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Thread: Chloe Brennan (April Rose Pengilly)

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    Chloe Brennan (April Rose Pengilly)

    April Rose Pengilly is joining the cast of Neighbours as Chloe Brennan.

    Daily Telegraph article:

    INXS legend Kirk Pengilly’s daughter April Rose joins long-running soap Neighbours

    THE daughter of INXS legend Kirk Pengilly went to great lengths to mystify fans about her pending move to Ramsay St.

    Model and actress April Rose Pengilly, 28, is joining long-running Aussie soap Neighbours as Chloe Brennan. But she’s had to resort to “secret agents’ business” to keep it under wraps for the past six months.

    “It’s been a very full-time covert operation,” she told The Daily Telegraph.

    “I had my hair died blonder so I’ve been posting old photos and editing my hair darker on new ones and tagging myself at Sydney locations on Instagram so as not to give anything away.”

    Pengilly landed the role just before she was due to move to Los Angeles.

    “I think it’s a goal for most Aussie actors to be on one of these iconic Aussie shows that is beloved world wide, but I’d kind of given up on it, my goal was America,” she added.

    Pengilly will be seen on Neighbours from March 27. article:

    April Rose Pengilly joins Neighbours cast

    The Brennan family will expand when April Rose Pengilly moves in to Ramsay Street.

    Former model April Rose Pengilly has landed her first regular TV series role as Chloe Brennan on Neighbours.

    "I think every Aussie actor has these iconic Australian shows [like Neighbours] as one of their goals," April, 29, says.

    April's character is the sister of Mark (Scott McGregor), Aaron (Matt Wilson) and Tyler (Travis Burns). Chloe returns to the family fold after years away travelling overseas. It also follows her brother Tyler's departure from Ramsay Street to serve time in jail for murder.

    "My on-screen brothers already feel like the siblings I never had," April adds.

    "Chloe Brennan is one of the most fun, interesting roles I've ever been offered and I'm already having a ball playing her."

    According to Neighbours executive producer Jason Herbison, Chloe is set to shake up Ramsay Street.

    "We have hinted at a Brennan sister for a while now and we're delighted that she has finally arrived, and even more thrilled to have April playing her," he says.

    "She has brought a fantastic energy to the character and we have a lot in store for young Chloe, who will certainly keep her brothers on their toes."

    April has previously had roles in miniseries Peter Allen: Not The Boy Next Door and Brock and the feature film LBF.

    As a model, April lived and worked in London, Tokyo and New York. She is also the daughter of INXS rocker Kirk Pengilly.

    Chloe arrives in Erinsborough March 27 at 6.30pm on Eleven.


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    Neighbours introduces a new regular character next week, as Chloe Brennan arrives in Erinsborough with a bang.

    April Rose Pengilly has been cast in the role of Chloe, who's the sister of Mark, Aaron and the recently-departed Tyler.

    The Brennan brothers have often mentioned their sister Chloe over the years, but this is the first time that she's ever appeared in the flesh.

    Neighbours fans are first introduced to Chloe when Elly Conway spots her hanging around with Mark (Scott McGregor) at the coffee shop.

    Chloe Brennan arrives in Neighbours
    © CHANNEL 5

    As Elly (Jodi Anasta) is currently considering her feelings for Mark following his split from Paige Smith, she can't help but be curious about the attractive girl that he's spending time with.

    When Elly continues to observe Chloe, she's outraged to spot her suddenly start going through Mark's wallet as soon as his back is turned.

    Elly ends up in a tug-of-war with Chloe as she tries to snatch the wallet back for Mark, which leads to the feisty schoolteacher getting some of her hair ripped out as things turn nasty.

    As Mark reappears and witnesses the heated scene, he has to set the record straight that Chloe isn't his date – she's his younger sister.

    Chloe Brennan arrives in Neighbours
    © CHANNEL 5

    Chloe has decided to come to Erinsborough for a long visit and is full of excuses for why she hasn't turned up before now.

    Tyler's ex-girlfriend Piper Willis takes an instant dislike to the new arrival when Chloe starts to pointedly question how long she'll be using the extra room at the Brennan house.

    Fortunately, there are definitely no hard feelings where Elly is concerned, as Chloe makes it clear to her that her sexuality is "adventurous" – and she wouldn't mind adventuring with Elly.

    With Chloe now in town, it's clear that life for the Brennans will never be quite the same again...

    Neighbours airs these scenes on Tuesday, March 27 at 1.45pm and 5.30pm on Channel 5.

    Digital Spy

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    Life for the Brennan family is about to change forever on Neighbours as Mark and Aaron's sister Chloe finally makes her arrival.

    April Rose Pengilly has been cast in the role of Chloe, who makes her first appearance in today's episode of the Aussie soap and causes trouble from the start.

    Digital Spy recently caught up with April for all the early gossip on the exciting new character.

    How's it all going at Neighbours so far?

    "Really good! I filmed for the last two weeks of last year and then got to go to the end-of-year party. I've been shooting again since the third week of January. But most of that time, until the last few weeks, they've kept me completely under wraps. I even had to duck out of everyone's photos at the party!

