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Thread: Emmerdale Spoilers - 16th - 20th January 2022

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    Emmerdale Spoilers - 16th - 20th January 2022

    Some evidence unearths itself at the allotment plot

    Charity upsets Vanessa the she puts her foot in it - Again

    Will anyone put a stop to Chas signing a contract with Al?
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    can vanessa just leave again full time

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    Emmerdale's serial killer Meena Jutla might be about to come unstuck in Monday's episode

    Serial killer Meena Jutla thinks she can outsmart everyone. And having got away with a string of murders in plain sight who could blame her?

    Given all that happened last week when she set out to gas her hostages Vinny and Manpreet to death, though the dramatic outcome is up in the air, the need for evidence remains vital especially with Liv doing time for a murder she didn't commit.

    As Leyla and Jacob survey the damage which has been wreaked at Liam's allotment, will the pair notice Meena's trinket box poking out of the soil? With the ornament jam-packed with evidence of her murders, it's incriminating, to say the least?

    With a huge debt hanging over his head, Jai's still desperate to raise some much-needed funds.

    Having tried various loan companies to clear the fine he's been given, Jai takes a punt and puts in an application in his girlfriend Laurel's name...

    Will his law-breaking plan work?

    Elsewhere, with Kerry out of the village, Chloe takes the opportunity to start seeing Noah again. And Chas is upset when she fails to get hold of her moved-away son Aaron.


    Emmerdale's pub landlady Chas Dingle has no other choice in Tuesday's episode

    Given that the Woolpack exploded into flames over Christmas, Chas has no business and no home. But she's clinging on to one thing: the insurance money.

    With Al still breathing down her neck, hoping that Chas and Marlon will finally cave and sell their share of the pub to him so he and his dodgy boss can build a block of flats on the land, it's her last hope.

    So imagine their misery when the family partners are told that their insurance is null and void.

    It's a crushing blow for Chas who feels there is now no other option than to give in to Al who's slowly but surely ruined the village boozer.

    Meanwhile, with the drafted paperwork in hand, Al heads out of the village to meet with hard-nosed Gavin.

    Thinking he's finally got the wretched deal in the bag, Al reels when Gavin insists he must cut the sale price of the pub.

    Can Al sneak the reduction past Chas and Marlon who are at long last poised to sign on the dotted line?

    There's a blot on the landscape for Billy and Dawn who have a barney. Can Will step in and get the engaged couple back on talking terms?

    Emmerdale's Cain Dingle is hopping mad in Wednesday's episode

    With the sale of the Woolpack close to closing, Chas and Marlon are on tenterhooks.

    The burned-out shell of the pub no use to them and seeing as the insurance invalid, the only way of getting any money out of what's left of the formerly family-run business is to hand over the pub to Al.

    As they prepare to sign the pub away, Chas' husband Paddy casts his eye over the document and is galled to notice a change they'd not been warned about.

    Furious Chas takes a closer look and is appalled to realise Al has sneakily lowered the sale price by a huge ?20K.

    Of course, this means the deal is once again up in the air but Chas is livid when her fiery brother Cain Dingle then steams in and tears the contract to shreds!

    Meanwhile, Al has to go back to his hard-nosed boss Gavin with the bad news that Chas and Marlon still haven't signed because of the drop in payout Gavin demanded.

    But Gavin doesn't want to know the details. He wants the deal done and warns Al he's got two days to sort it or else?

    As Cain Dingle's brother-in-law Mack gets involved in the hoo-ha, he swipes Al's phone.

    The next thing we know, a figure is seen expertly snipping through the brake leads of Al's car?

    Dawn's upset about the fight she's had with Billy.

    Seeing his daughter Dawn looking so sad is getting Will down, which in turn is affecting Will's fianc? Kim!

    When Kim offers to sort out the problem, will the Tate get results?

    Thursday 7-00pm

    Can Emmerdale's Cain Dingle rescue his little lad in the first of Thursday's episodes

    Cain Dingle's not too chuffed when he finds his young son Kyle is about to go into town with his enemy No 1 Al Chapman.

    But with Kyle's gran Kerry dating scheming businessman Al, Cain's in a tight spot.

    However, as the trio get in the car and prepare to head out, Cain's horrified when he notices brake fluid dropping from Al's car!

    Does this mean it wasn't Cain who snipped the brake cables on the businessman's car?

    And can the Dingle mechanic stop them before his son Kyle is plunged into danger?

    Elsewhere, having pinched Al's phone, Mackenzie's been trying to break into the device and finally succeeds.

    Soon, he and Cain are trawling through Al's texts to his dodgy boss Gavin, getting the inside track on what the pair have been plotting during their relentless attempts to buy out The Woolpack and turn the pub into money-making flats.

    When Cain and Mack venture outside of the village for a secret meet with hard-man Gavin, who will come out on top as battle lines are drawn?

    Elsewhere, at Home Farm, Kim Tate misinterprets the situation when she finds her fianc? Will Taylor and Bernice talking?


    Emmerdale's Cain Dingle has stuffed up big time in the second of Thursday's episodes

    So Cain Dingle has stuck his oar into his sister Chas' business one time too many and he's about to come unstuck.

    As Chas prepares to sign on the dotted line and sell her burned-out pub to Al, whose boss Gavin plans to turn the pub into flats, she has no idea it's all about to go horribly wrong thanks to Cain.

    Al reels in horror as Gavin gets in touch and tells him that following his run-in with Chas' brother Cain he no longer wants the pub and instead wants all his money back!

    Knowing what Gavin and his heavies are capable of, Al's horrified when his boss threatens to hurt his family if he doesn't come up with the goods.

    Before long, the news of the ruined deal reaches Chas who is livid with her brother Cain for ruining her chance at getting some money for the pub which is a burned-out wreck.

    What will Chas do?

    At the HOP, Charity runs into Vanessa who's there with her son Johnny.

    The Dingle is thrilled to see Johnny who she adopted when she and Vanessa were engaged. Johnny's desperate to have a playdate with Charity's son Moses but so far Vanessa's refused.

    Can Charity get her ex to agree to let the boys spend time together or is it still too soon to try to be friends?

    At Home Farm, Kim Tate digs deep and shows her vulnerable side to Will as she explains why she got so het up about finding him with Bernice.


    When Chas Dingle learned her brother Cain had ruined her deal for the Woolpack her whole world fell apart.

    Though she and business partner Marlon had done all they can to try to save the pub from being taken over by Al and his boss Gavin, the pub fire had been the last straw.

    Having lost her home and her business ? which turned out wasn't covered by insurance ? her only hope of solvency was from the Woolpack's sale.

    Chas had told Cain time and time again that she had the problem under control. But when he took it upon himself to confront Al's dodgy boss Gavin, Gavin then backed out and now Chas and Marlon have nothing.

    Cain Dingle reels as his furious sister disowns him.

    Will the rest of the Dingle clan back her up and ostracise him?

    Charity accuses Mack of being jealous when he summises that she's using Johnny and Moses' playdate to spend time with her ex Vanessa.

    But has Mack hit the nail on the head?

    Meanwhile, Ryan blanks a call from his adoptive mum Irene.

    And Ellis and Belle refuse to get dragged into Cain and Al's bitter feud.
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    manpreet in a coma?

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    Quote Originally Posted by lizann View Post
    manpreet in a coma?
    She comes round and thinks that Meena is her nurse

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