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Thread: Holby City Spoilers 29th March 2022 .. Final episode

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    Exclamation Holby City Spoilers 29th March 2022 .. Final episode

    We've (nearly) come to the end of the line with Holby City, and there's only a handful of loose ends left to tie up now.

    Tonight's penultimate episode (March 22) paved the way for next week's finale, with a tear-jerker of a twist in Jac's story.

    Jac was distraught when she woke up from her surgery, only to discover that Elliot couldn't remove her tumour after all. But what will happen next? And how will Holby come to an end?

    Here are all the questions that will be answered next week (along with a recap of the stories that have been wrapped up already):

    1. Will Jac live or die?

    It's the biggest question of the week. Of the month. Maybe even of all Holby time. But what is going to happen to Jac? Well, the good news is that you don't have long to find out. The bad news is that it's not looking particularly hopeful.

    Tuesday's episode saw Jac wake up from her game-changing surgery, only to be hit with more devastating news. Elliot was unable to proceed with the operation to remove Jac's tumour, but also refused to let her die on the table as she had originally requested should the surgery not go the way they hoped.

    In the meantime, Sacha made an alarming discovery while at Jac's flat, realising that she hadn't truly believed she was going to survive this anyway.

    And if tonight's scenes weren't tense enough, next week's grand finale will be a whole different ball game. With the show's three main players ? Jac, Fletch and Sacha ? rightly taking centre stage, Jac's story will reach a conclusion before the credits roll for one last time. Once again, tissues will need to be at the ready, but for happy or sad tears?

    2. And what about Lexy?

    Hospital reverend Lexy has been in the background of several pivotal moments in both Holby and Casualty over the years, so it only seems right she'd play a fundamental role in the show's final episodes.

    Tonight's scenes saw Jeong and Hanssen discover Lexy was in heart failure and could be looking at a very tragic fate. This story will pick up where tonight's left off next week, and much like Jac's own ordeal, this one will tug at your heartstrings.

    3. Six big returns ? why are they back?

    It's not all doom and gloom as there's a lot to celebrate next week. Along with some cracking scenes from the current cast, we'll also be seeing six familiar faces back on our screens as well.

    Holby City has announced the returns of Mo Effanga (Chizzy Akudolu), Ric (Hugh Quarshie), Joseph (Luke Roberts), Jason (Jules Robertson), and Serena and Bernie (Catherine Russell and Jemma Redgrave respectively).

    We are sworn to secrecy about how and why they make their final appearances in Holby's swansong, but for some of them, it may not necessarily be in the guise you are expecting?

    4. Will Henrik get a happy ending?

    Just when it looked like fan favourite Henrik Hanssen was going to walk off into the sunset with new love interest Russ, a curveball seemingly ruined his happy ending. Or has it?

    Again, Hanssen's future is very much something that will very much be revisited in next week's episode, and Simon Slater, who plays Russ, is on the cast list for Holby's last ever outing.

    But as to whether it'll be the ending fans are rooting for or not remains to be seen.

    5. And what about Ange and Josh?

    Josh's story is one of many others that's had to come to an abrupt end in recent weeks, but a further twist tonight threw his recovery into jeopardy.

    Josh was left distraught when Claudia's mum paid him a visit at the hospital, accusing him of leading her daughter on in her final days and thus playing a part in her death. Dom was also concerned when he stumbled across Claudia's diaries, but Josh took the sensible approach by telling Ange exactly what was going on.

    Ange has been determined to support Josh through his bulimia relapse from the start, and thankfully, it looks like the popular couple will be ending on a positive note next week.

    Speaking about where the show will leave the pair next week, Dawn Steele, who plays Ange, said: "There's a happy ending there. There's a lot with Josh's bulimia before it ends, as he has to come to terms with it and move forward ? that's his character and story. But yes, it is a positive ending and there is happiness for Ange and Josh."

    6. Will Dom find his place?

    And it's not just Josh who Ange has unfinished business with either, as her son Dom is in need of some reassurance as well.

    Dom found his old insecurities bubbling to the surface tonight when he discovered he'd been left out of family discussions about Josh's bulimia. Next week's episodes will revisit Dom and Ange's tentative relationship one last time before we leave them forever.

    Dawn said: "Dom and Ange have a lot to do together in the last episode and that was really lovely. It was proper teary and emotional. It ties things up and I feel we've come full circle in our story.

    "It's a really lovely story for us and of course there's a bigger picture as well so there?' a bigger story going on for all the different characters. But for us personally, I really enjoyed our final moments and I think it did our story justice. Their relationship moves on and it has a positive ending."

    7. How will Holby end?

    It's the question we've asked ourselves since the news was announced last year: how exactly will Holby City wrap up after 23 years? With the hospital now out of special measures, it's looking like the surgical wards won't need to be redirected to St James's, as previously feared.

    And we already know that the hospital won't meet a grisly fate, as sister show Casualty will be continuing under the same roof. Instead, the show will end on a poignant, heart-warming, celebratory note ? with a few twists thrown in as well.

    Rosie Marcel has described the final episodes as "the best we've ever done", while Guy Henry ? who plays Henrik ? said: "It's primarily a return to the core values of the show, which were always aiming to show the core value of the NHS. It pays tribute to the proper people who work in that environment. I believe the overarching theme of the last episodes/months of it is a celebration of the NHS."

    David Ames ? who plays Dom ? agreed, adding: "It represents the NHS fantastically, as we hope we have done throughout the show, and doing justice to the stories of the surgeons and the nurses and the porters and everyone have been through in this last 18 months."

    And some loose ends have been tied up already?
    Amelia and Eli's happy news

    Much like many others on this list, Amelia and Eli's story was likely meant to run for longer than it did.

    That said, the couple's news that they are expecting a baby again, after years of infertility heartbreak, was undeniably moving.

    Eli is still in next week's episode as part of Jac's story, but his and Amelia's journey is parked there, and couldn't have had a happier ending.

    Madge's backstory

    Madge's ongoing story also reached a conclusion in last week's episode, when she told Jac and Kylie the truth about what had been going on in her personal life.

    After weeks of mystery and concern surrounding Madge's injuries, viewers learned about her daughter Lizzie, who has a learning disability and high support needs.

    When Madge explained the financial struggles they'd been experiencing in regards to getting the right care, Jac fought to get Madge's job back.

    Nicky's breakthrough over Juliet

    Nicky's sad struggle in regards to her baby daughter Juliet has also appeared to resolve itself in recent weeks as well, and won't be touched on again.

    Instead, Nicky's focus will very much be elsewhere next week, and you'll soon see why.

    Berena's happy ending

    They might be making a final appearance in next week's episode, but Holby City has already given fans of Bernie and Serena the best ending they could have asked for.

    The on-off pair briefly returned to the hospital engaged and very much in love last month, having reunited off-screen a while ago.

    Holby City will air its final episode on Tuesday, March 29 at 7.50pm on BBC One.

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    jac a saver in the end, so sad

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