Casualty is back tonight (January 8) after nearly a month off screen, and there's a brand new ED doctor to mark the occasion.

A flamboyant Paige, played by Shalisha James-Davis, will first be introduced to viewers when we see her working in a bar, dressed as a police officer.

There, she bonds with a man called Heath, but when she spots him stealing money, things take a turn.

Somewhat unfortunately, this leads to Paige being brought into the ED handcuffed to a criminal, where she is forced to admit to the team that she's due to start work there any day as the new F1.

The team can't help questioning Paige's suitability to be a doctor, but Heath appeals to Paige's empathetic nature, confiding in her that there's no one else who cares about him.

Wanting to help, Paige takes matters into her own hands and calls Heath's mum, only for the plan to backfire when she rejects Heath for his ongoing criminal behaviour.

A furious Heath reacts violently, and Paige is humiliated when Dylan warns her not to be na?ve in future.

However when Ginny confides in Paige that her son's behaviour changed suddenly, Paige can't help wondering if there's a cause, and implies to Heath that he may be suffering from a brain tumour.

Believing there could actually be a medical reason for Heath's anger, Ginny and Heath take a step towards a tentative reconciliation, only for Dylan to confirm that there is nothing wrong with him after all.

Crestfallen, Ginny walks away, and an angry Dylan again warns Paige not to get involved next time.

Paige is put in her place by Dylan, but when she finds Heath alone and suffering from another, more dangerous seizure, will she be able to prove herself as a doctor?

Shalisha's previous TV credits include BBC's I May Destroy You, Silent Witness and Death in Paradise.

Casualty airs tonight at 9.30pm on Saturday, January 8 on BBC One.