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Thread: Corrie Spoilers - 16th - 2th January 2022

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    Corrie Spoilers - 16th - 2th January 2022

    Amy is on a mission to stop girls being up skirted at school

    Will Tim pluck up the courage to tell his family about his health?

    Craig spots something utterly shocking out of the window
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    Tim Metcalfe hides his condition once again from Sally as he goes to see George in tonight?s first episode of Coronation Street

    An upset Sally is convinced that Tim Metcalfe is hiding something from her after shunning her advances and staying out of the house. Meanwhile, Tim is urged by Peter to come clean to Sally but instead, he pays George a visit to sort out his own funeral.

    When Eileen discovers what is going on Tim swears her to secrecy. Later, Sally is further bemused when she sees Tim with Adam. Will she finally confront him about what he has been hiding or will Eileen spill his secret?

    At the bus stop, Amy tells Summer, Asha, and Aadi that she?s done some digging and it would seem several other girls have been upskirted and harassed. Summer begs her to drop it, but it?s clear Amy is on a mission to get revenge. At the school, a crowd gathers to watch Amy spray painting the words ?Stop Protecting Sex Offenders? onto the side of a building.

    Mrs Crawshaw summons Tracy and Amy to a meeting and explains that she has no choice but to suspend Amy for wilfully vandalising school property. Will Tracy defend her daughter for standing up for her rights?

    In Speed Daal, Alya tells Yasmeen she?s proud of her for donating the ?30k to Joseph?s appeal but Yasmeen refuses to be drawn and Alya?s left hurt.

    When Dev reveals that he donated ?3k to Joseph?s appeal, Gemma and Bernie are genuinely touched.

    In the salon flat, a bored Craig watches the street through a set of binoculars but as he looks out of the window he is shocked by what he sees?


    Sally Metcalfe is determined to find out what Tim is hiding in tonight?s first episode of Coronation Street

    Kevin masks his concern and advises a worried Sally Metcalfe to speak to Tim rather than letting her imagination run away with her about affairs and other women. Sally plucks up the courage and confronts Tim, demanding to know if he?s having an affair. He denies it but when he refuses to hug her and offer her some reassurance she finds his denial hard to believe and later puts a tracker on his phone. What will she find when she starts to follow him? And will Tim realise what she?s up to?

    Bernie calls in the shop and asks Dev to give her first refusal on any stock that he?s about to chuck so he can use it for Chesney, Gemma and the kids. When Dev suggests they have a night out together, Bernie is thrilled and pulls him in for a kiss. Will he respond?

    When Amy reveals that she?s been suspended, Summer is shocked that the school would suspend her friend rather than find the person responsible for harassing other girls like her.

    A furious Tracy blames Summer for failing to report the incident in the first place and getting Amy in trouble. Summer meets up with Aadi, Asha, and Amy in Speed Daal and shows them the open letter she?s written on Insta in support of Amy. Will it make any difference?

    Yasmeen finds a note from Alya and as she reads through it, it?s clear she?s fighting her emotions about how to treat her granddaughter.

    Wednesday 7-30pm

    Tim Metcalfe has a surprise in store for Sally in tonight?s first episode of Coronation Street

    A determined Sally calls at No.13 and confides in Abi how she?s been tracking Tim, he?s currently at a hotel and she intends to confront him and his fancy piece. Spotting Tim in the hotel bar with a bottle of fizz and two glasses, Sally confronts him about his ?other woman?. Is it time Tim finally confessed to Sally that he is sick or will he be able to talk his way out of another tricky situation?

    Later, Summer receives a message from Mrs Crawshaw summoning her to a meeting and Amy insists she?ll go along to support her and make their case clear.

    A reporter comes to do a story on Joseph?s disappearance but Bernie is humiliated when Dev quickly quotes the report straight when she refers to Dev as Bernie?s partner. Is this the end for this fledgling couple? Meanwhile, Joseph is caught in the act?

