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Thread: Neighbours Spoilers 10th - 14th August 2020

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    Neighbours Spoilers 10th - 14th August 2020

    Neighbours TV Listings spoilers:

    Monday 10 August (UK: Monday 31 August)

    Paul is enraged upon learning about the protest, leaving Harlow to choose between her grandfather and her passion for the environment.
    Nicolette goes against Pierce's instructions, leaving him furious.
    Terese decides her and Paul need some space, deciding to go visit her children.

    Tuesday 11 August (UK: Tuesday 1 September)

    Paul quickly dismisses Ned's business plan for the backpackers.
    When Levi needs Bea to pick up his new prescription, Yasvhi catches them in a hushed conversation, leaving Bea to cover with a complicated lie.
    Pierce considers firing Nicolette while Nicolette considers quitting.

    Wednesday 12 August (UK: Wednesday 2 September)

    When Shane doesn't show up for their 20th anniversary dinner, Dipi goes searching and finds him alone on a street in West Waratah.
    Yasvhi is confused by Bea's allegation that she's secretly dating Levi.
    Ned is pleased that his online venture is growing in popularity, but Yashvi worries his subscribers are more interested in him than his art.

    Thursday 13 August (UK: Thursday 3 September)

    Kyle is jealous that Levi seems to be the favourite grandson, so he fakes being sick to get Sheila's attention.
    Seeing Dipi break down at The Waterhole, Roxy confronts Shane about coming clean to his family, but he's not receptive.
    Toadie makes the mistake of asking for Karl's help with his love life.

    Friday 14 August (UK: Friday 4 September)

    Kyle is furious at Shane's behaviour towards Roxy, taking things into his own hands to tell Dipi.
    David and Emmett have a fun day together, only for an unwanted call to ruin all the fun.
    Dipi and Toadie stage an intervention.

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