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Thread: Felicity 'Flick' Newman (Jacqui Purvis)

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    Thanked: 7669 article (2nd part of the article):

    Felicity?s new love interest on Home and Away

    There are also rumours that Felicity is getting a new love interest. Fans are convinced she?s leaving the show this year, and one floated the idea of Felicity leaving for love ? and no, it?s not Tane.

    ?[Jacqui] was seen filming a lot of scenes with newcomer Joshua Orpin (character?s name not confirmed). Josh is only a guest and [I] believe they become a couple! Maybe this is her way of leaving the show,? they wrote.

    ?There has been scenes of Felicity and Tane [at] Eden and Cash?s engagement party, [where] they look all cosy together? maybe they spend one more cosy night together [due to their] history.

    ?Anything is possible, it is Home and Away, they like to keep us guessing,? the fan added.
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    Following on from the last post, this is the Daily Telegraph article (subscription only) from earlier this year about Joshua Orpin joining H&A:

    "Summer Bay bad boy: Meet the new heart-throb on Home and Away, Joshua Orpin
    There is a new bad guy in Summer Bay - meet the latest hottie to join the cast of TV soap Home and Away. You may recognise him from a major international show

    He?s an Australian actor better known for his work overseas than on home soil ? meet Joshua Orpin, the new Summer Bay bad boy.

    The 29-year-old will make his Home and Away debut over the coming months with character details under wraps for now.

    ?One of the reasons I was keen to do this gig was because of that, I have worked internationally and I have been quite homesick, especially over Covid where I wasn?t able to come back to Australia even when I wasn?t working,? Orpin told The Daily Telegraph. ?I was really keen to get stuck into some Aussie stuff. It isn?t about being known here as the driving motivator but I really wanted to get stuck into some Aussie shows, film and TV and this came along and I thought it was the perfect opportunity.?

    Orpin is best known for playing Conner Kent, or Superboy, a genetic clone of Superman and Lex Luther, in juggernaut US show, Titans.

    He has been based out of the US and Canada for the past few years with his other acting credits including smaller parts in Preacher, Love Me, Upright, and The Doctor Blake Mysteries.

    The fast pace of Home and Away was different to anything Orpin has worked on before. While other shows shoot an episode a week or even a few weeks, the TV soap films 12 hour days, six days a week to create five half-hour episodes each week.

    ?I wasn?t sure really what to expect,? said Orpin. ?It is incredibly fun, it is just an adjustment for someone who hasn?t worked in this style of TV before because it is just fast and the amount of television that they produce in terms of volume and in the time frame that they do it is remarkable. Being part of that, you have to be fast, efficient and really on top of things. It certainly sharpens you up and improves your skills so I am glad for it.?

    He couldn?t say too much about his character.

    ?I can say he is a bit of a bad boy who comes into the show and stirs up some trouble among the Summer Bay locals,? he explained. ?He is seemingly one thing on the surface but he has a great depth to him that I?ve had a lot of fun exploring.? "
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