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    Xander (Luke Van Os)

    Home and Away have cast Chris Hemsworth's younger cousin Luke Van Os as new character, Xander:

    Digital Spy article:

    Home and Away casts Chris Hemsworth's younger cousin Luke Van Os in new role
    Chris gave Luke a sound piece of advice.

    Home and Away has welcomed a new cast member, and it looks like he has some pretty famous relatives.

    Luke Van Os ? the younger cousin of Chris, Liam and Luke Hemsworth ? will soon make his debut in the popular Australian soap.

    The 24-year-old actor has already started filming his scenes as newcomer Xander, but fans will only get to catch him on screen next year.

    Van Os is related to the Hemsworths through his father, who is the brother of the Hollywood stars' mother, Leonie.

    It sounds like Luke has a good relationship with his cousins, particularly Chris, who gave him a wise piece of advice ahead of his audition.

    "I actually zoomed with Chris the night before and we ran [the scene] and kind of just got into a good headspace," Van Os said in an interview with Australia's The Daily Telegraph.

    "His advice was be nice, put in the work and the work doesn't end now, if anything this is when you need to work hard," he added.

    Like his younger cousin, the Thor star also featured on Home and Away, where he played Kim Hyde between 2004 and 2007.

    After leaving the long-running soap, Chris moved to Los Angeles where he booked a small role on 2009's Star Trek and the rest is Marvel history.

    In 2010, he was cast as the Norse god in the first Thor movie, directed by Kenneth Branagh. Hemsworth also appeared in Paul Feig's Ghostbusters and Men in Black: International.

    Home and Away airs weekdays at 1.15pm and 6pm on Channel 5 (UK) and Mondays to Thursdays at 7pm on Channel 7 (Australia). Selected classic episodes are available via Amazon Prime Video in the UK.

    And the original Daily Telegraph article:

    "Chris Hemsworth?s cousin Luke Van Os gets breakthrough role
    The night before his biggest audition yet, Luke Van Os ran through lines with his Hollywood superstar cousin, Chris Hemsworth. And the practice paid off.

    The night before his biggest audition yet, Luke Van Os ran through lines with his Hollywood superstar cousin, Chris Hemsworth.

    It paid off with van Os following in Hemsworth's footsteps by landing a job on TV soap Home and Away.

    ?When I was asked for a callback for the chemistry test, I actually zoomed with Chris the night before and we ran it (the scene) and kind of just got into a good headspace,? Van Os told The Daily Telegraph.

    ?His advice was be nice, put in the work and the work doesn?t end now, if anything this is when you need to work hard. I have been auditioning and acting for eight years now and that in itself is hard work but now everyone thinks you have got the job but that is where the hard work starts ? keep your head down, don?t get distracted.?

    Van Os, 24, recently moved from Melbourne to Sydney after scoring the coveted gig and began shooting his first scenes this week. His character, Xander, will make his on-screen debut in 2022.

    Hemsworth was 21 when he landed his job playing Kim Hyde on the soap, learning his craft before becoming one of our top acting exports.

    Home and Away is Van Os' breakthrough role.

    ?Acting has been my passion for such a long time and for me to be able to make a living, pay my bills and do this every day is a dream,? Van Os said. ?Endless people have come and done this show and gone on to have extremely long careers and I am just hoping that is what I can do, acting and making a living for as long as I can.?

    Van Os? dad, Robert, is brother to Hemsworth?s mum, Leonie.

    Like Hemsworth 38, and his actor siblings ? Luke and Liam ? Van Os is passionate about health and fitness.

    ?I always try and stay healthy,? he said.

    ?I work out and eat well. Being fit and healthy makes me feel better mentally, which allows me to do my job better.?

    Of his actor cousins, he added: ?It is good that they have paved the way for me because I have got all of their insights so they have been a huge help over the years. I am fortunate.? "

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    Thanked: 6744 article (I have also posted this article under the Rose/Kirsty thread, as it involves both these new characters):

    From Harry Potter to Home and Away: Who is Summer Bay's newest star Kirsty Marillier?
    Kirsty's mysterious character Rose is bound to ruffle a few

    Car crashes, explosive fires, divorce: there are many varied ways characters leave the drama-filled town of Summer Bay. But the real excitement comes when new residents arrive, bringing fresh life and plotlines to Home and Away.

