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Thread: Eastenders Spoilers 31st January - 4th February

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    Eastenders Spoilers 31st January - 4th February

    Callum is left wondering whether his marriage has a future

    Everyone in Walford gives their point of view to Harvey

    Jay is surprised When he discovers Honey's new venture
    Love many, trust few, always paddle your own canoe

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    jay and frankie are to get close

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    Stacey Slater is feeling shaken after learning that Martin Fowler was Mr Lister's first choice for the job of market inspector. Already feeling nervous about her new role, the news that she was second best is not helping matters.

    After daughter Lily Slater gives her a bit of a pep talk, she vows to put her best foot forward. But on arriving at the market, things are in total chaos. Stacey attempts to get the market under control but her day only gets worse when she ends up covered in rubbish!

    Rather than being helpful, Martin watches on from his stall, thinking it's hilarious. His attitude infuriates Stacey, who blurts out she hates the job and he's made her life a living hell!

    As she continues to vent, Stacey doesn't see a moving car and she backs into its path. Will she be seriously injured?

    Peter Beale has found out exactly what Aaron Monroe was up to and he is stunned. he sits down with brother Bobby Beale and warns him that he needs to stay well away from that family ? and that means keeping clear of Dana Monroe!

    Peter, however, refuses to listen, as he's still completely besotted by her. Instead, he asks gran Kathy Beale if he can borrow some cash so that he can propose!

    A worried Kathy shares the news with Peter. Just as Bobby gets down on one knee to ask Dana to marry him, Peter and Kathy burst in.

    Dana's dad Harvey is there and he is shocked as Kathy furiously insists that there's no way Bobby is marrying Dana.

    Gray Atkins is suspicious about what wife Chelsea Atkins has been up to and he asks her about Whitney Dean coming round to the house. Not feeling that he's got enough of an answer out of her, he later pushes again to get her to confess.

    Chelsea, however, brushes off Gray's accusations and insists that the only thing on her mind it their fragile baby son Jordan. When her mum Denise Fox later pops round, Chelsea tells her that she can't see Jordan.


    Ben Mitchell is still on edge after the recent spate of homophobic attacks. When mum Kathy Beale tries to question Ben about his dark mood, he admits that he's been pushing husband Callum Highway away from him as he's worried that if they're seen to be a couple they will get targeted.

    After explaining hat he was triggered by seeing an injured man in the hospital, he reveals he can't seem to get the image out of his head.

    Kathy really feels for her son and she later talks to Callum, sadly pointing out that the joy seems to have gone out life in Albert Square after the bomb threat next to the Prince Albert on New Year's Eve.

    Determined not to be beaten by the thugs, Callum makes a bold move. He tells Ben that he's going to organise a party outside the Prince Albert. When Ben fails to show any emotion about it, Callum tells his husband to meet him there if he thinks their marriage is worth saving.

    Will Ben turn up or is it over between him and Callum for good?

    Harvey Monroe has a heavy heart following son Aaron Monroe's arrest and when his cabbie coworker Mitch Baker asks in stunned belief if the rumours are true, Harvey is forced to admit they are.

    Later that day, Harvey goes to the prison to visit Aaron. Grim-faced, he tells his son that this is the one and only time he'll visit. Aaron is stunned as Harvey makes it clear he can never come to terms with the hate-filled things he's done.

    Back in the Square, Harvey is given a serve by Jean Slater when she hears that he's not going to visit Aaron again. She points out that no matter what your children do, they are still your kids and don't deserve to be abandoned.

    Harvey is shaken. Has he made the wrong decision?

    Kathy Beale is determined to stand firm on her decision about grandson Bobby Beale, insisting he can't marry Dana Monroe. Bobby is heartbroken and can't contemplate giving up Dana.

    He does his best to make his gran see his point of view but it's to no avail, and uncle Ben Mitchell agrees with her.

    Also, Kheerat Panesar is frustrated when Gray Atkins gives him the cold shoulder and he asks Eve Unwin to help him out.


