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Thread: Dr. Logan Bennett

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    Dr. Logan Bennett

    Neighbours star Harley Bonner has joined the cast of Home And Away.

    The actor, who is best known for playing former Ramsay Street regular Josh Willis, will arrive in Summer Bay later this year, in the role of Dr. Logan Bennett, can exclusively reveal.

    Logan is a fully-qualified trauma surgeon, and it?s his profession that brings him to the Bay in the first place, as he arrives as part of a life-saving intervention.

    And it?s an urge to see his patient?s journey through to the end that ultimately keeps him there.

    Summer Bay is what one might call a whole new playing field for the young doctor, but it might just prove to be the change of pace and scenery he?s been looking for.
    Then again, fate may have other plans.

    Harley, son of Neighbours? Stephanie Scully actress Carla Bonner, said on news of his casting: ?It?s been a while since I?ve had the privilege of working on a program that?s such a hallmark of Australian television. I?m happy to say I picked it back up a lot faster than expected.

    ?I really love working on shows like Home and Away, I love my character and I can?t wait for Australia to meet him.?

    If you?d like to know more about Harley?s character Logan, then has a treat in store for you, as the soap star did a little Q and A.

    Welcome to Summer Bay, Harley! How has the first few weeks of filming Home and Away been?
    Thank you! It?s been a lot of fun and everyone has welcomed me with open arms, the cast and crew. It has been challenging but in a great way.

    You?re no stranger to the world of Soap drama and UK fans will recognise you from Neighbours. What enticed you to return to Soap?
    Josh in Neighbours
    Harley portrayed Josh in Neighbours (Picture: Channel 5)
    It has been a long time since I was on Neighbours that I have some what forgotten what the day to day was like.

    But coming into this show it quickly came back to me. They?re more similar than different from what I can tell. I really enjoy this way of working. I heard somewhere a stat about how there is only between 50 to 60 full time acting positions in Australia at any one time and I have been fortunate enough to snag two of them.

    Can you tell us a bit about your character, Logan? How would you describe him?
    I?d describe Logan as a bit of a nomad. He?s seen and done a lot already, which he tries his best to avoid delving into. I?m intrigued as to what we?ll discover as time goes on.

    We know that Logan will be joining as a new Doctor. As Doctors themselves, what do you think will be Dr. Green and Tori?s first impression of Logan be?
    Logan is a bit of a medical cowboy. He?ll probably come across as entitled and arrogant. He might have to get used to relinquishing a little control.

    A lot of the cast have previously said ?working? in the hospital can be really challenging, but fun ? what?s it been like for you as an actor?
    I?m absolutely loving it! And I?ve been thrown in head first. The opportunity to take on the role as a Doctor and be thrown into the world of medicine and having to learn to be specific in what I?m doing and saying has been such a fun challenge.

    Logan has been through a lot with serving time in the military as a trauma surgeon and now as an emergency medical responder. When he arrives in the Bay, what sort of headspace is he in?
    I think he carries his experience very closely, but he is also very practical in his approach to his life and job. Whether that?s good or bad is yet to be determined.

    We first meet Logan when his unit is called to a horrific accident involving some Summer Bay locals. What were those scenes like to film?
    It is all so exciting! I am so grateful to have the opportunity to take on the role of Logan. He is such a well-written character. And I am looking forward to seeing how he develops.

    Can you tease what keeps Logan in the Bay after the accident?
    After the accident, Logan?s life-saving intervention brings him to the Northern District hospital and it gives him a real and tantalising taste of what it?s like to follow his patients through from start to finish. He?s usually long gone before they wake up, so this is a brand new playing field for him and he becomes intertwined within the Summer Bay community.

    What?s it been like working with Ditch and Penny so far?
    I?ve met Ditch and he seems cool! Penny has been great to work with. They both have been very welcoming.


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    Seperate articles:

    The original announcement from Ch7 this morning in Aust:

    Television royalty makes its way to Summer Bay


    From Ramsay Street to Summer Bay! Neighbours legacy Harley Bonner is joining Home And Away
    ''I can?t wait for Australia to meet him.''

