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Thread: Corrie Spoilers 24th - 28th January

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    Corrie Spoilers 24th - 28th January

    Tim goes in for his operation, but will it be a complete success?

    Jenny rushes to A&E to see Leo and gets the shock of her life

    Faye begins to crumble under the pressure of keeping her secret
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    Exclamation Corrie Spoilers 24th - 28th Jan 2022

    Monday 24 January 2022 at 19:30 on ITV

    From his hospital bed, Tim begs Kevin to speak to Sally for him and convey how sorry he is and how much he loves her. Will she forgive him before he goes under the knife?

    As the anaesthetic takes effect, Tim hears a commotion in the hospital corridor as Sally is arrested by a police officer.

    Meanwhile, Dev suggests to Bernie that he'd like to treat both of their families to dinner at Speed Daal and formally announce that they're now a couple. A chuffed Bernie invites the family but Chesney doesn't know how she can afford it.

    When Hope's giant stash of sweets is discovered by Fiz, Bernie has a word with Hope and warns her to stay away from Joseph and keep schtum about her deal with Clint.

    Elsewhere, while Lydia congratulates Amy on the success of her protest, she's intrigued when Amy mentions how both she and Daniel have overturned school suspensions lately. Lydia quizzes Daniel and when he reveals how he was wrongly accused of an inappropriate relationship with Summer, Lydia's taken aback.

    Also, having taken a call from the fingerprint expert, Craig tells Emma that he has to go to the station immediately. Emma's worried sick.

    Finally, Carla reminds Jenny that she promised Kate a share of Johnny's money and that she seems to have abandoned her family in favour of her toyboy.

    Monday 24 January 2022 at 20:30 on ITV

    Tim wakes from his operation with hazy memories of Sally's arrest and figures it must have been a dream.

    Meanwhile, Dev and Bernie host a family dinner in Speed Daal. Taking Bernie's hand, Dev announces that they're now officially a couple. Bernie is still worried about her secret being revealed and stresses to Joseph that he has to keep quiet and not spend his ?100 or they will all get into trouble.

    Elsewhere, Carla calls in The Rovers and thanks Jenny for sorting out Kate's money, but goes on to say that she thinks Jenny's relationship with Leo is inappropriate so soon after Johnny's death.

    Also, Craig returns home and admits he shouldn't have sent the crutch for fingerprint analysis as he's now in trouble for wasting police resources.

    Finally, when Lydia voices her concerns about Daniel's chequered past to Sarah, Daisy overhears and immediately leaps to Daniel's defence and assures her he's a lovely guy.

    Wednesday 26 January 2022 at 19:30 on ITV

    Bernie slips Joseph the video game he wanted, making him promise not to show his mum and dad. When Evelyn finds it, she is convinced he must have nicked it, prompting Bernie admitting she bought it with her pay rise from Dev, making Evelyn even more furious.

    Dev buys Bernie's story about making up the pay rise to stop Chesney feeling bad about her buying gifts but Evelyn is not convinced. Is the game up for Bernie?

    Meanwhile, when Jenny gets a call that Leo has been injured playing rugby she is shocked and rushes to A&E, but she gets a bigger shock when she gets there.

    Elsewhere, Sally and Faye visit Tim. When Sally reveals that the developers are refusing to back her campaign because of the article in the Gazette, Faye wonders if another candidate provided the picture to scupper her election chances. A fuming Sally reckons she's right and accosts Maria.

    Also, when Daniel finds out from Sarah how Daisy sang his praises to Lydia, he's taken aback.

    Finally, when Emma reveals that it's Ted's funeral tomorrow, Faye reckons it's a good sign as the police must have released his body.

    Wednesday 26 January 2022 at 20:30 on ITV

    Bernie vehemently denies she had anything to do with Joseph's disappearance. But Evelyn's not buying it and calls the police.

    Bernie breaks down and tells them everything. Both Bernie and Chesney are hauled in for questioning by the police.

    Meanwhile, Carla apologises and tells Jenny it's clear Leo makes her happy and she should go for it. Jenny helps Leo in with his bags and explains to Daisy that he's moving in.

    Elsewhere, Sally sends the Gazette a picture of Maria with her 4x4 gas guzzler. When Maria reveals that it was Councillor Cameron who provided the Gazette with the compromising picture of her, Sally's taken aback. Sally promises Tim that she's going to jack in the politics and focus on him. Tim's sceptical.

    Also, in the Rovers, Daniel thanks Daisy for her kind words. When Daisy suggests they go for a drink sometime, Daniel's taken aback. Lydia arrives and clocks the spark between them.

    Finally, Craig returns home from work and reveals that Ted's post mortem suggests he was run over which might have triggered the blood clot that killed him. Faye and Emma are horrified.

    Friday 28 January 2022 at 19:30 on ITV

    Hour-long episode

    Faye is shocked when Emma suggests they attend Ted's funeral.

    Craig reveals that the police have put together an e-fit of the girl the postman saw at the flat and remarks how it looks like Emma.

    Faye crumbles and tells him the whole sorry story surrounding Ted's death. How will Craig react?

    Meanwhile, Bernie assures Paul that everything she did was with the best of intentions and her only hope is for Joseph to tell the truth.

    Elsewhere, Daisy suggests writing a social media post encouraging kids to attend the consent workshop. She watches wistfully as Daniel dashes off for another date with Lydia.

    Having found out from Daniel that he skipped the consent workshop, David tears a strip off Max and warns him that if he misses another, he'll have him to answer to.

    Also today, Sally blows up balloons, determined they should celebrate Tim's 50th birthday in the hospital. Elaine's disapproving, adamant he needs rest, not a party. With Tim due home tomorrow, Elaine offers to move in and help look after him. Tim's delighted whilst Sally grimaces.

    Finally, a downbeat Leo returns from work and announces that he's been made redundant. Jenny's sympathetic and to Daisy's annoyance, insists on cancelling his rent.

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