    "Chloe's arrival was kept very quiet. That's been a bit of a burden, so I'm glad it's all out in the open now! It's been really fun and really intense. Obviously the show shoots down in Melbourne and I'm a Sydney girl, so I'm kind of living between the two now – coming back and forth to work.

    "It's been really full-on, meeting everyone and trying to settle in. But I think I'm getting there."

    What was the audition process like for the role?

    "I actually sent over self-taped auditions for Neighbours over the years, because of not being in the city where the show auditions and tapes. So they asked me to send a tape through, although not for any specific role. There was no character description or anything, it was just a random script they sent through.

    "So I did a self-taped audition early last year but I didn't think much of it, because I'd been planning to move to America for work for about six years. I finally got my US visa last year and was planning to head over there in September.

    "But then about three weeks before that, I got a call saying that Neighbours wanted me for this role. It was down to me and one other girl, so they wanted to fly me down for the final test."

    What happened next?

    "I came down for a couple of hours for the test. I met with the Brennan brothers, and with a potential love interest on the show. Then I found out about a week later that I got the role. It was all a bit of a whirlwind."

    What can Neighbours fans expect from Chloe Brennan?

    "Chloe is very adventurous and very fun-loving. She has a big heart and good intentions, but she also has a big mouth that can get her into trouble occasionally. She always means well. She's not a bad girl, but she wants everything to be fun. She wants to get on with everyone and she wants to live life to the fullest.

    "Chloe has spent the last couple of years on an extended gap year, travelling the world and having crazy adventures. But she's run out of money and she's come back to repair the relationship she has with her brothers."

    What is Chloe's backstory?

    "After the Brennans' parents split up when they were teenagers, Chloe was taken to Adelaide with her mother Fay and didn't see her brothers so much. She was almost raised as an only child from then on.

    "In the wake of everything with Tyler and with their father passing away, it's time for her to come home and face the music."

    Chloe and Piper don't get along at first. Why is that?

    "When Chloe comes in, Piper is staying in Tyler's room at the Brennan house, which Chloe wasn't aware of. I think Chloe had expected to arrive and have Tyler's bedroom right off the bat. So she's kind of wondering how long Piper will be there!

    "Again, Chloe doesn't have any bad intentions. It's just maybe that she isn't very tactful in the way she tries to find out how long she'll be bed-less. But in the end, Aaron kindly gives up his bed and he takes the couch. So he's being a good brother."

    Chloe describes her sexuality as "adventurous". Is she into both guys and girls?

    "Yeah. She's very carefree and open to everything life has to offer. She doesn't like to set limitations on anything. So yeah, she is."

    Would you like to see Chloe in a relationship with a girl, especially as we haven't seen many female/female relationships on the show?

    "Yeah, of course. I think that would be wonderful. The show has been really groundbreaking. It was the first show to have a same-sex marriage proposal in Australia. I would be honoured to be representing that community on the show."

    A lot of Neighbours fans think it's a shame that Tyler and Chloe have just missed each other. Would you have liked to work with Travis Burns?

    "Yeah, he's a wonderful actor. I did have the chance to meet him briefly. We were kind of like passing ships in the night. I hope that he might be able to come back. You never know, Tyler may get a reduced prison sentence! So yeah, there's always hope."

    Neighbours stars Travis Burns, Matt Wilson, April Rose Pengilly and Scott McGregor

    What's it like to work with Scott McGregor (Mark) and Matt Wilson (Aaron)?

    "They've been so lovely and really helpful. Whenever I see on the schedule that I have scenes with them at the Brennan house, I get really excited. They're the most fun scenes to shoot. We have such a blast. The boys are so funny. We already have a real brother/sister relationship.

    "I'm an only child, but they really make me feel like they're my real brothers and I'm their real sister. We already have a lot of in-jokes and a bit of shorthand in the way we communicate. It's always so much fun shooting with them."

    Are there big plans for Chloe?

    "They've told me a little bit here and there, but I don't actually know too much yet. I get really excited to get the scripts every week and find out what I'll be getting up to. I will say that there is a bit of romance coming up, and probably a few more instances where Chloe puts her foot in her mouth!"

    Your dad Kirk Pengilly is known for being a member of Australian rock group INXS. How was it growing up with that?

    "Well, I didn't really know anything different. My parents were really creative, so they're just really proud of me and really supportive of my career. They both instilled in me that while these kind of creative industries might look really fun and glamorous from the outside, you have to work really, really hard and there's so much pressure.

    "I've never overly glamourised this job because I saw how much hard work was involved. My parents both instilled in me a great work ethic and just basically good manners – to treat everyone kindly and to work hard. And it's working out for me, so that's good!"

    Digital Spy

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    i can see her going with leo

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    I do feel sorry for budding actors trying to get into the film's and TV.... it seems the only credentials you need is a famous parent or married into a part. Look how many in emmerdale are related to each other for a starting point .... same with neighbours

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    Quote Originally Posted by lizann View Post
    i can see her going with leo
    I think she would irritate him too much for the long haul

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    Can I just say how irritating she is. I’ve taken to recording neighbours and fast forwarding when she comes on screen. I hope she’s a temp character

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    Yes she is irritating but a lot of characters start off like this before settling down.

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    Is she older than Tyler?

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    I was really hoping that she would be nerdy, l like Mark.. lol

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