    Home and Away casts former Neighbours star Harley Bonner as new doctor
    Dr Logan Bennett is heading to Summer Bay.

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    he is young for a doctor

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    Digital Spy article:

    Home and Away lines up a new love interest for Mackenzie Booth
    She is set to grow close to a new face in Summer Bay.

    Home and Away spoilers for UK viewers follow.

    Home and Away is lining up a new love interest for Mackenzie Booth.

    Former Neighbours star Harley Bonner was previously announced to be joining the fellow Aussie soap as Dr Logan Bennett.

    However, a new paparazzi picture from filming suggests that Logan and Mac (Emily Weir) will be getting quite intimate on the show, as the pair are seen sharing a kiss on the beach.

    Logan is yet to make his debut on screen, and while there aren't any details about their relationship, we're sure to see him grow close to Mac.

    Harley previously described his character as "a bit of a nomad" that is "capable, compassionate, intelligent and fun".

    "He's seen and done a lot in his life, some of which he tries his best to avoid getting into," he said. "I'm intrigued to find out what we?ll discover as time goes on.

    "This is a brand new playing field for Logan. Summer Bay might just prove to be the change of pace and scenery he's been looking for. Then again, fate may have other plans."

    The new events come after a hard-hitting storyline for Mac, as she sadly lost her baby with Ari Parata after experiencing an ectopic pregnancy.

    Speaking of the aftermath of the pregnancy and Mac's downward spiral, Emily recently told Digital Spy: "Boy, does she ride that train all the way to the bottom. There's a pile-on of grief.

    "Everything was hunky-dory and then her boyfriend left, then she found out she was pregnant, then her boyfriend ended up in a coma, then he was back with his ex, then she loses her baby.

    "So there's just all these catastrophic events that happen and the release from that pressure cooker bursts. She really goes into a downward spiral in which she self-destructs, pushes everyone close to her away and she really severs ties with many important relationships in her life because she doesn't feel worthy and is in so much pain."

    Home and Away airs weekdays at 1.15pm and 6pm on Channel 5 (UK) and Mondays to Thursdays at 7pm on Channel 7 (Australia). Selected classic episodes are available via Amazon Prime Video in the UK.

    And pictures of recent filming at Palm Beach:

    It's heating up in Summer Bay! Newcomer Jacqui Purvis sizzles in a bikini as Emily Weir kisses Harley Bonner on the set of Home and Away


    Sneaky photos from the set of Home And Away spoil a steamy romance between Mac and newcomer Logan
    Hot, hot, hot!
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    Thanked: 6602 article:

    From Ramsay Street to Summer Bay: Harley Bonner joins the cast of Home and Away
    ''I?m loving it!''

    He's a familiar face on Australian screens thanks to his role as Josh Willis in Neighbours, but now he's making the move from Ramsay Street to Summer Bay to join the cast of Home and Away.

    Harley Bonner makes his on-screen debut tonight in the mid-season return of the hit show, playing newcomer Dr Logan Bennett who attends the shocking scene of the crash fans witnessed in the mid-season finale.

    We catch up with the actor to find out more about his new gig and what it's like to play Dr Bennett.

    What can fans expect to see in this first episode, picking up at the crash site where Dean, Mia and Nikau are injured?

    Logan arrives at the scene by helicopter before rappelling down to the crash site to assess the severity of everyone's injuries. Logan's priority is to get to the crash site safely, assess who's in most danger and take care of them. In this case, it's Dean. Dean's life is on the line for sure. It's very lucky that Logan arrives with his unique set of skills.

    What was it like shooting the scenes with the chopper and rappelling to the crash?

    It felt very cool harnessing up and learning the technique, but the hill was quite little. I probably could have gone down safely in a handstand! But speaking to the real rescue professionals on set that day, they told me that they would harness up no matter what.

    How have you found your time in Summer Bay so far?

    I'm loving it. It's exactly what I expected, just with new people to work with.

    Does it feel very different to Neighbours?

    Logan and Josh are very different characters. I loved playing Josh back in the day, and he was a great outlet for the dominant aspects of my personality. From 21 to 24, I was a little more fiery. Thirty is a different ball game. Still fiery [laughs], but Logan gives me the opportunity to be cheeky and playful every day. He's been a real joy.

