How are finding things at HOLLYOAKS so far?
I'm really enjoying it! Everyone is really nice and I've been getting on very well I think.

Who have you been working with so far?
Mostly Kieron (Ste), who I get on really well with. We've been having a few nights out and talking about the characters, so I've been enjoying working with him.

Tell us a bit about your audition process...
I originally auditioned for another part and then I was called back about this part. When I was called back I met with two of the writers and the producer and I was offered the part after that.

What made you go for this part in the first place?
I love HOLLYOAKS, I just love the show and it has a good fan base and I think it's just a great show to be in.

What can you tell us about your character from what you know so far?
He's very calculated, he's a nice guy but there's definitely something dark to him and a bit sinister which you might find out about later.