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Thread: Emmerdale Spoilers 24th - 28th January

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    Emmerdale Spoilers 24th - 28th January

    Charity isn't there for Ryan when he needs her the most

    Liv's freedom hangs by a thread but what will Manpreet reveal?

    Chas and Paddy watch as the Woolpack goes up for auction
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    meena dead?

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    Quote Originally Posted by lizann View Post
    meena dead?
    Manpreet alive!!!!
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    Exclamation Emmerdale Spoilers 24th - 28th January 2022

    Monday, January 24:

    A "for auction" sign is put up outside The Woolpack
    The pub's future remains uncertain.
    Reality hits for Chas It dawns on her that she'll be losing the pub.
    Vinny receives a visit from the police. There's an update on Liv's case.
    DS Rogers explains that Liv isn't going to be released, as there isn't concrete evidence to link Ben's murder to Meena.
    Vanessa and Charity talk. The former couple are getting along better while overseeing a playdate for Johnny and Moses. Is there still hope for their future?
    Charity makes a surprising move. When Mack phones her, she kills the call.

    Tuesday, January 25:

    Belle is left disappointed over Ellis. After they fail to meet at the B&B as planned, Belle fears that fun with Ellis may never happen.
    Mackenzie gets involved in Charity's family situation. Ryan's adoptive mum Irene has passed away and Mackenzie urges him to tell Charity. In the end, it's Mackenzie who blurts out the news. Charity is annoyed that she wasn't told sooner. Her reaction upsets both Mackenzie and Ryan.
    Vinny visits Manpreet in hospital. He has a big favour to ask. Vinny asks Manpreet to lie to the police. He wants her to say anything she can to link Meena to Ben's murder.

    Wednesday, January 26:

    Mack and Charity have hit the rocks. But Vanessa still thinks that Charity can fix things with Mack. Mack gets the wrong idea again. He spots Charity spending time with Vanessa. Mack crosses the line. He's drunk and decides to kiss Dawn.
    The Dingle drama continues. Vinny, Mandy and Lydia discover that Liv may be released.
    Chas arrives with some news. lShe explains that Aaron isn't coming. Vinny fears that this could lead to Liv drinking again.

    Thursday, January 27:

    Vinny lies to Liv- It's the day of the hearing and Vinny claims that Aaron is on his way. Vinny hugs Liv. Will his lie cause more harm than good?
    It's make or break time for Charity and Mack. The couple are over, but Vanessa encourages them to sort out their differences.
    DS Rogers makes another appearance. He has news for Jacob. Jacob and Leyla are shocked. They discover that Meena may have left the country.
    Charles and Manpreet remain united. However, Manpreet also voices ideas that she should move away. Charles doesn't want Manpreet to leave
    Can he stop her?Billy and Dawn talk. The couple have been arguing recently. Billy pledges his future to Dawn. He says that he wants to marry her as soon as possible. A 'save the date' for the wedding appears on Dawn's social media page. And someone is keeping a very close eye on the page... Meena sees the 'save the date'
    She seethes at the sight of the message and vows to get her revenge.

    Friday, January 28:

    Charles is worried about Manpreet. Manpreet has been through a terrible few weeks. Manpreet puts on a brave face
    She tries to hide her anxiety and physical frailty.

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