    The Bay's newest resident is Rose, played by Kirsty Marillier, who theatre fans may recognise from her roles in Harry Potter and the Cursed Child in Melbourne, and Home, I'm Darling and The Cherry Orchard in Sydney.

    The 32-year-old also briefly appeared on Home and Away with a small appearance as Rhea in 2018.

    In a sneak peek for next week's episodes, Kirsty's character Rose and fellow newcomer Xander, played by Chris Hemsworth's cousin Luke Van Os, kick off their Home and Away debut with a bang.

    The two mysterious new characters bring with them a shocking revelation for Jasmine (Sam Frost), who is reeling from the news that her estranged father had a secret other life.

    Jasmine struggles to process the arrival of her newfound relatives Rose and Xander, writing them off as scam artists.

    But when Jasmine's boyfriend and resident Summer Bay cop, Cash (Nicholas Cartwright), does some digging it appears the story checks out. Jasmine's recently deceased father not only left her an inheritance, but two secret siblings.

    Kirsty filmed the explosive storyline back in December 2021, when she shared a snap from the Palm Beach filming location after Channel Seven celebrated her casting.

    "In 2022, Summer Bay will be joined by a new character named Rose! Please welcome Kirsty Mariller to the Home and Away cast," the production team wrote on the show's official account.

    Nicholas and Home and Away hair and make-up artist Laura Vazquez were among those to congratulate Kirsty on her new gig.

    When the news was first revealed, Kirsty said she was "ecstatic" to share her latest role with fans.

    "Can finally come clean about this hot piece of news I've been harbouring for the last 2 months," she wrote on Instagram at the time.

    "Ecstatic to announce I've been welcomed as a series reg on Home and Away. Woah.

    "Getting to be a part of this Aus icon-of-a-show is a bit wild. It's been a gorg 6 weeks of shooting as I embrace the bay as new resident brown girl, Rose."

    EDIT: DS article:

    Home and Away newcomers have surprising link with show regular
    One character is in for a shock.
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    Thanked: 6744 article (1st part of the article):

    Home and Away: A dramatic volleyball game ends in disaster - pushing Jasmine and Rose further apart
    ''Xander can sometimes get caught in the middle of their rivalry to be the number-one sister.''

    It's no secret that half-sisters Jasmine and Rose have struggled to get along on Home And Away.

    Despite their best efforts, they can't seem to find common ground. Jasmine has struggled to accept that their father treated them differently ? and resents Rose for the upbringing she never had.

    For her part, Rose (Kirsty Marillier) doesn't feel she owes Jasmine (Sam Frost) anything. In fact, she's ready to leave town.

    Now, it's about to get worse when well-meaning Xander (Luke Van Os) meddles in their relationship.

    Xander arranges a friendly volleyball match between himself, his sister Rose, his new half-sister Jasmine and her boyfriend Cash (Nicholas Cartwright).

    He hopes it will bring them closer. What he didn't expect, however, was for the sisters to turn the court into a battleground.

    The reluctant siblings throw themselves into the game, neither willing to concede a point.

    Xander watches from the sideline in dismay, unable to talk them down. Spectators congregate to watch the vigorous contest unfold.

    "Xander cares deeply for Rose and Jasmine," Luke tells TV WEEK. "However, he can sometimes get caught in the middle of their rivalry to be the number-one sister."

    Xander tries to reason with the pair, but they ignore him. Jasmine lets loose an angry shot, the ball hitting Rose in the face.The policewoman hunches over, blood dripping from her nose. Realising what she's done, nurse Jasmine races over.

    Her sister backs away, but the pain is too much ? she clearly needs help. Rose grudgingly lets Jasmine put her skills to use until they get to the hospital.