    The DS article:

    Former Neighbours star Harley Bonner reveals more on Home and Away role
    Expect Dr Logan Bennett to be cheekier than Neighbours' Josh Willis.
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    Digital Spy article:

    Home and Away newcomer Logan Bennett to clash with Tori Morgan
    Logan's lunch with Tori and Christian doesn't go to plan.

    Home and Away spoilers follow for Australian and UK viewers.

    Home and Away newcomer Logan Bennett could make an enemy of one of his Summer Bay neighbours this week as he clashes with fellow medic Tori Morgan.

    Trauma surgeon Logan (Harley Bonner) made a dramatic entrance to the Bay last week after he arrived on the scene of the horrific car crash involving Dean Thompson (Patrick O'Connor), Mia Anderson (Anna Samson) and Nikau Parata (Kawakawa Fox-Reo).

    Logan's "unique set of skills" meant that he was able to help save critically injured Dean's life after the crash, and he has since been seen unwinding from his work by enjoying some time on a jet ski.

    He manages to reconnect with an old friend this week, as Christian Green (Ditch Davey) recognises Logan as a former colleague from Doctors Without Borders. Christian invites Logan back to his place to have lunch with him and his fianc?e, Tori (Penny McNamee).

    "This is the first person from Christian's past that Tori has had a chance to meet, so Christian is very pleased to have him around for lunch," Christian actor Ditch told TV Week.

    Unfortunately, Tori's reaction isn't quite as positive as Christian had been hoping for. Tori is put out to see Logan, pointing out that he tried to take over her emergency department and that he is the last person she wants in her house.

    Logan does end up staying for lunch with the couple, despite Tori's objections, but the meal does nothing to mend their relationship as Logan manages to keep riling Tori up.

    Has Logan made an enemy of Tori?

    One person with who Logan may be a lot friendlier is Mackenzie Booth (Emily Weir), with the pair set to strike up a flirtation, although it remains to be seen whether this develops into a proper romance.

    Actor Harley, who previously starred in Neighbours as Josh Willis, has revealed that he is "loving" his time in the Bay, saying that "Logan gives me the opportunity to be cheeky and playful every day" and calling his character "a real joy".

    Home and Away airs these scenes air this week on Channel 7 in Australia and in September on Channel 5 in the UK. Selected classic episodes are available via Amazon Prime Video in the UK.

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    Interesting pictures in this article. Possibly a love triangle for the new doctor??

    Home and Away's Harley Bonner is caught in a steamy liplock with Melissa Bonne AND Emily Weir as he films intense scenes for the soapie

    Harley Bonner is the newest Home and Away heartthrob to hit Summer Bay.

    And it appears he is set to find love alongside Melissa Bonne on the show after being spotted filming scenes for the long-running soap in Palm Beach.

    Harley, who portrays Dr Logan Bennett on the series, was seen enjoying a passionate kiss with Melissa on the jetty.

    The on-screen lovebirds looked madly-in-love as they shared a kiss together and Melissa gently cupped Harley's face.

    Harley looked equally smitten with him gently touching Melissa's arms, before turning the heat-up together for the scenes...........


    But it wasn't the only lip locking the new hunk in town would do that day.

    In yet another scene Harley got cosy with co-star, Emily Weir.

    Emily and Harley were both seen looking loved-up as they sat on an overturned tin boat on the sand.

    The two put on an amorous display as they kissed each other.

    It appears Harley's character will be firmly in the scandalous love triangle, with it yet to be seen how it will play out.........................

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    Digital Spy article:

    Home and Away teases shock arrival for Logan in 2022
    "Hey stranger."

    Home and Away spoilers follow from the Australian season finale episode, which some UK viewers may prefer to avoid.

    Home and Away has released a brand new trailer teasing a fresh start for the residents of Summer Bay ? but 2022 isn't set to be fun and games for everyone.

    Following the Aussie soap's dramatic season finale, which saw the shock death of the villainous Matthew Montgomery, a teaser for upcoming episodes has hinted at potentially life-changing consequences for Chloe Anderson and her mum Mia.

