Where were you?

  1. Xx-Vicky-xX
    Where were you when you heard he died? Personally i was in bed woken up at 11pm by my mother
  2. Tannie
    I was one of the first in my house to find out, i was on the net when i saw it somewhere and i couldn't believe it at all. So searched everywhere to see if it was true and no one was willing to admit it, cause there wasn't any confirmation that he was dead.
  3. Behemoth
    This is weird but I was channel-hoping and about to turn the TV off but before I do I usually check the news channel just to see if anything is happening and that's when I saw it! It wasn't confirmed then though, I think the headline was 'MICHAEL JACKSON RUSHED TO HOSPITAL' or something but I watched for a few hours and eventually they confirmed he had died.
  4. Hannelene
    I was in bed and I got a text from a friend saying to watch the news- it was so surreal I couldn't believe it! I had tickets to see him in concert too!
  5. Xx-Vicky-xX
    Yeah so did i. Totally gutted i really was. So close to seeing him and he goes and dies
  6. Hannelene
    What other singers do people like?
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