Hollyoaks has cast former Emmerdale actress Corrinne Wicks in an important role in Mercedes McQueen's storyline with her son Bobby.

According to The Sun, Corrinne will play the judge presiding over Mercedes' (Jennifer Metcalfe) custody battle with Wendy Blisset over Bobby.

Digital Spy has reached out to Hollyoaks for comment.

Corrinne is known for playing Ella Hart in Emmerdale, starring in the soap between 2010 and 2011. She also starred in daytime soap opera Doctors, from 2000 to 2005.

In 2019 she guest starred in Coronation Street as Martine Skelton, a woman who went on a date with Kevin Webster.

The outcome of Mercedes' court battle over Bobby is set to air next week, with spoiler pictures teasing her court showdown with Wendy (Jennifer Armour) and James representing Mercedes.

But before the outcome is revealed, Mercedes will make a mistake that could cost her big.

In upcoming scenes, Mercedes panics when Wendy doesn't answer her phone as she suspects she might have taken off with her son.

When Wendy returns, she offers an explanation but also asks Mercy for compensation in exchange for looking after Bobby (Jayden Fox) and offers to give her something in return too.

Feeling desperate, Mercedes goes to great and risky lengths to pay Wendy, including going along with Goldie's scheme to get Donna-Marie to help her pay, and later resorts to extreme measures to get the money.

Unfortunately, things later take a turn for the worse when Wendy finds out what Mercy has been up to.

When a desperate Mercedes turns to old habits, it happens just as Wendy arrives to drop Bobby off for the afternoon, which could jeopardise everything for Mercedes.

Wendy will try to undermine Mercedes' capabilities as a mother in front of Bobby, as the confused youngster questions Wendy about what will happen next.

Wendy will eventually reveal Mercedes' dirty laundry in front of Bobby and not long after, Bobby starts to lose faith in his mother.