    Xander can't hide his disappointment that his grand idea has failed.

    "Rose and Xander are very close," Luke says. "He's always there to support and take care of her."

    Later, Rose takes a call from the Yabbie Creek Police Station ? her transfer has been given the green light. Xander is elated.This could be their chance to permanently relocate to Summer Bay. But after the tumultuous day they've had with Jasmine, Rose may not want to stay after all.

    What will they do?

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    Thanked: 6744 article (first part of the article):

    Home and Away: Xander and Jasmine stumble across a horrific car accident involving Logan
    Will Logan be charged by police?

    There's no better way to put your skills to the test than in the field. This week, Xander learns first-hand what it's like to be a paramedic when he and Jasmine witness a serious car crash.

    In tense scenes in Home And Away, the siblings are driving when they see the wreckage. Two cars have collided ? and one of the drivers is Logan (Harley Bonner)! The local doctor appears unharmed, but in a state of shock.

    While nurse Jasmine (Sam Frost) checks him over, Xander (Luke Van Os) races to the second car, where he finds a woman named Millie (Zara Zoe).

    She's distressed, bleeding and calling for her friend Jo. Xander looks around ? she's nowhere to be seen.

    Panicking, he calls Jasmine, who keeps Millie calm while he searches for the missing passenger. But what he discovers will stun him. What is it?

    Xander races back to Millie, who asks after her friend. Xander chooses to lie to keep her calm, but her breathing becomes ragged and the siblings are forced to act.

    Xander begins an emergency decompression procedure to open her airways ? something he's never done before!

    As the pair try to save a life, police arrive in the form of Rose (Kirsty Marillier) and Cash (Nicholas Cartwright). They're stunned by the events that are unfolding.

    "Xander is ready for the crash," Luke, 25, explains. "This is his job ? he's had training and years of experience in these situations. He leaps into action."

    At the hospital, Xander hovers outside Millie's door. He can hear her asking about Jo. Rose walks by and warns him not to get too involved with his patients.

    But he can't hold onto the truth much longer?

    At the same time, Logan and Millie struggle to recall what happened. But Cash later reveals the cause of the crash: driver error.

    If Millie's condition deteriorates, will Logan be held responsible?

    EDIT: DS article:

    Home and Away lines up car accident drama involving Logan Bennett
    Could Logan be in trouble after the shock crash?
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    so rose nothing technically to jasmine and she fancies cash

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    Thanked: 6744 article:

    Home and Away: Xander and Nikau frantically attempt to save Millie from drowning - but will she survive?
    Danger abounds in Summer Bay's surf...

    Standing on the beach sand, Nikau watches as a woman enters the surf fully-clothed. He yells at her to stop and points to the "hazard surf conditions" sign above. A huge riptide has just been noted in the surf.

    But she ignores him and goes in.

    Suddenly, it's all hands on deck to save her before she drowns.

    This terrifying scene, which plays out in Home and Away this week, is all the more daunting when the woman is identified as Millie ? the woman Xander (Luke Van Os) saved from a car crash just days earlier!

    Her best friend Jo was killed in the accident and Millie (Zara Zoe) blames herself.

    Xander has been her steady rock, but unable to live with the guilt, she escapes the hospital this week and heads to the beach?

    "Xander feels the need to follow up on the patient after her friend's death and continues to go above and beyond throughout her recovery," Luke tells TV WEEK.

    "The main focus is the empathy he feels for her and understanding what it feels like to lose someone close to you."

    Seeing Millie go under, lifeguard Nikau (Kawakawa Fox-Reo) calls for help over the radio, before stripping off racing out to help.

    The waves are choppy and Millie struggles to keep her head above water.

    With a rescue tube in hand, Nikau ducks in and out of the waves, searching.

    Meanwhile, overhearing the distress call, John (Shane Withington) races down from the surf club to see Nikau dragging an unconscious Millie back to shore.

    Xander and Jasmine (Sam Frost) arrive at the beach and witness Nikau with Millie. They've been searching for Millie since they were alerted to her escape.