    Callum Highway's big party outside The Prince Albert turns out to be a huge success, with loads of people turning up. The idea is to defy the hateful racist thugs who have also been targeting the LGBTQ+ community.

    He's hopeful that husband Ben Mitchell will turn up and party with them, after his insistence that Ben needs to come along to prove he wants to fight for their marriage.

    The festivities are interrupted by policeman Jack Branning, who tells Callum that he needs to shut things down. There have been complaints about the noise but Callum is defiant and insists the party isn't over.

    Jack, however, doesn't see things that way as he has to act on the complaints and he ends up arresting him!

    As chaos ensues, will Jack take a more kindly view, and will Ben arrive or will he leave Callum waiting?

    Sharon Mitchell is perplexed as to why Phil Mitchell wants to hand his businesses over to her while he's in prison, rather than son Ben Mitchell. Phil points out that Ben is in a bad way at the moment and he doesn't trust him to be able to manage things.

    Phil and girlfriend Kat Slater realise it's time to tell her boys what's going on and they explain that Phil's going away for a long time. Tommy, in particular, is really distressed as he's been relying on Phil to give him back up after recently dealing with bullies.

    Later, Sharon visits Ben for a kindly word about dealing with losing people you love.

    Suki Panesar is left fuming after Eve Unwin tells her that she's been in contact with her daughter Ash. Suki broods on Eve's words, as Ash is refusing to speak to her, and she later finds her to have a go and accuse her of turning her daughter against her.

    Eve is no wallflower and won't put up with Suki's bullying. She soon gets into a big argument with her in front of everyone in the Square.

    With the police in the vicinity dealing with the party outside the Prince Albert, Suki and Eve get unlucky. As things escalate between them the police intervene and they're bundled into a police van!


    Kheerat Panesar is keen to get on Gray Atkins' good side again if he's got any chance of getting Gray to slip up and confess to murdering his first wife Chantelle Atkins.

    He also wants to make sure that Gray's new wife Chelsea Atkins is still on with the plan, as since her son Jordan's premature birth she seems to have become more and more under Gray's control.

    Kheerat offers to take some papers from Eve Unwin to the hospital to give to Gray, who is actually relieved to see him. Gray insists that Kheerat can stick around for a bit but it's clear that Chelsea is irritated.

    Meanwhile, Chelsea bumps into a nurse who is not happy to see Gray. She remembers him from Chantelle's frequent visits to hospital when she was clearly being abused by him.

    When the nurse finds out that Chantelle has died she is sickened. She tells Chelsea if she ever needs some help, she's there for her.

    Chelsea, however, doesn't want to listen and brushes aside her offer. When Kheerat gets the chance to speak to Chelsea alone he asks her how things are going. What will she say?

    Zack Hudson has been out all night with Shirley Carter, helping her search for her missing sister Tina Carter. Little does Shirley know that her search is futile because Gray Atkins killed Tina over a year ago!

    The Carter family are determined to hold out hope, however, even though Sharon Watts has a warning for Shirley's granddaughter Nancy Carter, saying they can't look for her forever.

    Zack gets back home and tells roomie Martin Fowler that while they were searching for Tina, he spotted Jada Lennox, mother of Sharon Watts' granddaughter Alyssa. Feeling guilty for driving Jada and the baby away from the Square he vows that he's going to bring Jada and Alyssa home to Sharon!

    Honey Mitchell has a new venture on the go, much to the surprise of boyfriend Jay Mitchell. She's miffed when instead of congratulating her, he warns her that it will be tough going!

    Later, everyone is helping to clear up the Prince Albert when there's suddenly a loud bang! Everyone is alarmed considering the recent attempted bombing of the Argee Bhajee.

    Has the community come under attack again?

    Also, Karen Taylor realises Bailey Baker is trying to matchmake her and Mitch Baker and is taken aback when Bailey insists that Mitch loves her and they should be together!
    Love many, trust few, always paddle your own canoe

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