How long have you been a fan?

  1. Xx-Vicky-xX
    Was just wondering how long you have liked MJ for?
  2. Meh
    Since the 80s. I also used to listen to alot of his Motown songs.
    Didn't listen to him much from late 90s onwards tbh.
  3. Xx-Vicky-xX
    I been into him since i was about 1 or 2 maybe even before but i obviously don't remember. I never used to like his music much after about 1996/97 but since he died i kinda got more into it
  4. Behemoth
    Only since he died. I didn't really think of him as a musician, I just thought he was a weirdo after seeing the court cases etc.. I had no idea he had this amazing back-catalogue of songs and that he was so incredible on stage. I saw This Is It a few months ago and it really looked amazing.
  5. Behemoth
    Oh...but I remember that Earth Song was the first song I learnt all the words to. It was years ago when it was on TOTP and I used to watch every week so I could sing the whole song!
  6. Hannelene
    For a long time he was a great performer no one can take that way from him. I just couldn't understand why he did all what he did to his body? So extreme!
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