack who've had a huge row about Noah.

    The mum softens when she overhears Mack defending Noah to Pollard who's refusing to give him any more shifts at the B&B in the wake of the stalking saga.

    Lydia clocks the caravan Sam's secretly bought and is doing up for his wife as a surprise. Will the gutted gamekeeper keep schtum or speak up?


    Faith Dingle is asking a lot of her daughter-in-law Moira.

    Not wanting anyone to know her cancer has returned and is terminal, Faith found herself having to explain to Moira ? but is refusing to share the terrible news with the rest of the Dingles.

    Faith gets the news her cancer has returned in Emmerdale

    It's a burden for Moira but the farmer has listened to Faith's reasons. Now, as they attempt to keep the secret while sharing updates about Faith's treatment, the pair are having snatched conversations all over the place which has got Chas very suspicious.

    Desperate to find out what they're hiding, Chas has been on a mission. Reading the clues all wrong she's decided her sister-in-law is sleeping with Nate again and that Faith is helping them cover up their affair!

    In a bid to catch the cheaters at it, Chas bursts in to Moira's bedroom, expecting to find Nate. To her utter shock, she finds Faith who splutters out an outlandish excuse, throwing Moira under the bus while she's at it!

    Charity tries to reach out to Noah ahead of his court appearance. But Noah doesn't want to hear a word of it.

    Someone else who's not listening is Suzy. She's got Leyla on her case about scoring more coke. But Suzy wants to lay off the drugs and make a go of it with Vanessa with a clean slate.

    Can Leyla fight her need for a fix? or will she go elsewhere?


    Leyla Cavanagh's secret life is starting to cause real problems but she just can't see it.

    To escape the stress of all she's been through with GP husband Liam ? whose teenage daughter Leanna was murdered last year ? she's turned to drugs.

    But a wild night out here and there, with workmate Suzy, has got Leyla hooked on coke and now she just can't get enough of getting high.

    Things got more complicated for Leyla when Suzy started seeing Vanessa and became involved in life in Emmerdale. But Leyla soon got over her fears that Suzy would let her secret slip and found herself loving the fact she now had drugs on tap.

    But after a few sneaky sessions, Suzy decided to park the wild nights and focus on Vanessa.

    With Suzy refusing to supply Leyla with any more coke, the doctor's wife is beginning to feel really antsy and strung out.

    At work, Leyla's in a terrible mood and flips out at Priya when she finds out she's upset some clients.

    After lashing out at her stunned best mate, Leyla and rushes off to sort it, leaving Priya to deal with a journalist who's doing a piece on their wedding planning business, Take A Vow.

    In the Hide with Suzy, Leyla's feeling utterly desperate for a fix. And when Suzy nips off, Leyla can't stop herself rifling through her friend's handbag, hoping to find some coke?

    To her horror, she's caught red-handed by Suzy who's utterly disgusted.

    Going over the drug thing again, concerned Suzy has words with deluded Leyla who doesn't realise she's become addicted.

    In a spin, Leyla whirls back to Take A Vow only to find Priya upset and alone.

    It turns out that the journalist wanted to take photos to go with the piece, which triggered self-conscious Priya's fears about her burn scars.

    Tearful Priya needs a hug but Leyla just tears strips off her for mucking up their chance to get some great free PR.

    It's really out of character for Leyla who's usually her friend's biggest supporter.

    Will Leyla wake up to herself and get help?


    David Metcalfe's relieved to have got things back on track with Victoria.

    His recent marriage proposal came out of nowhere and sent his girlfriend into a spin about their relationship.

    Fortunately, Vic calmed down, they talked and agreed to stay together and carry on slowly growing the relationship. Vic vowed to look into extracting herself from her current marriage to her fugitive husband Adam Barton.

    So hopeless romantic David should have a smile on his face but he hasn't.

    It's Pollard who finds out what's upsetting his lad.

    On a fishing trip, David admits that he's got serious money problems in the wake of the pandemic which has hit his shop hard.

    Can Pollard help?

    Leyla's forced to eat humble pie when Jai has words with her about her awful treatment of his sister Priya.

    Leyla apologises and as Jai softens, he opens up about his problems.

    As Jai starts talking about his addiction to drugs, unaware Leyla's been hitting the hard stuff in secret, his words resonate.

    When Jai admits he's still got his dealer's number, Leyla insists he hands it over and burns as a symbolic gesture that he's left that life behind.

    But is hooked Leyla on the level or has she spotted an opportunity?

    Elsewhere, busy working mum Nicola hatches a plan to spend some alone time with Jimmy when her sister Bernice expresses an interest in her council work?


    When Moira Dingle told Suzy that her daughter Holly died over a heroin overdose she didn't pick up on Suzy's jittery reaction.

    Farmer Moira and events planner Suzy had been chatting about the possibility of using Butler's Farm for weddings and parties. But when Suzy suggested they could make use of a certain field, Moira said it was a no-go zone explaining her daughter was buried there.

    Suzy was embarrassed to have put her foot in it but her feelings changed entirely when her colleague Leyla then pointed out a photo of Holly, and Suzy realised she knew her.

    After legging it from Moira's kitchen, Suzy went down a rabbit hole online, looking into Holly's death.

    As Suzy began to piece together the facts and the timeline, she realised she'd given the Barton girl money for drugs the night she died and became convinced Holly's death was her fault.

    Suzy's explained everything to Leyla and her girlfriend Vanessa knows some of it, but Moira doesn't know a thing.

    In a bid to steer clear of Moira, Suzy has since backtracked on the whole idea of using Butler's and has claimed the farm is no longer a viable option for events.

    At the Hide, Suzy's on the backfoot when Moira sits down at her table and starts talking about Holly. With Suzy's guilt eating away at her, will she speak up?

    Elsewhere, party-girl Leyla makes a bad decision, and Brenda worries about Faith.
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