    They're not the only ones set for a shake-up in the New Year, though, as the latest trailer also reveals a new arrival to the Bay ? and they appear to have a past with Logan Bennett.

    In the clip, we see Logan approached by a mystery blonde woman. Logan's clearly rattled by her arrival, but will Home and Away's new recruit spell trouble for Logan and Mackenzie Booth's blossoming relationship?

    We'll have to wait and see what happens with Logan and Mac, but if things don't end well for the pair, at least we know that actress Emily Weir has had a great time working alongside Harley Bonner.

    Speaking to Digital Spy recently, Emily said working with Harley has been "a dream". "We've had so much fun and we really get along," she said.

    "We are good mates. We laugh a lot, he's a great guy and a great actor ? all of the things you want in a co-worker that you spend time with for so many hours of the day. So that's been brilliant.

    Opening up about their characters' romance, Emily said that the pair "make a really good match" thanks to their shared sense of humour.

    "They're both quite direct people, but Mackenzie is quite highly-strung, whereas Logan is a bit of a chiller," she added.

    "Logan is a trauma surgeon, so his job and his career is very intense. Outside of that, he's very relaxed, calming and fun. It's a great match for Mackenzie in that way. She needs the humour and the sense of fun. That makes them a good match at this point in their lives."

    Home and Away airs weekdays at 1.15pm on Channel 5 and 6pm on 5STAR (UK) and Mondays to Thursdays at 7pm on Channel 7 (Australia). Selected classic episodes are available via Amazon Prime Video in the UK.

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    The Daily Telegraph is reporting that Harley Bonner is leaving Home and Away:

    Home And Away favourite Harley Bonner departs soap over vaccine
    Just weeks after Sam Frost departed Home And Away, popular actor Harley Bonner will leave the soap with a cloud over his vaccine status.

    Just weeks after Home And Away lost fan favourite Sam Frost, Saturday Confidential can reveal another big star is set to depart.

    Actor Harley Bonner will no longer feature on the long-running Channel 7 soap.

    It is believed the model-turned-actor has not been vaccinated for Covid-19 despite Seven mandating staff working on any of its productions must do so.

    While a Seven spokeswoman would not comment on the vaccine status of its employees, they issued a statement confirming Bonner would not be returning to the production in 2022.

    Home And Away is shot several weeks, sometimes months, in advance, which means his character will be seen on air for some time.

    "Channel 7 can confirm Harley will not return to Home And Away when filming resumes in the coming weeks," the spokeswoman said.

    "Harley leaves with our best wishes and sincere thanks for his work on the show."

    Confidential approached Bonner and his management, Aran Michael Management, multiple times for comment, however they did not return our calls.

    Judging from his social media account, the 30-year-old looks to be working with his mother on creating 'healing' crystal jewellery, and on Friday shared a video of himself wearing one of the crystal necklaces with the caption: "Making cool things is in the blood."

    Bonner joined Home And Away last year, when his character, paramedic Logan Bennett, made his debut on screen on August 9.

    It is understood the role of Logan will not be recast.

    His mum, Carla Bonner, played Steph Scully on Ten's Neighbours for many years. He also acted on that show, as Josh Willis, for three years from 2013.

    In August, he said of joining Home And Away on rival Channel 7: "It was always pitched as the dark side but it is pretty bright and lovely.

    "It feels very much at home because I have been in those studios for 22 years.

    "I am enjoying every minute of it."

    The 30-year-old, who is engaged to model Natalie Roser, at the time laughed at suggestions he was the new hottie in Summer Bay.

    "In that cast I feel like Frodo Baggins,?" he said.

    "They are such a good-looking bunch of people - big, strong dudes.

    "I am certainly not insecure about who I am as a person, I just try and always focus on bringing a level of performance and reality to these characters and to these TV series.

    "That is the stuff that I am mostly focused on.

    "If people want to peg me as the hot new doctor, then that is okay, but for me, that is what it is about."


    Home and Away announces shock departure for Harley Bonner as Logan Bennett
    "Harley leaves with our best wishes and sincere thanks."

    Channel Seven confirms Harley Bonner's shock departure from Home and Away after less than a year on the long-running soap
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