    A despondent Alya tells Zeedan that Yasmeen has given half her shifts to agency staff as she can?t bear to work alongside her. Zeedan calls in Speed Daal to find Stu tearing his hair out about the state of the business. When Stu reveals that the agency staff never showed up, Zeedan grabs an apron and sets to in the kitchen. Does he have a plan to get Yasmeen and Alya back on track?

    When Craig strikes a ?20 wager with Tyrone that he?s going to find the original owner of the wooden crutch, Faye?s heart sinks. Will she finally come clean about the accident?

    8-30 pm

    Yasmeen Nazir makes it clear she wants nothing to do with Zeedan in tonight?s first episode of Coronation Street

    Despite Stu?s gratitude after a stressful day when the agency workers failed to turn up, Yasmeen is still furious with Zeedan and makes it clear she wants him nowhere near the restaurant. Leanne offers Zeedan a job at the bistro but he's not sure he can take it.

    Shona confides in Abi how she?s noticed that Tim and Aggie have been spending quite a bit of time together recently and Abi?s taken aback. Does she think that Aggie and Tim have been having an affair or will she dismiss the idea and try to find out the real reason they have been spending so much time with one another?

    Meanwhile, how will Tim get out of telling the truth about his condition when Sally confronts him at the hotel about his ?fancy woman??

    Mrs Crawshaw thanks Summer for bringing the upskirting to her attention and assures the girls she?ll be talking to the governors about a policy change. But the girls are less than impressed when they realise the school expects girls to wear shorts under their skirts. Will they accept the new rules or tell the head that they?re the victims and shouldn?t have to change the way they dress?

    When Craig reveals that he?s sent the crutch to the lab to have it tested for fingerprints, Faye and Emma despair that he will soon find out the truth about the accident.

    Bernie faces a moral dilemma after chatting with Clint. Will she do the right thing? Or will a discussion with Chesney lead her down the wrong path?


    Tim Metcalfe clutching his chest and falls to the ground in tonight?s hour-long episode of Coronation Street

    When Tim Metcalfe goes back to Aggie?s for a brew and a chat after his hospital appointment, Sally spots his location on the tracker and starts to wonder if Shona?s theory about the two of them is correct. When she spots Aggie through the window putting a comforting arm around Tim she screams with fury and frustration so Aggie ushers her inside.

    As Tim plucks up the courage to tell Sally the truth, he?s suddenly wracked with pain and collapses, clutching his chest. At the hospital, Sally is stunned and hurt to discover that Tim is awaiting a triple heart bypass operation. It?s a double whammy for Faye who also arrives at the hospital angry that she didn?t know. Will Sally feel betrayed and leave Tim in his time of need or will she put his lies behind her to support him?

    Dev calls at No.5 with a food parcel and Gemma?s delighted, but Chesney refuses his charity when suddenly the electricity goes off. The social worker arrives and takes in the scene of chaos. Will Bernie come to the rescue?

    Mrs Crawshaw takes a seat in Daniel?s class but is shocked when no pupils turn up. They discover Amy and Summer are leading a protest against the upskirters and Daniel secretly phones the Gazette. The reporter from the Gazette arrives at the protest, but how will Mrs Crawshaw react in the face of the raging pupils? Will it be a success and will Amy?s suspension be overturned?

    Craig tells Roy about the crutch with the initials THS and how he?s trying to trace the owner and Roy suggests that the crutch might belong to Trafford Health Services. Is the game up for Faye and Emma?

    In the salon flat, an elated Craig Tinker taps away on his laptop and reveals the crutch belongs to Trafford Health Services. Emma masks her panic and heads out to find Faye. Can they throw Craig off the scent before it?s too late?

    Carla calls at the Rovers hoping for lunch with Jenny but is miffed when she realises that her friend has a date with Leo. In the Rovers, Leo introduces Jenny to his house mates, Faith and Myles, and she is reminded once again of the age gap between them. She is thinking about saying something to him when he suddenly suggests that he would like her to meet his parents, Jenny?s taken aback and promises to think about it but it?s clear she thinks they won?t approve of the age gap and things are moving way faster then she is comfortable with. Will she be a hit with Leo's parents or is it time to end things?
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