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31-08-2007, 23:18
Any Soapboard members that are following the Murder Game but aren't involved, you can post your opinions on the game, the suspects, the detectives, the latest news and your theories on Jane's murder and what happened to Jane right here. :)

03-09-2007, 17:17
Hahaha, i love this game. I love Laynes cross-examination of Bryan- good on ya girl! Who in their right mind would show someone their picture, but not tell them their name? :rotfl:

Vicky and Debs are very suspicious as well.

Well done Dave, this is a great idea :)

03-09-2007, 23:14
I reckon it was the butler that did it!

03-09-2007, 23:35
I think it was Professor Plum, in the Bedroom, with the Candlestick! :D

Its making pretty good reading I have to say! Loving Bry's interrogation - I think they have you sussed, youre hiding things aren't you!?!?!?!

04-09-2007, 20:18
its certainly interesting especially the vicky/debs conversation then vicky saying she left the party 17 mins after the body was found, yet she never found out until after she left - news like that would have spread around a HOUSE in a matter of seconds yet all the commotion missed vicky, hmm.

another thing why would you stay at a party if you had been fighting with the host of the party earlier on at the party, surely you would leave right after the fight, whats the point in staying

23-09-2007, 19:11
hmmmm well PB/ the shopkeeper, said shes done it but I dont think she has, reckon she is covering for someones else