    Xander offers his services as a paramedic, before taking over chest compressions. Millie remains unresponsive causing Xander to become increasing desperate.

    Jasmine watches on, concerned for her brother's attachment.

    Will Millie survive?


    Home and Away's Nikau and Xander in dramatic rescue scenes
    Will they be able to save Millie?
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    DS article:

    Home and Away reveals a dark secret from Xander Delaney's past
    Millie digs into Xander's backstory.

    Home and Away spoilers follow from Tuesday's Australian episode (May 24), which some UK viewers may prefer to avoid.

    Home and Away has revealed more details from Xander Delaney's backstory as he faces an impossible dilemma.

    Tuesday's episode on Channel 7 in Australia saw Xander receive a shock as fellow Summer Bay newcomer Millie slyly used details of his past against him.

    This week's episodes in Australia have seen Millie confide in Xander about the recent car crash that tragically killed her friend Jo.

    Millie collided with Logan Bennett's car a few weeks ago, causing a nasty crash. Millie and Logan both avoided serious injury, but Jo sadly died at the scene.

    Summer Bay's local police force currently believe that Logan was to blame as he was potentially speeding at the time of the accident.

    However, Millie has told Xander that she now remembers getting distracted by her phone immediately before the crash, which casts doubt on whether Logan was at fault.

    In Home and Away's latest episode, Xander put pressure on Millie to tell the police the truth.

    Xander felt that it wasn't right for Logan to continue getting the blame, but Millie protested that the local doctor still had to bear some responsibility if he was speeding.

    As Xander continued spending time with Millie and urging her to come clean, his sister Rose became concerned that he was getting overly attached to her.

    In a private chat, Rose alluded to this not being the first time, telling him: "We're not going through all this again. Stay away from that girl."

    All became clear when Millie later warned Xander that she had been looking into his past.

    After doing some digging, Millie had discovered that someone once took out an AVO (Apprehended Violence Order) against Xander for harassment.

    Xander protested that this was a long time ago, but Millie threatened to falsely accuse him of harassing her too unless he stayed silent about the crash secret.

    Further details of Xander's past wrongdoing remained unclear, but it was obvious that Millie now had the upper hand as she continued to use this leverage against him.

    Home and Away fans in the UK will see these scenes on Channel 5 in July.

    Home and Away airs weekdays at 1.15pm on Channel 5 and 6pm on 5STAR. First-look screenings air at 6.30pm on 5STAR and the show also streams on My5.

    In Australia, the show airs Mondays to Thursdays at 7pm on Channel 7 and streams on 7plus.

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    Thanked: 6744 article:

    Home and Away's Xander confronts Cash after he lashes out at Rose
    ''There's nothing Xander wouldn't do to protect his big sister.''

    With two sisters in love with the same man, Xander is an a very awkward situation. This week, he decides to confront Cash with some firm words of warning.

    In Home And Away, Rose (Kirsty Marillier) and Xander (Luke Van Os) excitedly unpack their belongings in their new apartment. The siblings have finally settled in Summer Bay and are eager for a fresh start.

    Unfortunately, it's a bit trickier for policewoman Rose, who still has feelings for Cash ? her colleague and her sister Jasmine's (Sam Frost) boyfriend.

    She decides to keep her distance and move on with newcomer Tex Wheeler (Lucas Linehan), who recently took her on a date.

    Later, at the police station, Rose and Cash clash when he discovers she's requested to be on different shifts.

    He fumes that she's putting his reputation on the line. Rose stumbles on her words before making a hasty exit, tears brimming.

    When Xander comes home to find her upset, he's had enough.

    "Rose and Xander are very close," Luke, 25, tells TV WEEK. "They love to argue, like all siblings do, but deep down there's nothing Xander wouldn't do to protect his big sister."

    The next day, Xander organises a family lunch for Cash, Rose, Tex and himself. But the hostility won't be solved by simply breaking bread.

    When Rose and Cash lash out at each other once again, Xander steps in to protect his sister. The two men glare at each other, while the other restaurant patrons look on.


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